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Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story

Condemns America for Using Deadly Vaccines on Children and says,  " Since 1989 They've Risen the # of Vaccines & the Mercury  (+ other metals) implemented into them! "

Deadly:  Vaccines ,     Fluoride ,                Rockefeller Medicine
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

PH Test Alkaline / Acid Level + Chlorine, Fluoride, Copper......

click to enlarge

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  Signs your body's too acidic  (besides applying a drop of your bold onto a PH Strip)

      1. Excess weight you cannot seem to remove (acid slowing down metabolism)

      2.Bone weakness

      3. Tooth sensitivity

      4. Sleep deprivation

                               If this is you, try an Alkaline diet, or

                                             - Baking Soda w/Apple Cider Vinegar 

                                             - Combine 1/3 teaspoon of Baking Soda with 2 tablespoons of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

                                             - After it stops fizzing mix w/8 ounces of water and drink at once


Chlorine in Tap-Water & its damage

to Cells, Aging Free-Radical, DNA, etc.

Filthy Tap-Water for

Mexicans in California

Want Some Free Advise? Don't Ever, Never, Use Artificial Sweeteners.  

    Have you never notice how they don't taste sweet like sugar, but more like a chemical medicine?

        Big Pharma desires us to be completely unable to receive our medication without this chip, but this chip's purpose goes much further than recovering their broken economic system, even further than simply tracking us with GPS - they already have several methods in place for tracking us. (we all have phones, many of us have passports which now all have GPS locators inserted within them, etcetera).

                We realize this chip could never be inserted into the webbing of our hand between the thumb and forefinger. What will hold it in place? How will humans engage in sports or simply manual labor? Are people such as women going to become acceptable of having a visible scar on their hand? Wherefore, we must ask why's there such an enormous attempt to make this method of inserting the micro-chip

inside our right hand workable?

              Americans, Christians, and particularly Atheists, must arrive cognizant that a fairly large percentage of our Financial Elite Ruling Class, like members of the C.F.R; are Occultist's whereby religious doctrine regularly dictates their decision making.

Book of Revelation  13:16-18

16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.

    This book from the New Testament doesn't merely predict the New World Order, but goes further to predict the Mark of the Beast. Obviously, it's not going in our foreheads. Therefore, the right-hand becomes the only option to fulfill scripture perfectly, though, this option seems highly-unlikely.

 The brainwashed American says,

 "Oh, wow, look at the new chip. (right). Its getting so now. Let's get one & force everyone else to do the same."

    James Corbett breaks down their capitalist greed and little care for the people  44:07

          "Side-Effects are an early warning sign the drugs are killing you. Many people think of side-effects as something you must endure in order to get better, but this simply isn't true"

                        - Dr. Jennifer Daniels

Alice in Wonderland  has a character "The Mad Hatter" who would implore Mercury to turn fur hats into felt and those who were the hats would be poisoned by breathing in the Mercury; somebody think it's all a fun game.

"We've arranged a global civilization which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology. We've also arranged things so that almost nobody understands science or technology. We might get away with it for awhile but sooner or later this combustible mixture ignorance and power is going to blow-up in our faces ."   ➖ Carl Sagan

Image result for anti-baby vaccines baby needles injection

Image result for anti-baby vaccines baby needles injection

Why Claims of Unvaccinated Flu Deaths Are Highly Deceptive

By Tom Stavola / March 4, 2018 from vactruth.com

A statement was made in January by the CDC chief:

“85% of children who died from the flu this season were unvaccinated.”

    "Upon superficial glance, this claim might appear quite frightening to those who have not investigated the scientific literature on vaccines. The CDC has a propensity to omit important information, and the above claim implies that the flu deaths are attributed to a lack of vaccination.

    It’s important to understand why the deaths are NOT because they avoided the flu vaccine.
Vaccine Status Gas Lighting

    The first point to keep in mind is that “unvaccinated” does not imply vaccine free history, it only means the individual did NOT receive this year’s seasonal influenza vaccine. [1] Further, one must also ask: where is the evidence (data) that proves the vaccination status of these individuals?

    We do not know the influenza vaccination history of the “unvaccinated” and the “vaccinated” individuals. It is likely that this is the first time many in the ‘vaccinated’ group have received the flu shot, and the ‘unvaccinated’ group could have possibly received the flu shot in prior seasons (possibly many years). [2]

Why is this important?

    Studies have demonstrated that seasonal influenza vaccine induces original antigenic sin — which means it selectively trains your body to produce an antibody response that will likely be worthless for the subsequent year’s influenza strain.

    This is because your immune system “remembers” how it previously responded to a pathogen, and this memory can be quite detrimental if its response is incorrect toward different strains (poor training is worse than no training). Thus, people who receive the seasonal flu shot are at higher risk for contracting more virulent, pandemic strains of the influenza that could potentially be fatal. [2,3]
Flu Shot Suppresses Your Immune System

    Conversely, natural immunity (contracting the influenza naturally and subsequently convalescing) enables your immune system to have “heterosubtypic immunity,” — that is, the ability to produce antibodies to various flu strains. Moreover, immunity is a multifaceted process that includes antibodies as one component of the overall response; natural exposure to pathogens engages all layers of the immune system (vaccines do not).

    Thus, the putative unvaccinated individuals who died quite possibly received prior year(s) flu shots that incorrectly trained their immune system.

    The flu vaccine is highly immunosuppressive – studies demonstrate that vaccinees have an increased susceptibility to infection. [3] If you have received the flu shot last year, or multifarious times prior, your immune system is likely weaker this year.

    No control for confounding variables in the data. We do not have any information on the health statuses of the vaccinated and unvaccinated deaths. [4]

    Is there healthy user bias interfering: have many in the unvaccinated group been injured by prior vaccines, therefore immuno-compromised, and more vulnerable to death? What are the diets, vitamin D3 status, and further, other health seeking behaviors of each person?

    Therefore, this statistical scare tactic (85% unvaccinated) is absolutely rendered useless when fastidiously examined.

    In light of what the scientific literature imparts to us regarding the effects of vaccines on the immune system, it can be almost unequivocally guaranteed that the reason these individuals died from the flu was NOT because they avoided this year’s flu shot.

    Of course, this assumes the CDC is being honest about the vaccination statuses of the flu victims, which may be a precarious assumption given prior history.

    With that being said – in either case – the claims that the influenza vaccine is beneficial are uncorroborated by scientific data. Safety is another integral concern as well, which deserves its own article."

   In our Sophistical Society we must forever remember:  Just because someone says that flu deaths are the cause of unvaccination - Certainly doesn't make this statement true! Especially, when coming from the mouth of someone receiving money for vaccinations. e.i. Capitalist System where every element of society operates for nothing more but financial profit and the Big Pharmaceutical companies are invested with the highest level of human greed known to man.

                                                                                                                               📝  S.P

Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974

      Water quality standards (WQS) are provisions of state, territorial, authorized tribal or federal law approved by EPA that describe the desired condition of a water body and the means by which that condition will be protected or achieved

by Gary Null

How Sinister is Rockefeller Medicine?  2 Videos Below

Concerning the Microchip Implant and Forced Vaccinations

                Is there truly people who support placing our corporate government and big pharmaceuticals in total control of our bodies, and actually trust them after all which has been occurring across America? (false-flag terrorism, microwave dew weapons igniting fires in C.A., massive construction of underground living facilities and above ground detention centers, etc.)

               In the state of California exists county's which have forced vaccination laws if the parent wants their child to attend public schools! In certain cases, people traveled door-to-door with syringes in hand, to the houses of the un-vaccinated children, asking entry to vaccinated their children! Genetically Modified Foods are on the increase and our entire world's food supply is almost under the control of one small group of people. (and they are indeed, Satanist's).

              Force vaccines have been issued in Europe for some time and now after many millennia without fertility issues, the E.U. utilizes lowered birth-rates to justify its genocidal massive immigration and rape epidemic.

Rat Poisoning Ingredients = 100% Sodium Fluoride

      Fluoride's Meant to Calcify Our Pineal-Gland, causing us to become more Docile. Much debate persists over any positive usages of the Pineal-Gland, otherwise known as the 3rd-Eye. Nonetheless, a docile populace becomes effortless to control and withholds from questioning authority. This technique of Fluoridation was initailly implored in German P.O.W. camps by the Nazi's in WWII.

     Many 3rd World nations have a huge problem produced by industrial waste which is an abundance of toxic Sodium Fluoride.. Yes, Fluoride is considered a toxic chemical which must be labeled by a skull & cross-bones. 55-Gallon drums dot the lands of hazardous chemical landfills as these hazardous materials cost money to dispose of. (meaning to bury or dump into the ocean). Surprising, the USA and only the USA, whose citizens consume 90% of all sodium fluoride consumes world-wide, regularly purchases this fluoride from these poor nations; and the 3rd World countries are most-likely wondering why anyone would perform such a task.

Hey all you Pro-Life Supporter's...

I Bet You Failed to Apprehend This Fact Above

No Child's Born With Austism       The Killer of Destiny                 The Name Says it All  

A Mere 11 Decades ago:  Rockefeller Commences Modern Medicine, Big Pharma, and Stamps Out Safe Natural Cures

 Alike anything else within a Capitalist system, there is a lot of politics and money behind our modern medical system.

      John D. Rockefeller (1839 – 1937)  was an oil magnate and America’s first billionaire. At the turn on the 20th century, he controlled 90% of all oil refineries in the U.S. through Standard Oil. (later, broken-up to become Chevron, Exxon, Mobil etcetera)

      At the same time, around the year 1900 A.D. scientists discovered “petrochemicals” and the ability to create numerous chemicals from oil. (e.g. the first plastic called Bakelite was manufactured from oil in 1907). Additionally, scientists discovered a wide-range of vitamins and figured-out that pharmaceutical drugs could be made from oil.

      This was a wonderful opportunity for Rockefeller who saw the ability to monopolize the oil, chemical, and the medical industries at the same time! Furthermore, the greatest aspect of these new petrochemicals was the ability to have them patented and sold for high profits.

      Nevertheless, one problematic issue stood in Rockefeller’s path and for the growing medical industry; the popularity of natural/herbal medicines across America at that time. (Now, a little known fact erased from the history books with the Rockefeller family as the primary culprits for the concealment of this knowledgeable history.). A matter of fact, during this time period within the U.S.A. it's believed that over half of all doctors and medical colleges in the U.S. were practicing holistic medicine by applying wisdom obtained from Europe and Native Americans.

        Rockefeller, the monopolist, had to figure out a way to get rid of his biggest competition. Therefore, he turn to Hegaelian Dialect, (bearing False-witness), something consistently mentioned on this site (Pgs. 2, 2.2, 5.2, etc.) and a huge part of American culture since September eleventh two-thousand-and-one. (9/11/2001).  classic strategy of “problem-reaction-solution.” That is, create a problem and scare people, and then offer a (pre-planned) solution. (Similar to a terrorist attack on 9/11 to install fear into the American populace and then followed-up by the implementation of the draconian “Patriot Act”. By the way, it comes as no surprise the Trade Towers were built and owned by the Rockefeller family. Also, occurring at seemingly unbelievably odds: other Terrorist Attacks since 9/11 have unfolded on Rockefeller property. (e.g. A bus mowing down civilians walking down the sidewalk in Rockefeller Plaza where the Twin Towers one stood).

       The Savior Jesus Christ labelled Bearing-False Witness as one of the worst six sins a man can commit! Yet, two-thousand years after He walked the earth teaching His disciples, Christian everywhere, but particularly located with Europe and the U.S.A. abide within a society COMPLETELY DOMINATED by False Witness. It comes as no surprise that the foremost group of people committing this crime belong to the Jewish religion; exactly like in the days of Jesus! Of 'course, other belonging members of Secret Societies are also main contributors to this defamation of society. Likewise, Freemasons and the Illuminati, which are heavily involved, exist primarily as Jewish organizations.                              

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  📝  S. P