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        Dr. Jeffrey Long is an author and one of the foremost leading researchers in Near Death Experience studies. (NDE's). He delivers profound reasoning which undoubtedly proves NDE's are independent consciousness from that of brain function. He mentions how absurd it is that so many authors have published writings on NDE's, who take a mainstream scientific view of brain function relating the experience, and all their information is no more than hypothesis as they fail to even interview individuals who've had NDE's; yet, they publish book as if experts on the topic! On the contrary, the core of his research is the 277 people he thoroughly interviewed who've previously had Near Death Experiences and what had caused him to become so enthusiastic on the subject is the amazing consistency of the reports his patients relay to him. In addition, Long states when viewing the evidence, even the most hardcore skeptics have no real ability to refute his findings. Always remember, anyone can publish anything they want. (besides plagiarism). Just because someone claims in their book NDE's aren't real, don't occur, or are merely a fabrication of the mind no different than your average dream; means absolutely nothing until you view what they present as research; if they even do.

    The strongest evidence has simply always been people under anesthesia on the operating table floating above their body glancing down upon themselves and commonly having further experiences from there on. We perceive this to be true, because the patients will afterwards report events or words spoken by doctors and/or family members and be exact with their reports. Furthermore, any doctor (Anesthesiologist, etc.) will state it's impossible for the brain to produce these images and life-like scenarios in the persons mind while they're under. People cannot have such lucid experiences and rememberances while under anesthesia. With tha said, dozens of Long's cases have occurred under general anesthesia.

      Dr. Jeffrey Long realizing that many of the skeptics had already made up their mind concerning their end results of their research prior to commencing their experiments, (or as this article previously covered, their experiments in many scenarios lack actual experiments whilst producing merely halfhearted and bias research), had aforementioned at the commencement of his tests concerning this matter, that he'd publish whatever results his research cultivated without bias or religious affiliation.  He also stated though many of these individuals studied encountered God, it seemed their religious belief didn't weigh on the outcome of this event. Dr. Long even said, "God in Near Death Experience proves independent from religion."

        In order to validate his subjects claims, Long implores a 150 question survey correlated within a redundant fashion, meaning many question are similar but asked in a disparate fashion to the previous time which exposes people who aren't being truthful.