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Are You Happy with the way the top 1% act or are you happy with the government and what it does for you; or how it restricts you? Are you happy with your life and the way things are going for you. Are you presently living out your dreams? Do you truly believe this is why you were born and what you're supposed to be doing with your life?

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Page 7 Christianity is now 'temporarily' displayed as the HOMEPAGE for redeemingtruth.comIf one believes this page is of no interest to them & most-like consists of only Christian elements to enjoy, I advise them to scroll-down to Section 1 and enjoy some well-designed documentaries on modern sociology which answers my question, "Is there truly any need for Christianity in the 21st century ?|?

It's Very Unfortunate....

This 28 Sec. Video, Says It All

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