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Page 7 Christianity is now 'temporarily' displayed as the HOMEPAGE for redeemingtruth.comIf one believes this page is of no interest to them & most-like consists of only Christian elements to enjoy, I advise them to scroll-down to Section 1 and enjoy some well-designed documentaries on modern sociology which answers my question, "Is there truly any need for Christianity in the 21st century ?|?

It's Very Unfortunate....

This 28 Sec. Video, Says It All

The Pages on this site are updated daily

     This common element of the modern Eastern World (Hinduism/Buddhism) and Early Gnostic Christianity has been mostly concealed from the West. This practice was implemented through the entire world at one time.  e.g.  Shamans, Oracles, Irish Druids who saw Fairies, Egyptians saw half-humans/ half-animals, etc. At least 1 in 10 people can easily drink from the Fountain of Youth without smoking DMT from a plant. In Peru: the Iowaska plant was used by the Incas. Egyptians used the Lotus Flower with Hash and Opium

        It's possible, the Pagan Religions manifested after humans rebelled against God. One thing's for sure, all peoples throughout the world were aware of this ability. Whether this practice brought them any pleasant experiences or knowledge is up for debate.  

The medieval Christian Mystics engaged in likewise behavior, though they implemented a more complicated process of following Christ and allowing the mind and heart to become one, then letting go to a spiritual awakening.

   An Israeli pretending to support, and be warning Christians against our government.

Q: How do we know?  A: He's promoting war vs Iran & Russia, 2 countries left, fighting the New World Order. (plus, N. Korea). They both are against Usury and the formation of a 1-World Religion.

      When referring to unknown, undistributed, or revised history: never draw conclusions with a single viewing/reading. With multiple sources evaluated, and with our sources investigated as well, we then draw a proper analysis; and become confident in sharing the information.

Highly-Esteemed Documentary  

Antichrist Identification/Warning

Don't Desire Christ in the 21st Century? This Justifies our Calling for Christianity

Attention all Christians, or those contemplating using Christ for healing, (addiction, stress, proof of eternal-life, etcetera), those with Christian relatives, or those realizing Christ's are only defense powerful enough to defeat the New World Order. This man's speaking the truth in video #9.  They already tell the children at school they're not being rational if they believe in the Bible... yet, these Luciferians all Highly Believe in the story of Creation, and the Great Flood, etc. They know they cannot implement a full-on attack if millions are praying to Christ for help. In this case they'll be defeated; so they preach atheism, but they're not themselves. People need to be taught this information!

Superb Documentary- 

The Pineal-Gland and the Path of Modern Society.

*Includes Both Truth & Falsities


* warning: This site doesn't promote opening your 3rd-eye, nor does it take a  stand on people not educating themselves on the pineal-gland. A complete union w/God's required to safely use an opened 3rd-eye.

2 Hour Movie / Documentary:  Remember, the Occult try fulfilling their prophecies, so why wouldn't we believe in the Rapture

The Beloved Saint Patrick

 His own Son, Jesus the Savior of all.

                                  We're beginning to understand how Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days. Well, of 'course He

                                  could, but He was teaching us, as well. When we connect with the invisible electromagnetic

                                  waves which are everywhere, and everything in nature gives-off, we become more spiritual

                                  than material. Radio waves, micro waves and the man-made signals are crossing our path

                                  constantly all-day; just because humans cannot see them, we're well-aware of their presence. it's the Oneness of the universe that we're interested in here. As our Pineal releases DMT and it fuels the body we have not much need for food. Our DNA is manufactured through these unseen waves of energy. Although, it continues to be taught that our cells reproduce and operate of proteins, scientists have known this to be false for some time. The human body's cells communicate through light/photon waves. Many people enjoy sun-gazing during dawn or dusk to receive its benefits. Don't simply assume anyone who stares at the sun is a moron. (of 'course I said at dawn/dusk). When we stare at the sun for a few seconds and close our eyes we may see round usually blue/teal spots on the inside of our eyelids, but don't be afraid. People perform this action and then relax with their eyelids closed; soaking in the energy; by receiving these color light photons into the body. As we fast, our cells multiply and grow strong. The more processed food we eat, the more our sells must focus on cleaning out those toxins and not improving the body. Therefore, are we more spiritual than once thought? Could we gain more energy from electric/lights waves than food? The debate is out....

Antichrist Trickery:  Promoting the 1 World Religion: Few Elements are Great but History of Christ is Entirely-False

Fallen Angels-Bloodlines-Messianic Seed

This page features 30+ videos including a 2hr. Narated Movies below: After the Tribulation 

Going to Great Lengths to Lie to Christians

Ron Jones Interview from Veteran Today News.

Ron was a former prisoner at Auschwitz               ☠ 

and speaks of the little known Jewish Controlled Camps. 

Further Literature

Demons  are   Real

Cast Out Demons 🎚

  Crucial Information if you Open your 3rd-Eye

    The Masonic / Jewish War Against the Catholic Church in Mexico   

    "Each kidnapped Nun was assigned to a Group of 4 Soldiers for Repeated Rapes"

                                                         (Probably using crucifixes and wearing Devil-Horns.

   run time: 00:30:52                      The kind of actions committed in East Europe &

                                                           Russia after the Zionist Communists stole power.)

        - This war was backed by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson (An obvious Mason who

                                                        handed-over America's sovereignty to the Federal Reserve)

As Seekers of History and Truth We Gather All Facts, Listen to Both Sides of the Story / Argument, and We Then Become Satisfied Even If We're Not 100% Sure or Even If We Believe In the Possibility of Disparate Outcomes.

      With Pope Gregory the Great took the story from the Gospel of Matthew where a woman only identified as a sinner barges in on Christ and the now upset Apostles to anoint Jesus' feet with her tears and then dries them with her hair; and firmly claimed this woman was Mary Magdalene and her sin was prostitution. Although, nowhere in the Gospels validates this claim, the accusation smeared her name for centuries; still remaining today.

           This is true and we may be disgruntled with the Pope. Nonetheless, the more credible place in this Gospel to stake such a claim would be when it states a group of women traveled around with Christ and his Apostles and also supported them financially. Thereafter, the first women mentioned by name is Mary Magdalene.


               The certain assumption would be Matthew assumed the people of that time would know they're prostitutes. Now, there remains other text for others to make a credible argument against this as well. Obviously, Jesus was ahead of His time with morals and values. Though, He didn't condone this behavior in the long run, He may have remained within the process of teaching the people otherwise. Surely, it wasn't until after His crucifixion when most, including Peter, grasped the entirety of His story, His meaning and His teachings; especially, 50 days later after Pentecost. Now His followers would spread His word and bring moral sexual behaviors among people in new communities; particularly the Greek (or Hellenistic) peoples in Greece and Anatolia.

                Henceforth, unlike so many others, I'm not teaching - or should I say, claiming I definitely know either way. Nevertheless, I'll confidently say I'm certainly fine with people who state these women weren't prostituting. Albeit, I'm additionally okay with those who believe they were.

                 Wherefore, if I desired to claim Mary was a recovery prostitute, which in no way do I want to, I'd use this scenario provided to accomplish such a goal. FINAL ANALYSIS: Nobody knows anything for sure with

1]  Lack of evidence and simple fact it's been so long since these events. (or any other historic events we discuss from one-thousand + years ago).  2]  Men like Pope Gregory who distort the truth. (and there are many).

Jesus Christ Documentary: Nation Geographics ~Although a Fine Video. Particularly the initial 20 minutes. Hereafter, theories become utilized, but remains informative and returns to classic story.   [comments below]



           As we bear-witness to the sign of Pisces (left) delineating the 2,000 year reign of the Christ, the Zodiac calendar has professedly moved into the Age of Aquarius. (long sought after by the Freemasons and the Jewish religion). The hype about the world ending in 2012 was a reference to this occurrence. Many contemplate the conspiracy theorist's sounded ridiculous as naught occurred, but little do these individuals realize, a new world truly was born. Some repudiate this idea as the Mayan calendar failed to line-up the 2,150 years, with the reign of Christ, (currently 2018 yrs), yet other's simply accept it as fate. Thus, we cannot halt fate. 2012 was about a new world of love with heightened consciousness; love not destruction!

       (Though, beware of Zodiac Calendars, Horoscopes, etc. - products of Satan and people

             who become familiar with these things have 'bad' things manifest into their lives.)


         Either way, the wheels are in motion as much hidden knowledge is being revealed to a knowledge-hungry population. My primary problematic issue of concern is how do we know what's the truth? Yes, nowadays we foremost research our sources and implore 

 multiple sources of all sides of an argument. Nevertheless, we're witnessing an onslaught of false-flag terrorism and shooting attacks by the same individuals who're releasing much (not all) of this New-Age Information. I must admit, the tale of the Anunnaki makes incredible sense as it's undoubtedly true their was a higher-intelligence of greater physical capacities (technological) than merely the ancient human-beings we are aware of. Unfortunately, the Free-mason's twist all writings and archaeological evidence to match their Luciferian religion.          

  Section # 1 incl. a mixture of New Age wisdom, some that may be acceptable and warnings

                           against other elements.

Section # 2  the former book Library has been moved to Page 8 and it continues to grow.

Section # 2 now consists of innumrable Christian documentaries.

Section # 3 implements my thoughts or simply explains a few more Videos and further

                          Christian writings. Why would Christians celebrate the Spanish-American War?

                          This section presents the raping of nuns in the New World. Also, features World

                          Christian News

Some falsely contemplate a need to beseech God on their own. Yet, all they must do is listen, for He's always attempting to capture our open ears of assiduity.  He then transforms this willingness into a mystical zeal.

If a Freemason designed the Statue  of Liberty, we can be sure it was designed w/deception and most-likely anti-Christian and so it is. Thus, the Whore of Babylon...

For full analysis and a more positive view of the Pineal-Gland, or our 3rd-Eye, visit the Metaphysics/ Consciousness Page


                Suppressed History

The Attack on Christianity in the New World of false Religious Freedoms. Just because someone says something, it's not true if they act otherwise. *not depicted in this video, but this symbolizes the REAL reasoning behind the Spanish-America War which Christians wrongly celebrate...is everything a lie in America?


4 Nights with the Devil 👹

         Mankind’s cruelest men and most drastic sociological  

             thinkers have become heroes in collegiate America.

                  Great philosophers like Nietzsche and Marx had striking similarities. Both of these men spent their lifetimes at war with mankind. Both men were severely driven in their beliefs through their upmost hatred of Christianity. This religion prevented war and implemented mutual respect between classes, but these were men who favored force to be used on people; particularly Christians.

                  Nietzsche thought of the autocracy as almost a disparate species from the lower-class humans; a clearly superior species. Never once did he consider the immoral behavior which kept their families rich intergenerationally. They were simply the educated people. Nietzsche strongly desired enslaving the lower-class to the sternest of standards.

                 Marx favored the lower class (middle → lower-class) being enslaved as well. Only Marx didn’t aspire to have them slaves to the aristocratic class, he desired everyone enslaved to a few men in power over all. He desired the autocracy enslaved as well. Thus, Marx gave Russia the Bolsheviks in 1917 when 284 men operated the new Soviet Union headed by Lenin and Trotsky. These two men are too high profile to become heroes in America. Besides, they were needed as adversaries to incite the Cold War.

                                                                                                 Shaun Prario 

Remember there's a time to help our brothers and sisters be save from deceit, lies, mental and physical enslavement. There's also much time to avoid these distractions of the world and this we must do in order to be healthy over-all; but never completely forget our determined enemy.

  ✝        🎚        ⛪        🛐 

The Christ displaying His power over Poseidon; who represents Satan and was  granted control of the world's oceans.

New Writings, Apostolic Books & Article, Pics & Videos are being forever added to the Redeeming Truth Library  visit the Gallery to find more pics to save to your device.

We now hear much of these so-called Anunnaki Gods as if our God was named Enlil and He was just one of many. Though we're alert to God desiring to make man in His own image. It's clearly evident that man's position in God's creation is entirely unique, for amongst all of God's creations which include innumerable creatures upon the Earth, it was man alone who He created to resemble Himself. Nonetheless, in Genesis 26: "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness." Wow, this undoubtedly, sounds comparable to other Gods being present. Likewise, the following verse says more casually, "So God created man in their image"...wait, it does not say this. Verse 27 reads, "So God created man in His image." - First, it's plural but then back to just Him, wherefore the Godhead is revealed as welcomed truth about God.

Of 'course, this scene originates with Peter who Christ asked 'out of the boat' on the sea of Galilee; representing, Walk in Faith

In similar fashion to modern freemasons, politicians, and news reporters, this scene with the Christ on the rough (stormy) sea, has dual meanings.

               The Apostle Paul  VS.  The Prophet Muhammad

Personally, I possess mixed feelings when referring to the famed Apostle Paul. Likewise, strong feelings of gratitude flow from my inner being into thy direction of this amazing man. How could this not be the situation when this man walked 20,000+ mi. to implement a 2,000 yr. reign of Christianity?

           The one issue to contend, which undoubtedly is a preeminent matter of contention, would be Paul's lack of mystical importance taught to his disciples; many of who, were leaders in the other Churches. Concerning moral affairs and overall sociology Paul ranks second to no one else in the 1st Apostolic generation. Nonetheless, this marks the commencement of Jesus followers focusing on worldly behaviors, which does recognize an importance to remove oneself from many worldly obsessions, yet 90% of all his teachings and writings instruct someone how to act and respond to the corruption of this world; even though Paul himself was on a quest similar to that of a medieval Christian Mystic.

              Yes, the primary reason for these behaviors

is to enjoy a blissful afterlife in Paradise,

nonetheless, the spiritual world can be accessed

and made beneficial to all beings whilst living on

the earth to a far greater extent than realized by

Paul the Apostle of Christ. 

True Garden of Eden?

Bad News for the Luciferian New World Order: 600 More Yrs of the Piscean Age

Click the Candle/Bible Pic Below

4/9/18     Our Capitalist system makes rich those invested with greed, pride, lust, etcetera.

So many of the financial-elite are occultists, members of the CFR, moreover members of the Illuminati/Freemasonry. So, just what is 33 degree Freemasonry all about?

  Learn Faith, Knowledge & Truth at  verity.webstarts.com   (reconstructed 4/9/18)

Faith & Knowledge Libraries by redeemingtruth come visit:

Xploring your divinity within certainly doesn't mean U R  God! ... will traditional Christians stop saying this, please. (lest claimed by the individual)

   Yes, it's true we can never be equal to Christ/God and this reigns as a paramount teaching in Christianity; separating it from Luciferianism and much of Judaism as these groups exalt man over or equal to God.

        The Luciferians have followed the Serpent's decision in the Garden of Eden, wherefore, mankind built a world of great materialism and leisure sex to enjoy. Additionally, Christians have too, but the primary difference is the occultist's worship this decision; particularly nowadays due to the rise in technical ability as they feel the hybrid (computer/human) being is almost equal to the divinity of God.

     NEVERTHELESS, it's true our body, God's temple, is the abode of our divine soul and this can be utilized while still alive on earth in our mortal frames! Don't Christians believe our soul returns to God upon death? If we're dedicated to prayer and connect to the Mind of God, the universal consciousness, this doesn't mean we've become gods now. Nor, does it mean we're equal to God. Albeit, the Luciferians (who consist of most of this New Age Movement) commonly have this false sense of omnipotence.           To experience a true spiritual enlightenment and establish an open 3rd-eye connection with God, one must return naked to the Garden of Eden. Literally naked, meaning an abolishment of all materialism and sociological problems. You must seek nothing in your life but to be a humble servant to the Lord and rather enjoy life in this blessed state, than to have computers, HD televisions, etcetera.

     Not only can we not fill ourselves with pride and label ourselves God, but to accomplish this union we must relieve ourselves completely of the ego. This process occurs by entirely turning over our will. Therefore, YES, we're multi-dimensional beings. God made us and left His spark of divinity within us. We're sons of God. We're lesser Gods, but we cannot become lovers of ourselves!

       Humans are the only animal with this eternal eye turned inwards on himself. In the Garden of Eden our 3rd-Eye was pointed towards God, or opened. By opening this eye doesn't mean we're attempting to become Gods, it means we're returning to Gods control. It was Satan, the Serpent in the Garden who closed this eye, turning it inward to man and granting man his own consciousness! This is why Luciferians worship Satan for creating mankind.

        Now man experienced his own learning and decision making. Also, mankind felt anxiety, stress, depression, etc.

                     Our dogs don't possess their own consciousness, no animal do. They cannot implement decision based on how another feels. They follow the natural instincts of God's created world. The birds sing the tune of the earth - as studies have listened to the earth's frequency  tone which sounded just like tweeting birds. Some animal have superior hearing or senses of smell but man can too, if his 3rd-eye's pointed outward towards God. Likewise, man wouldn't have built skyscrapers or other great works. Nowadays, our government forces ungodly processed foods down our throats which's similar to the serpent forcing Adam & Eve to eat from the forbidden tree, as these processes foods calcify our Pineal Gland. When man/woman eat only natural fruits growing in nature, they have a healthy Pineal Gland.

                     This doesn't answer all the questions we have, but mans own consciousness and not Gods (or the Universal) Consciousness is what the Luciferians worship, but they can never defeat God.

Featuring: well-known individuals like G.Bush, H.Clinton, Pope Francis, Katie Perry, J. Beiber, Lebron James, etcetera... Their power and influence is enormous; do Christians prepare to halt their movement, do we remained concerned with ourselves, (standby Christ always), or is it fate that those who make deals w/the devil solidify (one) world control for the day of rapture? Also, featuring - are the truly aliens?

Kymatica:  Yes, we need a spiritualistic outlook on world unity. We should also by now realize why the ancient Europeans stated everything had a soul. In this video we may hear slightly altered beliefs from traditional Christianity, though I encourage all to have faith and continue to acquire all knowledge. This video is anti-Luciferianand speaks against immoral human control imposed by government, bankers, etc. Nevertheless, Kymatica may incorporates chakras, evolution, ect. 

Committing the same errors: displays how obvious it is that people possess little knowledge on true history. Causing the depravation of society to weaken the structure and unity for a take-over has been implemented by the same religion over and over again.

People Absent From the Holy Spirit Becoming Possessed by Another Person Opening Their Minds-Eye

I Travelled to Hell & Back to Discover the Truth & Then Bestow it on All Affected By the Antichrist's Drugs

37 min.

Our Lady of Guadalupe 

      The Zionists who control our entire knowledge network; everything seen, everything heard, everything taught in schools - well, that is until now because we have the Info-Age to educate us. Nonetheless, millions of Americans are not merely being raised non-Christian and watching Hollywood stars glorify the Luciferian religion, but many believe the horrible Lies They're Being Told Concerning Christianity. A religion completely centered around love, so how could anyone believe another when they describe Christianity with hate and violence? Don't they know any Christian people who express a positive and loving attitude? Of 'course, but they're sucked in through Hollywood lies (Hollywood displays completely absurd scenes of false Christianity in their movies; remember, Hollywood is Jews/Illuminati who hate & want to destroy Christianity, so Lucifer can torture all Americans!) and absurd documentaries on YouTube. We've now arrived at the point where so many are being lead astray (brainwashed) who don't even know what Christianity truly is. I feel we've gone back in time to the first few centuries A.D. Not only this, but once again our enemy which deceives the populace through terribly immoral means, are followers and attempting to reinstate the Mystery Religions!! People don't know but must learn the love of Christ.     *An Apology Letter to a Roman Governor during the commencing stage of Christianity lies beneath__ 

We lay this before you as the first ground on which we urge that your hatred to the name
of Christian is unjust. And the very reason which seems to excuse this injustice (I mean ignorance)
at once aggravates and convicts it. For what is there more unfair than to hate a thing of which you
know nothing, even though it deserve to be hated? Hatred is only merited when it is known to be
merited. But without that knowledge, whence is its justice to be vindicated? for that is to be proved,
not from the mere fact that an aversion exists, but from acquaintance with the subject. When men,
then, give way to a dislike simply because they are entirely ignorant of the nature of the thing
disliked, why may it not be precisely the very sort of thing they should not dislike? So we maintain
that they are both ignorant while they hate us, and hate us unrighteously while they continue in
ignorance, the one thing being the result of the other either way of it. The proof of their ignorance,
at once condemning and excusing their injustice, is this, that those who once hated Christianity
because they knew nothing about it, no sooner come to know it than they all lay down at once their
enmity. From being its haters they become its disciples. By simply getting acquainted with it, they
begin now to hate what they had formerly been, and to profess what they had formerly hated; and

their numbers are as great as are laid to our charge.

Attacks 0n Christianity have never before been so widely implemented. Thus, also deriving from a wide range of sources; many disguised to be Christian. Therefore, I remind you: yes, we need unity, but not in the NWO form. Yes, mankind must push aside materialism and don't give the corrupt more control over our lives by e.g. engaging in wars that make them richer or voting for the 'media's choice' big candidates for President, as we all should've voted for Ron Paul in 2012. If you know Hollywood's ran by Jews who despise Christianity and enjoy lying to and corrupting your children, then don't pay for movies or subscribe to cable. Stop selling-out or enjoy the end of Christianity; it's your choice.

Section 1 is a series of warnings to modern Christians and the non-Christian alike. To pretend you're a Christian but then to embrace this capitalist world does yourself no good. Don't label yourself a Christian, merely to position yourself in danger. If you desire to vote for these corrupt politicians, pay these cable companies, allow the 'Fed' to steal your earnings, support the MSM, Hollywood, Israel, etc. (all of which are Occultists) then simply don't be a Christian anymore; that's fine, it's what most have already decided, though brainwashed most have become.

Since WWII, Europe has been subjected to massive amounts of Israeli propaganda. They've embraced anti-Christian and Liberal ideology. Now they've been stabbed in the back and women everywhere are being raped and many cities have been taken away from their host countries. The E.U. controls everything and the E.U. hates Christ more than anything!!

The Life of the Apostle Paul  The Movie

Christians never spoke-out about the rebuilding of Babylon (USA),          the great marketplace, a world trading center, whose merchants become rich, and the women live in luxury. Where men steal, practice extortion, and worship lifeless idols; from the Statue of Liberty - the Mother of Harlots, to the tens-of-thousands of statues. But not merely having statues, no, its leaders actually engage in idolatry ideology. (behavior). 

Science can't ever disprove facts, nor can it prove facts or errors. Henceforth, we stand in faith.


























    Athene's Neurological Theory 

Why do Christians have less depression?




Christian News
Britain a 'Christian country'? Careful there, prime minister!
April 23, 2014 | By Michael McGough
Prime Minister David Cameron is under fire for suggesting that Britain “should be more confident about our status as a Christian country.” That assertion came in a column the Tory leader wrote for the Church Times, an Anglican publication. In good Anglican fashion, Cameron was careful to add that “being more confident about our status as a Christian country does not somehow involve doing down other faiths or passing judgment on those with no faith at all.” He also confessed to being a “rather classic” member of the Church of England: “not that regular in attendance, and a bit vague on some of the more difficult parts of the faith.” The prime minister's diffidence didn't help him with his critics, who saw his “privileging” of Christianity as incompatible with contemporary multicultural Britain.

Israel/America's paying the rebels to murder Christians
Syria's Assad pays visit to recaptured Christian town on Easter
April 20, 2014 | By Patrick J. McDonnell and Nabih Bulos
DAMASCUS, Syria - President Bashar Assad made a symbolic Easter visit Sunday to the heavily damaged town of Maaloula, a Christian landmark enclave recaptured from Islamist rebels last week by government forces. The president's visit, broadcast on state television, underscored his efforts to portray himself as a defender of Christians and other minorities as he prepares for an expected reelection bid in the midst of a devastating war now in its fourth year. Maaloula and several of its historic churches sustained significant damage during heavy fighting and bombardment

Poland is Furious With Trump’s Signing Of Holocaust Law
12 May 2018 Posted by Corey Barnett

                                  "How much $ do they need? Take, Take.... why don't they give?" S.P.

        Poland Believes It Is Unfairly Targeted. The White House announced on May 9 that United States President Donald J. Trump issued an executive order requiring restitution for all Holocaust victims. He signed the “Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today Act” or JUST. The law instructs the State Department on how to have oversight of the return of assets which were seized by the Nazi-occupied nations at the time of the Holocaust. 

        This news was not received kindly by the Polish Government. Polish nationalists protested in front of the US Embassy alleging that the American Government is now interfering in Polish internal affairs. It is to be noted Poland continues to be the only country that still does not have a legal restitution process.

        Jacek Czaputowicz, the Polish Foreign Minister, told the media the new law efficiently puts Jewish claimants over non-Jewish ones. He alleged the American law would divide Polish society. The JUST instructs the Department of State to review international reports on human rights. It must determine if a country is acting in compliance with international agreements reached in the Terezin Declaration on Holocaust Era Assets and Related Issues. Because of Poland’s lack of national laws, this would mean the State Department would increase pressure toward the country to return any wrongfully transferred or seized property.

            The definition of property, in this case, include religious or communal property. It also includes equitable compensation to the rightful owner. This could mean either public property or private property. The Polish government may be asked to return property the government owns or work with private citizens in returning any identified assets that are flagged as wrongly taken during the Holocaust.     A total of 46 countries approved the Terezin Declaration. Jan Fischer, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic announced it officially during a closing ceremony held on June 30, 2009. All participating nations highlighted the importance of providing due restitution for both individual and communal immovable property. This could be seen as a reaction to Poland passing a law that bans any public speech that accuses Poland of blame for the Holocaust.

World  Christian News


April 1, 2018
The Anti-Christian Movement
By E.M. Cadwaladr
          I used to be an atheist. My understanding of "atheism" was simply that it is the belief that there is no God. I was an empiricist: I believed in what could be seen – the material world and nothing more. I did not hate Christians. At worst, I thought they were naïve and foolish for their religious beliefs, but I knew many Christians I respected, including for their insight and intelligence.
           Today, "atheism" means something entirely different from a simple lack of belief in God. What atheism has become can be more accurately described as "the anti-Christian movement." It is a movement that assumes that Christianity isn't merely naïve and false, but a major cause of social ills, something worth the effort to actively ferret out and purge from our society. This anti-Christian crusade has been both supported by, and a natural outgrowth of, the much larger program of cultural Marxism.

          Anti-clericalism is nothing new, but many atheists of the past were at least coherent. They believed that the complex triune God of Christianity was silly, but they didn't think Shiva, Allah, or Zeus was any better. Like me, they simply believed in the here and now and not in the unseen and scientifically unverifiable. The new atheists are different. They are not really bound by cold, materialist, scientific facts. Although they claim that science and reason are on their side, they often are not very knowledgeable about either. More often, they are interested only in co-opting the human authority science has acquired. Science is a brand for today's atheists, not a discipline. The new atheism is generally forgiving toward Hinduism and can be almost reverent regarding Buddhism. While I grant that Buddhism is essentially godless, it's a long way from being a collection of empirical facts. Buddha's claims are certainly no more objectively verifiable than Christ's. Nirvana is no easier to find on a star chart than the Christian Heaven.
         Uninterested in hard materialism, today's atheists believe in an emotional narrative invented and reinvented at the whim of politically motivated human beings. Today's atheism is not a philosophical position, but a political one. Superficially, the anti-Christian movement espouses the view that Christianity is uniquely evil in its intolerance – their word for the fact that we have standards. Christianity, like Western civilization, is squeezed into the usual Marxist mold as just another instrument of oppression. But without batting an eye, many of today's atheists manage to believe that Islam, an objectively more intolerant, more misogynistic, and far more bloodthirsty system of beliefs than Christianity – is somehow forgivable, or even a net social boon. In truth, the new atheism isn't about helping the "oppressed" – any more than it is about the non-belief in God or the exclusive belief in the world we can grasp with our senses. It is about being a vocal part of the identity group of avid Christian-haters. A political entity. It is about inventing yet another substitute sense of identity and purpose to replace the Christian sense of identity and purpose that it struggles to destroy.
          The anti-Christian movement of today, like all other Marxist or neo-Marxist splinter groups, draws its strength from a simple, if unstated, promise: All the world's aggrieved can acquire social acceptance and the unholy grail of victim status by denouncing someone else as an oppressor and working for his destruction.
In the preface of Richard Dawkins's book The God Delusion, we find the following revealing statement:
I suspect – well, I am sure – that there are lots of people out there who have been brought up in some religion or other, are unhappy in it, don't believe it, or are worried about the evils that are done in its name; people who feel vague yearnings to leave their parents' religion and wish they could, but just don't realize that leaving is an option.
         This is a Marxist meme on the time-honored pattern. Marx himself was less whiney in tone, the product of more forthright times: "Workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!"
What Dawkins is saying, perhaps without even fully understanding the meme that he himself has swallowed, is that if you've been raised in a Christian household, you're a victim. By telling you this, Richard Dawkins makes himself a kind of revolutionary hero. If gold medals were awarded for virtue-signaling, The God Delusion would have won the prize for 2006. Am I being unfair? Perhaps where Dawkins lives, people who turn away from God are burned alive as witches. Perhaps – but I doubt it. The last time I checked, death sentences for apostasy were rather rare outside the Muslim world, where Dawkins's book is ineffective, being banned. Or maybe he was talking about only the sad fate of atheists being shunned by other people – the unspeakable emotional trauma of "stigma." Try openly declaring your Christian faith at all but a handful of universities in America, and you will find out exactly what intolerance and vindictive outrage is. Nor is it merely Dawkins who plays this tune. Other authors have likened a Christian upbringing to child abuse. This is a thinly veiled threat, since child abuse is punishable by law. Overall, the message is clear:
         Renounce your faith and you'll have instant standing as a victim; keep it, and you will be counted as one of the few groups liberals are encouraged to hate – and potentially persecute as well.
         While I'm not an advocate of affirmative action, it is telling that practically all new atheists are white, and most of them are men. This is probably no coincidence. If you are black, Latino, female, or any foreigner with solid non-white credentials, you have ready-made victim status that will charm the neo-Marxist heart. You don't need atheism to get your ration of liberal street cred. If you happen to be a white man, though, you have to make up something to earn your right to exist. Not all white men looking for a victim group to hide in are willing to emasculate themselves as anything from beta males to "transwomen," so anti-Christian militancy has been, for some, the painless alternative. As the tone of cultural Marxist rhetoric becomes more strident, however, the new atheism has lost most of its value as a refuge. Unlike being non-white, atheism is perceived as a matter of choice. It doesn't really count. Unlike being a surgically altered transsexual, mere Christian-hating isn't much of a commitment. In the weird and wondrous world of continuous social upheaval driven by social Marxist critical theory, atheists, like gay men, are yesterday's heroes – thrown into the liberal lake of fire as more radical departures from traditional society are concocted. God forgives – but Marxism has no room for either gratitude or forgiveness. Only the collective matters. The individual is a mere means.


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A movie such as this can be inspiring and help keep sealed our connection to Christ.

                                                                                                                    On the contrary, Christians were told to refrain from attacking

                                                                                                              and/or degrading their enemies. Nonetheless, abiding within this

                                                                                                             video we witness Christians going after other Christians; this needs to stop! The current Catholic Church has been mostly taken-over by Freemasons. This has been their major goal for centuries and they finally succeeded.         🎚  Read Pope Leo XIII in the Christian Library (Pg.8) to learn more.

               Nevertheless, prior to this period the Church never killed 50 million people; one guy Carrol fictionally wrote this without actual proof, yet this video goes as far to say this action is documented!! This is an absurd lie, but possibly they believe it through brainwashing - IDK. The real figure is less than one-thousand which were mostly Jews who pretending to convert to Catholicism in order to remain in Spain after Jews were banished, (for good reason), but were secretly practicing Judaism and Luciferianism.

       The Church preached 'Thou Shall not Kill' and they only convicted 2% of all the people accused of heresy. Thereafter, the country's secular court would sentence them to death, because killing a physical body's worth the death punishment, therefore corrupting/killing an eternal soul certainly warrants death.

       Furthermore, this video condemns Catholic Priests for forgiving sins with confession and state, "this is not in the Bible." Jesus is the ultimate authority of the forgiveness of sins.  On the other hand, our New Testament does back the Catholic Church in the Book of Hebrews as it reads, "For every High Priest taken among me is ordained for men in things pertaining to God, that he may offer gifts and sacrifices for sin."  One can argue but not say it doesn't exist.

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Below is HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE all Christians should be aware of, though if tis not the case after they become aware they shall commence new prayers for this world they live in.

Become educted in overcoming all this madness...

From the Archives of the New York Times July 14, 1977
2 Priests Charged In Exorcism Death Of German Woman

ASCHAFFENBURG, West Germany, July 13 (AP)—Two Roman Catholic priests were charged with negligent homicide today In the death of Anneliese Michel, who underwent exorcism a year ago, the Aschaffenburg prosecutor announced. The 23‐year‐old woman's parents, Josef and Anna Michel, were indicted on the same charge, the prosecutor, Karl Stenger, said at a news conference in this north Bavarian city. If convicted, the defendants could get five years in jail.
         The German priests, Ernst Alt and Wilhelm Renz, said they conducted the exorcism rites in a church‐approved attempt to free Miss Michel of demons after four years of medical treatment failed to cure her "epilepsy". She had been an education student at the University of Würzburg. She died July 1, 1976, of undernourishment after several months of the exorcism rites conducted at her home in Klingenberg, 30 miles west of Würzburg. During the rites, she refused food and medical help and her weight dropped to 70 pounds before she died at home.
The prosecutor said Miss Michel's death could have been prevented if she had received medical help. He said the priests and her parents must have recognized she was dying.
        Bishop Josef Stangl of the diocese of Wurzburg and a Jesuit priest, Adolf Rodewyk of Frankfurt, two other churchmen under investigation in the case, were not indicted.. Bishop Stangl approved the exorcism on the recommendation of Father Rodewyk, an 82‐year‐old expert on the rite. The bishop also appointed the two priests—Fathers Alt and Renz—to carry it out.


         Epilepsy, huh. This normal girl began drinking her own urine which is seemingly quite normal considering her diet now included spiders as well. Let's not forget that the devil was having her to eat nails, or he was eating nails through her, in an attempt to kill her.

     The question's not whether this was merely a mental health issue but whether the priest were utilizing the name of Jesus Christ correctly. Could this girl truly not be cured?

John Ramirez - the former Son of Satan exposes the evil in our world many Christians and undoubtedly Atheists & Scientists know not of.

            Ramirez states the Muslim god Allah is a demon! Also, we understand homosexuality is abnormal, but is it wrong? Should individuals worry about others sexuality?  It can sound ignorant to hear people say, "God doesn't like gays." Are we even positive homosexuality is anti-God behavior? Probably so but perhaps not, although according to this video, homosexuals are a product of Satan, therefore, we're not under the duty of God and/or it could be very harmful to the future of humanity to continue allowing growing populations of gays.




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For the individual involved in the Faith & Knowledge to Overcome Addiction Program:  Step #1 was focusing on yourself and a 1-on-1 relationship with God.  Step #2 is helping others -  2 Corinthians 1: 3-4   "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort; who confronts us in all of our affliction so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God." 

...Christ has even appointed us authority in this matter by saying, "you are the salt of the earth and the light of the word." (Matthew 5:13-14) > though originally directed to His disciples to heal people as they traveled and spread the proper word of God, through Apostolic succession and the current problems of today, by following God's word and with a desire to perform the work Christ ordered we implore Christ's teachings and words as they were spoken directly at us; it's part of being a Christian follower.

Every American President has been related to England's Royal Family and not a single one of them were Christians. Nowadays, we don't even have any of our Congressman (who're our only voice in Washington D.C.) who're Christians. These politicians are all Occultist's and mostly Luciferians. Therefore, why's the Christian populace supporting and voting these occultist's into office?

NEW VIDEO: A  former medium who believed he was talking to Spirit Guides discovers they're Demons and the Demons are always in control, not the other way around. Yet, many modern Christians don't believe in the spiritual realm and fail to realize these beings are here with us, we just cannot see them!

These documentaries below are going to display the SEVERE problematic concerns of our society. And it has to do with the diabolical forces unleashed upon the world and entering into the very life of the church., which leads souls away from the truth of the faith and therefore the divine love flowing from the glorious pierced heart of Jesus.

Christ's Disciples Casted-Out Demons in the Book of Acts, So Why Aren't We Doing the Same?  A Medium who escaped her "Spirit Guides" and the New Age Movement of Spiritualism through Jesus Christ is amazed most Christians no longer believe we're at war with invisible demons or that they're the cause of so many issues. Her mother (another Medium) couldn't acquire a needed exorcism and was put through so much torture by her demons that she took her own life.

Though not readable in this format, this letter from Pope Clemens was designed to install and enforce new rules to prevent church infiltration at the hands of Freemasons. We bear-witness to this behavior for hundreds of years whence investigating the Catholic Church. 
     Additionally found within the Library of the Christ on Page 8 from the main menu located at the top of this page, is a writing 'against Masonic infiltration' from Pope Leo XIII in PDF format I encourage all to read for acquiring an understanding of what the Catholic Church has undergone and why it is the way it is today.
When the Apostles failed at casting out a more powerful demon from someone after they obtained the Holy Spirit and were seeming defeating the demons with ease through the name of Christ, Jesus arrived and removed the demon for them. Whereupon, they asked Jesus why the prayers weren't enough to cast'em out and He replied by explaining to them sometimes along with the casting-out prayers they need to be fasting as well. - Amazing story from the New Testament and this lesson taught by Christ IS STILL VALID TODAY.