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New Video: More Power Lies in the Blood, than the 'eye'.


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                  C.I.A.  &/ the  Drug-Trade  

 Bear-witness to the phony Fox News anchor; how she

 acts & cuts-off the man informing on Skull & Bones.

💀 ⚖ 🐉  The International Drug-Trade  🐍 🗡 😈

  Iran-Contra / C.I.A. / Drugs

  The  Real  Rick  Ross 

                   (not Hollywood Phony Rapper)

               the C.I.A  and Crack-Cocaine

VIDEOS: British Opium Wars & the Forcing of Opium on China Below


     Soaring Opium Trade

          Myanmar's the same country Obama decided the U.S. will buy products produced by their slave-labor. Could their perchance be a connection here?

Perhaps, the drug problem depicted within this video lead to the Taliban destroying the opium plants, which lead to Bush seeking a new drug-trade partner called the Northern Alliance. 

In April 1998, Celerino Castillo, a former top-level Drug Enforcement Agency operative, provided sensitive, first-hand testimony to the US Senate House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He told the Senators of his direct personal knowledge of massive CIA complicity in the drug trade. Castillo, one of the top DEA agents operating in Southern and Central America from 1984 to 1990, would later become the DEA's "Lead Agent" in war-torn El Salvador. Here, he came into daily contact with dozens of CIA "contract" employees and "assets" engaged in smuggling drugs from Columbia to the United States. Compiling a large dossier of evidence of these illegal activities, Castillo was frustrated by his bosses in Washington who refused to act. Castillo eventually decided he could not keep his silence on such a serious matter. His explosive book, Powerburns, is exclusively available from Mike Ruppert's website, www.copvcia.com

               When men similar to Eric Snowden release high-level, and damaging, government information the media attempts portraying them as traitors to America. Nevertheless, these individuals aren't traitors to the public, (just Globalist Zionists/Bankers/Masons who've taken-over the U.S.) , for they're typically implementing a great service for their fellow citizens.

                 It's one-thing to keep your mouth shut, for the greater-good; likewise, that's all thrown out the window when a handful of Internationlist's own your country - not

the government and the people.

                 Manuel Noriega attended The Western Hemisphere Institute of Security Cooperation In the U.S. Military Base Fort Benning Georgia. Which was formerly called The School of the Americas, but after being exposed as a terrorist training camp directly inside the U.S.A. its name was changed; though not its hidden activities. After Noriega business partnership with President Bush went south, Bush invaded Panama. Bush 41 was also head of the Iran-Contra scandal which earned him millions importing cocaine into the U.S.

                   When the Bush families old business partners the Taliban began destroying all the Opium plants in Afghanistan Bush 43 made a new ally in the Northern Alliance; his new drug-trafficking partners.

Did Americans Truly Believe the Afghanistan Narrative Told By Bush 43?  Yes, millions of us did, tens if not hundreds of millions.

.....Bush family deals with Auschwitz Slave-Labor, Bin Laden Family, Afghan Heroin, and more

Prisons, Corporations,

& Usury

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Kill the Messenger   the Movie

Americans, Pay Attention

this is one way we research now

Well, not preferably, I'd rather you read, but for those too busy with Families and working a million hours p/yr - it's the next best equation. These men affiliated with Info. Wars are a credible source. 

                                        [Research sources in order to locate reliable sources, at least.]

         Now these boneheads do speak on how great this film was and this comment holds no weight with me. Actually, it's garbage.

         Nonetheless, it's a highly-unusual Hollywood film and these men are explaining to you some things in the movie which were lies and some aspects which were true. Though, remember these men didn't have time to think about and put together all the elements which were false. Perchance, they or Alex Jones has made another video which'll appear later on Redeeming Truth.

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 Articles - ft. Hidden Knowledge

             & Even Some Mainstream sources 

Informative & Direct to the Issues.

Iran-Contra Scandal: Most people have heard the story but it always ends with Communists receiving guns. What about the primary implementation of the Whole Design?

The Northern Alliance Not Exactly Islamist Fundalmentalist's

                  The Taliban should've been warned a high-ranking Skull & Bones member became U.S. President, that he'd stage a false-flag event killing thousands of Americans, have the Israeli service ODIGO warn all the Jews working in the Trade Towers to remove themselves from the buildings prior to the attack, (while they purposely allow all others to die), and then falsely use the U.S. Marines and the tax-payers money to hire Mercenaries to attack them and take control of their Opium Fields.

 Random Fact: During Vietnam heroin was smuggled back into the

       United States inside the body-bags of dead American Soldiers.


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Is This What Our World Has Become? They Poison Our Water in America, Charge Us to Bottle it, And Charge Us More to Buy Non-Poisoned Water; the world's most plentiful 'should be free' Source.

El Chapo & the Cocaine Trade

Analysis of the above documentary

          90% of world's heroin's expected to come from Afghanistan is probably true Production in Afghanistan tripled since the U.S. military and her abundant  paid mercenaries arrived.... extremely low estimate. Most estimates are 700-800% but we still aren't given a direct time-frame to compare this by merely by stating before the U.S. arrived. The Taliban were known for destroying the  opium crop but this action may have recently increased prior to the invasion,triggering Bush and his cronies to supply the C.I.A. with additional assistance.

Nobody will ever tell you the truth... TRUTH is only meant for those who seek

Movies & Documentaries below

57 min.

These animals have more American dollars than you!

  News, Documentaries & Movies

Is there any reason to have an organization such as the International Criminal

Court Against Drug-Trafficking and Crimes Against Humanity, located in Rome?

So, you believe you can trust your

  'democratically' elected politicians?

The same material is visible within the movies to the right

Bill Clinton was the President. If you're a women who works in the White House and you choose not to sleep with him by saying no and pushing him away when he decides to implement his advances upon you, you'll be put to death!

These above videos don't exactly say this, but it seems Bush & the C.I.A. deliberately traveled to Afghanistan with the intent of producing heroin; this wasn't merely a result of the so-called 'War on Terror'.