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Faith and Knowledge to Overcome Chronic Addiction: Master Edition

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Master Ed. 37 CH.

 Faith & Knowledge

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 ( The Apostolic Fathers )  Complete Download Available!

The Ante-Nicene Fathers Vol. 1-10  

Originally printed in 1885, the ten-volume set of the Ante-Nicene Fathers beckons the entire works of credible early Christian thinkers. In particular, it consorts the writings of the Early Church Fathers prior to the Nicene Creed of the fourth century.

Written by (many footnotes): Schaff, Philip (1819-1893) Published by: Grand Rapids, MI: Christian Classics Ethereal Library

For all the Christians who  believe they apprehend Scripture and the Early Church. Likewise, for those who falsely-comprehend the Christian Church wasn't commenced until the 4th Century.

The Disciples of Christ's Disciples and further generational Apostolic Early Church Fathers including: J. Martyr, Barnabas, Clement, Polycarp, Ignatius of Antioch, Irenaeus, Hermas, Origen, Taitan, Tertullian, and dozens more.

11,000 Pages of Christian Scripture and footnotes from Christ to 325 A.D.

Pope Leo speaking on the attempted infiltration of Freemasonry 1700's, which unfortunately has just recently occurred

Friend of Christ's disciple St. John, epistles additionally avail. in vol. 1 of the Ante-Nicene books to the right.

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by Marvin Vincent D.D.  -  A Professor of Sacred Literature in Union Theological Seminary, New York 

Outstanding piece of work!  Though somewhat similar to the works of Thomas Aquinas, Marsiglio came slightly later and incorporated more politics into his views; as Aquinas supported the church authority 100%. Marsiglio was more of the Dante generation.

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Published in the year 1317 of our Lord

by James Cardinal Gibbons featuring 30+Chapters on scripture and Catholic Dogma in Defense of the Church.

=  PDF  File

Appears as Passage 13 in Faith and Knowledge to Overcome Chronic Addiction






Sample from the Preface: The grace of the Eucharist will flow into these souls and will inspire their conduct with the same motives that led Jesus Christ to institute and perpetuate the Sacrament of His adorable Presence,  the chief of which is love...

Including errors & truths of Reformation 

  Famous Christian Theologians are listed by author name; not title, and the saints are under S (St.)

The "Dark Night of the Soul" is a reference to the calming period after initial Divine Union (e.g. 3rd-Eye opening)

In their own words

The text of these two historic New Testaments appear side-by-side for comparison.

70+ Complete Works featuring 40,000+ Pages of writings.

For More Mystical Writings, Articles and Videos, Visit:  Pg. #7 The Kingdom of God

   For Books on Christian Mysticism
   ft. Meister  Eckhart, St. Teresa of
   Avila, The Nag Hammadi Library,
   etc. Visit Pg. 7 The Kingdom of God

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The upmost consummate Christian theology. Total: 84 Books

Theology of the Christ Book Library

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He Suffered for Us

Expanded Knowledge Library of Christ Features:

Acts ch. 4 + commentary mp3 🎧
Acts & Monumenmts of Christian Martyrs
Alta Vendita

Apocraphyl Books of Old Test + mobi

Bede's Ecclesiastical History of England [Dark Ages]
Biblical Dictionary + mobi

Bible, Holy Catholic

Bible, How to Study  by Pastor Allen Wayne
Bible, King James 1611 + epub, mobi

Church and Ministry in the Early Century  by Thomas Linsay
Cyclopedia Biblical by John Kitto 1881 + mobi

Deliverance from Darkness w/Scripture by R.D. Patterson
Early Christian Ethics in West + mobi

Enoch The Books of (X3)

 Epitaphs of Early Christian:

Catacombs of Callistus

Epitaphs from the

First 6 CenturiesEpitaphs of the Roman Catacombs + mobi
Epitaphs • Inscriptions of Christians ◽exact copy +mobi

Epigraphs of Early Christians from Athens

Epitaphs of Demasus • 4th Century Martyrdom

Epitaphy of Early Christians in Rome
Original Design Christian Memorial ◽exact copy,
Resting Places • Christian Doctrine Manual ◽exact copy

The Garima Gospel:

       Possibly the Earliest Surviving Illuminated Christian Manuscripts. Circa 500 - 650. Partially written and illuminated by the legendary Ethiopian missionary Abbu Garima. In 2007 the English binder and restorer Lester Capon did a partial restoration of bindings of the Abba Garima Gospels.

=  Epub  File

Ante-Nicene Fathers Vol. II: 

        "Plato, a philosopher, was sold by Dionysius for his gormandizing propensities. And Aristotle, who absurdly placed a limit to Providence and made happiness to consist in the things which give pleasure, quite contrary to his duty as a preceptor flattered Alexander, forgetful that he was but a youth; and he, showing how well he had learned the lessons of his master, because his friend would not worship him shut him up and and carried him about like a bear or a leopard. He in fact obeyed strictly the precepts of his teacher in displaying manliness and courage by feasting, and transfixing with his spear his intimate and most beloved friend, and then, under a semblance of grief, weeping and starving himself, that he might not incur the hatred of his friends. I could laugh at those also who in the present day adhere to his tenets,—people who say that sublunary things are not under the care of Providence; and so, being nearer the earth than the moon, and below its orbit, they themselves look after what is thus left uncared for; and as for those who have neither beauty, nor wealth, nor bodily strength, nor high birth, they have no happiness, according to Aristotle. Let such men philosophize, for me!"           


Garima Gospel, The by Abbu Garima
Esther 1-3 mp3 🎧
4-6 mp3
7-10 mp3
Garima Gospel
Guide to Ancient Jewish Scripture
Historical Theology by Wiliiam Cunningham + Epub, Mobi
How to Teach & Study Bible by Elmer Towns 1997
Iraneous Against Heresy
Jasher, Book of
John Calvin Book Preview
Jubilees, Book of
Latin Dictionary, Classical - Mediaval
Lords Prayer by William Blake 1927 mobi
Maccabees, Book of Ch 1-5 mp3 🎧
6-10 mp3

11-16 mp3

Midrash & Mishnah [Ancient Jewish Scripture]

Miracles of the Church by W. Young 1927
Nestorian Christianity of Baghdad
Nestorian Christianity of Central Asia
Nestorian Stele Tablet
New Picture Book of Saints by L.G. Lovasik 1913
Oxyrhynchus Papyrus N.T. Apocraphyl (50-150 A.D.)
Padre Pio Pt.I
Padre Pio Pt.II

Reformation 500 Yrs. Later

Talk to Your Guardian Angels

Vatican Holocaust by Avro Manhattan


Ancient Modern Rosicrucian Initiation  by Max Heindel

New Seeds of Contemplation  by Thomas Merton mp3 🎧

Christianity as Mystic Fact  by Rudolph Steiner

Christian Mystical  by E.W. Hough

2 Corinthians 1:3  "Benedictus Deus et Pater Domini nostri ]esu Christi"
The noble apostle St. Paul said: "Blessed be God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Christology, A Biblical Historical and Systematic Study of Jesus (Ch. 3 The Human History, Pg. 49-50)

          When studying the earthly Jesus some scholars still limit themselves to applying typically 'scientific' methods modelled on the modern natural sciences or at least on their understanding of them.They take up particular gospel sayings or events and analyze them in an 'objective' fashion, wrenching them apart from the living world of Jesus and his followers and reducing them to their smallest elements. They isolate and take apart these sayings and events, as if such separation and reduction were the way to know and understand Jesus. All of this insinuates an attempt to dominate him as if he were simply a problem 'back there'. They forget that really knowing another person in depth always demands our participation in and relationship to another personal mystery. Here, if anywhere, appropriate objectivity is gained by involvement, not by artificial attempts to distance oneself.  

                                                                                                           ✝  Gerald O" Collins S.J.

On occasion while reading theology I come across a small section of literature I desire to share with others, thereby I'll take the time to type it on to this site for others to view. -Shaun Prario

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The Bible:

          The most Holy book ever written. God speak to us through this literature. The Bible is the story of God's love and His relationship with the human race. God's mission is to save humans from sin and bless them with eternal life, which is called salvation.

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