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As human-beings our lives have nothing to do with being successful within this society we live amongst. Materialism and self-accomplishment may actually be detrimental to us in the afterlife. If you don't believe we're soul's temporarily placed within human bodies, I suggest you view Page 5 Metaphysics to begin your research and learn that you know nothing about how your own body operates or its purpose and destination. 

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Because of the USA's (and world's) leaders need to implore Divide & Conquer tactics against their citizens (especially within areas like Politics & Race), the TRUTH HAS BEEN TAKEN AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE. Also contributing to this Crime Against Humanity is the Globalist's plan for a 1-World govern. & religion. When people's links to history, heritage, nationalism, etc., are removed  they're more easily molded into what new is chosen.  

Analyze America's *Deceitful Society, Divide-and-Conquer Techniques, Fake Politics,  False-Flag Terrorism icl. School-Shootings, Lone Guneman Myths , Distorted History, the Financial-Elite's Occultism/Luciferianism and Pedophilia, a Boycott on Hollywood, NASA's lies, etcetera.

Analyze Creation vs. Evolution, Giants, Atlantis, and other Lost/Hidden Ancient history.

Faith and Knowledge to Overcome Chronic Addiction: Master Edition

While serving a realistic and unique program for recovery, the title of "Addiction" is some-what misleading as this book's loaded with modern socio-logy, revised history, and deep Christian theology among other topics. In addition, features a chapter on the torturous/ heroic stories of the Early Christian Martyrs of the Roman Empire; plus 20th century martyrdom. 

Does there remain a need for the Christian religion in the 21st century? Perhaps not; nonetheless, page 7 will display the reasons for a strong need of faith in Christ.

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Ft. 7 Hr. Documentary on Ancient Knowledge

Aliens or merely Spirits without physical bodies? Perhaps, there's nothing at all. Have you ever considered Are 51 to be a deliberate conspiracy designed by the government?

Mystical-and-Gnostic Christianity

         Evolution and

 Pro-Engineering Humans

  Human History

 Peru, The Sphink, Obleki Tepe

  & Noah's Flood 10,800 B.C. ?

     God & Creation

  Scam of Darwinism

    Exposed : Video # 1

 Research Videos: NEVER make your conclusions after watching one video on a particular topic. We must apply multiple sources, research our sources for most put-forth false propaganda. Furthermore, we must READ from multiple CHECKED-sources on the same topic. Keep silent, if you don't know.

Celtics Landing on British Isles Post-Flood?

Thoth of Atlantis/Egypt and his

Celtic Connection; named Cernnunos (CERN) 

Creation Library 

                       The Gods Library:

➖ Were they truly Ancient Aliens? 

➖ Mainstream Archeology cannot expect us to believe primitive humans stopped their Hunting and Gathering behavior to settle at Gobleki Tepé to build a stone circle of top-heavy "T'-shape megalith stones astronomically aligned and then decided with all their spare time they'd begin agriculture as well. Of 'course, humans could've been around much longer resulting in far greater lengths of time to learn new behaviors. With Gobleki Tepé's discovery in modern Turkey which existed thousands of years prior to Mesopotamia there's finally proof Mesopotamia wasn't the first for everything (language, writing, inventions, etc.) in such a short period of time occurring around 3,500 B.C. Nevertheless, much of the criticism delegated at Z. Sitchin was is justified.

Books  &  Articles   Read and/or Download

 Real Giants?

                   🗡  Famous  Quotes  🗡

" I've Never Been an Athiest "  - Charles Darwin

       Our Government won't allow Religions (most do have silly elements) the slightest mention in public or government affairs, even when an opposing view of science which creates an intelligent debate.

        Nonetheless, it's okay for minoritiy groups to utilize a government power to push their views on everyone. Imagine telling a child in school he must share a bathroom with a female who has breasts, yet also a penis? Is this not more extreme than the peace & love of Christianity?

       Christians are always anti-war (despite what's told in Jewish documentaries, the world erupted in warfare once the Church lost power) yet possess an entirely different thought-process compared to the anti-war liberals. It's strenuous to conceive of the delicacy of the human brain and how easily people become brainwashed.

        We live in a system designed by greedy power-hungry children of Satan who divulge tyranny over liberty! 

Fact Check:  Einstein was NOT an Atheist as children are lead to believe

Obleki Tepe discovered in Turkey is at least 10,000 yrs. old

There was Europeans 10,000 yrs ago as well .... This pretty much throws-out the entire Anunnaki story. Quite possibly these were Anunnaki who lived within these older-than-antiquity cities, not humans? Perchance, they were already co-existing but the dates of the Babylonian tablets must me moved back considerably; this could make sense. Though, with a variableness of tablets discovered the dates should be accessible. Sure, the creation story could be made more recent than it was but aren't there tablets containing city records, ownership and financial contracts that we can compare? The problematic issue of concern I establish is the fact these tablets are contained in Rothschild's London, therefore, we cannot access them and will never be told the truth concerning them. Henceforth, don't rush to any judgements.

The Jews aren't Hebrews - The Old Testament was written by the Tribe of Judah 400 years after the last we hear of Hebrew tribes??

Jacob wasn't named Israel. 

Tribe of Judah invented the name Israel 1,000 yrs later??

Black Africans weren't Hebrews and weren't Egyptians - Let's not be ridiculous. Both those people were Arab.

Neither, were African's Muslims. The Arab Muslims enslaved about 20 million African-Blacks throughout time, and beat the rest until they converted. They were placed inside schools and literally beaten to until they learned Islam.

Additionally, over 10 million African slaves went to Cental and South America; compared to 400,000 brought to the U.S.

Here's proven history:

             Many religious people believe when the Fallen Angels mated with human women, a race of giants called Nephilim were created. Although, size perception may vary, when the term giant is applied, one may not need to envision a being larger than 9 or 10 feet tall. Anyhow, these giants were called the Nephilim and in many accounts across the globe beginning with the Book of Enoch (quoted by Jesus) describe a scene where these Nephilim became violent towards mankind. The Anunnaki could certainly be Nephilim. They imposed the Mystery Religions upon mankind and beliefs are based on knowledge and technology; wherefore,  they could rise to a level worth challenging God. This all collapsed with the arrival of Jesus Christ. Even in the Americas, Spanish Catholics ceased all sacrificing to and worshipping of these Nephilim.                                                                                                                        *for more information view the video above

             We're able to decide in the belief which they're true gods or we can choose an advanced alien civilization which imposed rule over mankind; and possibly even created mankind. We can also choose to dismiss it all. Nevertheless, one thing's for sure, the financial-elite are working to complete their New World Order and although they may preach atheism to Christian children, they're undoubtedly attempting to reinstall this belief system - the Mystery Religions. Where people overreact is in the belief this will manifest in its complete form in their own lifetime.

              Thereupon, we must be cautious of these tales because we already know how corrupt these individuals are, for they almost never speak the truth. Simply, look at the atrocities they recently financed ISIS (mercenaries) to commit in Mosul, Iraq; disgusting scenes of rape, torture, and disgraceful crucifixions! If you're a citizen of the USA, you already are alert to their false media and the utterly fake history which they teach; a continuity of being robbed, used, and lied too. Why not be honest if you hold the keys to mankind's origins and that of the universe? People would love to hear the truth even if it contradicts their present beliefs! Why bear false-witness with a fake War on Terror, self-executed terrorist attacks, and school shootings? Why bother making documentaries on Christianity and other belief systems which are loaded with lies mean to deceive?

              On the other hand, much of the evidence presented on this page may exist as truth. Beware, they twist artifacts to line-up with their Luciferian religion. This is why ISIS was destroying many ancient temples, for the writings on the wall told a more humane version of our history which they desire to keep concealed.

Below: Lloyd Pye delivers a compelling argument backed by facts,

on the origin of mankind

   Most Ground Breaking and important

       news in the History of Mankind; if true.                  

I must admit, listening to Lloyd Pye's argument and reading his book (I only read 1 partially though) is very convincing when referring to the origin of mankind. This viewpoint becomes particularly effortless to conceive, because of the established lying and incompetence in mainstream science.  We must listen to both sides of every argument and perform our own scientific-like research (when possible) prior to implementing our conclusion. Nevertheless, with main-stream anthropology magnanimously poisoned with decep-ion and false-witnessing, it becomes a daunting task attempting to filter through enough material to acknowledge you're receiving truth or what's truly perceived to be truth. For this reason, our attention's drawn to the seemingly more credible, or at the least, the most honest and relatable source. e.g. Lloyd Pye  

Christians live within a society which utterly contradicts the teachings of Christ. I guess that's not important to be a follower of Jesus. Sometimes, Christ's followers just need to shut-up. Nevertheless, at least they always attempt to be honest unlike the Masons.

To Unlock 33 Degree Freemasonry visit:


from Redeeming Truth Libraries

                  The year the word Dinosaur was invented = 1841 A.D.                    Q:  What were they referred to prior to this date?     A: Dragons                        We have innumerable accounts of Dragons within non-fiction Western Literature and not all are as old as the references by Alexander the Great, which in themselves are a mere few thousand years; not tens-of-millions.   History presents us with pottery, linens, cave paintings, and written descriptions of "dragons" far earlier than science's 19th century discovery of dinosaurs with the following label of creatures who existed a ridiculous 65 millions of years ago.   It becomes onerous to know whether they truly existed more recently when utilizing modern science due to the fact that mainstream science, alike mainstream astrology and archeology, dig themshemselves into holes which results in them refusing to commission  new belief systems.                                    

                                                                                        🐲       🦕          For PROOF about  Dinosaur's and Man's likely coexistence, visit Page 10 Hidden History               🦖       🐉

              A site like the Leak Project bash Christianity as they claim the God Yahweh was a madman, but how the hell does this concern Christianity? Jesus Christ is the Christian God and none other. Sure He addresses His Trinity by speaking of the Heavenly Father by He never claims it's the same God who rewards men with gold, slaves, and luxuries as does the Old Testament God. Most Christians complete disregard the Old Testament and don't enjoy the fact it was placed with the New Testament together in one Bible. Yes, it's done so technically the claim of a prophetic Messiah is made but Christ teaches us to love our enemies. Furthermore, Yahweh wasn't murdering humans. Why cannot this, they understand? The abomination of the Anunnaki sleeping with humans which developed giants who in turn began killing humans is the narrative. It was supposedly these Nephilim who were believed to be His target. Christianity arrived to replace the sinful nature of the Babylonians and Jews living in Babylon; this is what Christ desired, therefore I don't see how the Anunnaki discredit the Christ.

We cannot overlook what this Medium says about Christ's sovereign power, therein all believers, mystics, physics/mediums, and exorcists ALL implore thr same fact that Christ has power ovet ALL OTHERS including Satan.

My take on this fact   (not merely a claim)   above:

           1]   Jesus Christ is God

          2]   or, Jesus reigns supreme because so many people on Earth are praying to Him. Overtime, as less exalt the Christ and more are taken control

                  of  - by the antichrist, the more that worship Lucifer the more power will be implored onto Lucifer. Hence, the battle of the Last Days may 

                 become a struggle for the Christians to succeed and reach heaven.

What is truth? ...a difficult concept in a world where all elements have profit as their primary purpose.  

                    Mainstream Archeology, Astronomy/Cosmology, and different sciences have dug themselves so deep into holes - it may take decades for paradigm shifts to occur and new truth implored on the public, most vitally taught in schools.  When a traditional aspect of archeology (astronomy, etcetera) is proven wrong, this results in major financial crises for many people involved in the field. That's the problem; it's glance upon as something being proven incorrect, instead of the excitement of a new discovery. Men and women don't show loyalty to their life's work when they can simply ignore a new truth in order to secure their employment position/income secure. Perchance, this behavior will occur because there are others who'll become negatively affected and the don't desire transforming allies into enemies; particularly, individuals with superior money and power.

                   Therefore, an intelligent person who reads, performs proper research, and stays up to date with the latest findings/claims, will always possess an ability to apprehend the truth before the vast majority of common citizens do and even a large percentage of professionals within the field. The younger newcomer may look at elements of the practice with new eyes, yet most must follow suite and spend there time coming to the understanding of others work already completed. They read old books and believe or act like they believe everything they read.  

  Darwin's Deadly Legacy 

        Even Charles Darwin said his model was merely a theory. One that was based on absolutely no evidence. Moreover, all the archeological evidence disclaims it or at least surely points to its claims being far from true. Therefore, how did Darwin's theory of human evolution stemming from monkey's catch on? It was the owner of the Bank of England and foremost international banker in the world, Lord Rothschild (a believer in Creation) who personally funded Darwinism to be translated and published in a great multitude of languages and countries in his attempt to abolish Christian morals. Wherefore, bankers would steal, Media would lie, Politicians would lie  steel, and CIA/MI6/Mossad + militaries would unjustifiably commit murder.

     Many Learned People from Across the Globe Believe the Anunnaki Are REAL !!

Could they simply be another myth?    How do we know the Sumerian's themselves, didn't copy the text as the Hebrew & Greeks copied from them?    Furthermore, what is real as defined by these followers; gods, aliens, demigods, anti-gods, or merely advanced humans?  And the BIG Question: Do they truly believe this. Are they simply bestowing a belief in Aliens to fool the people into accepting this belief "the aliens are coming and they're here to help humanity?" All throughout Antiquity and the Middle Ages the same occurrences of Alien Abductions (etc.) were recorded but as Demons not Aliens. Many, many people coming from all heritages, nation, and ages have reported seeing the "Grays", small with big heads and large black eyes. Though, it seems to many these are inter-dimensional demons not aliens. The so-called "Nordics" and others are becoming more and more of a reality. Prior to research just a few years back I never would've believed such claims but with full knowledge of our human ability to visit the 4th and 5th dimensions (discussed and proven on Page 5 Consciousness/Metaphysics, I now firmly believe these encounters occurred, but were the humans truly taken to alien ships? Doubt it, but almost nothing surprises me after uncovering all the lies discussed on Pages 2 and 3, and then moving-on to an education in quantum physics, plus metaphysics. It seems probable these were visits by demons. (inter-dimensional beings).




Explaining the Root Races & More        2:37:52    

Jesus Christ, God Himself, Quoted from the Book of Enoch

     In the Book of Enoch, quite possibly the oldest recorded text we have, the Fallen Angels weren't Ancient Aliens who operated an orbiting Space Station (possibly using our moon which they had placed there for this purpose). Thereafter,  viewing how hot the human women were (seeing them from space)  and becoming sexually aroussed, decided to descend upon the earth to have sex with these women who were at best half their height. 

    Is it truly more believable than our Christian beliefs?? Anyhow, the Fallen Angels were inter-dimension beings, once angels but now considered demons, they descended, or appeared, upon the earth, is the story of the Book of Enoch.

Nephilim: The Fallen Giants
Greek (Zeus) Flood Story

If the Ancient Alien theory is untrue and Atlantis was a myth, than something or someone must account for ancient megaliths and the striking similarities between civilizations.

In his 2013 book The Ancient Giants who ruled America: the missing skeletons and the great Smithsonian cover-up, Alan J. Dewhurst reproduces among his hundreds of newspaper clippings one from the Syracuse Daily Standard dated July 23, 1897 which reports not only the finding of an old copper spear with an incredibly fine 10-inch point, but also a nine-foot skeleton embalmed in some kind of dried cement. The journalist added, ‘Archaeologists believe that at some prehistoric time the country surrounding Mora was densely inhabited by a race of people who were much further advanced in civilization than the Indians.’ On April 19, 1915, H.E. Davis of the El Paso Herald reported that an ancient eight-foot skeleton discovered near Silver City was encased in baked mud, ‘indicating that encasing the corpse in mud and baking it was the mode of embalming.’]

       Human Origins  ft. Atlantis & The Anunna Gods of Sumer


      Historic evidence throws light on only a few thousand years; and even what archaeology, palæontology, and geology can teach us is very limited. Added to this limitation is the untrustworthiness which attaches to everything based upon external evidence. We need only consider how the presentation of some event, even if comparatively recent, or connected with a nation, is totally transformed on the discovery of new historic evidence. We need but compare the descriptions given by different historians of one and the same thing in order to realise at once how insecure is the ground on which we stand. Everything belonging to the outer world of sense is subject to time, and time destroys what in time arises. Now, external history depends on what has been preserved to us in time; and no one, dependent only on external evidence, can even say whether that which has been preserved is true.

                                                            - Rudolph Steiner, who acquired his information on Atlantis vis the Akashic Records

Just over an hour in this featured video, is mentioned the "Sin of the Mindless."  Not under this same name, this event's also mentioned within the ancient Kolbrin Bible. (available in this pages library).  The Kolbrin says women slept w/the beasts of the forest and by result, mankind lost his 3rd-Eye consciousness - forever walking in darkness.

 Redeeming Truth's Exclusive Documentaries

Additional Related Documentaries

New Videos on the Alien Visitors called the Anunnaki Gods and the Genetic Engineering of Human-Beings?

Does this claimed 'timeline' allow the Lemurian and Atlantean civilizations to have occurred?

ANOTHER DINOSAUR HYPOTHESIS:   It's also said the Black Magicians of Atlantis, who primarily destroyed the great Atlantean civilization, had a device who could materialize mental images. They used this power to create vicious creatures for attacking their enemies. Although, there's no proof they created the dinosaurs and this whole narrative sounds unimaginable to modern humans, these Black Magicians could certainly be possible for the creation of the dinosaurs. The disparate Root Races aren't evaluated by separate races so much as they display a difference in levels of consciousness. Though, the present Kali Yuga, or Iron Age, is a time of low consciousness and division among men leading to magnified warfare; the message is Love & Wisdom which many have yet to ascertain. Likewise, as we see these Root Races overlap and temporarily coexist, we now have human members of the Aquarian Age abided in the 5th and even 6th dimensions.

       Erich Von Däniken says in The Chariots of the Gods that he was raised Catholic. He was even sent off to a boarding school run by Jesuits. He said he was to believe God's omnipotent, free of mistakes, and doesn't require a flying device to travel from point A to point B. His point is that this was all proved wrong as the Anunnaki Gods, particularly Enlil who's also Yahweh the God of the Old Testament, were full of emotion similar to humans. They were jealous of each other; enough to go to war with one another. They committed horrific sexual sins including relationships with immediate family members. As for Enlil, alike the others, it's safe to say with all the powers he retained he also made many mistakes and certainly wasn't without sin.

    Okay, Von Däniken's point is apprehended but he's comparing Enlil to the Creator God of the universe. Sure, it appears when the Old Testament was written the tales of creating the heavens and the earth were attributed to Enlil/Yahweh, but according to his research and the Babylonian Tablets this is not the truth. Of 'course we're talking about the old Jewish writings and not Christian writings where the focus is on Jesus.

    The real question is, did Jesus directly assign all creation to His Heavenly Father and was His loving and caring Father the same God as in the Old Testament? Yes, we understand Christ made references to and thoroughly knew the Old Testament, but He also opposed much of it; or shall I say corrected it. The Book of Leviticus was written after the Israelites were exposed to 400 yrs of pantheistic views in Egypt and was meant to retrain them how to properly worship their one god. This book explains to make atone for sin they must offer blood sacrifices. Really? Because Jesus taught God doesn't desire His people to sacrifice the animals He created to creep upon the earth. To keep the new Christians from returning to blood sacrifices, particularly due to influence by the Jewish people, Jesus implemented His own sacraments of bread and wine during the Last Supper which Early Christian took part in every week.

      Additionally, within those writings we're discussing  a materialistic god who rewards his loyal subjects with jewels and gold; furthermore, he adorns those who already retain massive wealth. This doesn't mean we discredit all the writings through the ages which ended up in the Old Testament. Prophets were people who activated their mind's-eye and saw images of the future and we can be sure the forthcoming of Christ was told in advance. Yet, this knowledge has always remained a strong argument to maintain the Old Testament as part of the Bible prior to the New Testament, but in all actuality we all comprehend the teachings of Jesus, the New Testament, and Christianity went in a far different direction and may not even be considered directly derived from the Jews and the Old Testament.

      Henceforth, Jesus Christ spoke much on the omnipotent God and most perfect being, yet this doesn't particularly mean he was speaking about Enlil/Yahweh!  Authors such as Von Däniken and Chris H. Hardy need to get this presumption out of their heads if they desire to properly relate to the subject of which they're researching and writing about.

        The Ancient Alien authors all seem to be missing the reality of Christ's

  teachings. Who said He's speaking on behalf of Yahweh? Christ came and over-

  ruled all these Gods as the Son of the true Creator God, the Anunnaki were

  merely a species created God. Christ and His disciples never claimed He was the

  son of Enlil, but a power much greater and more ancient.

From: HollowLife
July 6, 2016 at 1:07 am
paul hennig: Ultimate Truths – Part XVII
Why Did They Create Us?
January 2009
from GoogleWebCache Website
They created us to be their hostages in a Galactic War.
They created us to be their slaves.
They created us to be their fools.
They created us to be their patsies.
They created us to follow their (usually hidden) orders.
They created us to hate and kill ourselves (from their often hidden) directives.
They created us to be dumbed down.
They created us to suffer all the time.
They created us to have all sorts of (physical and mental) diseases.
They created us not to live long, when we could.
They created us to be poisoned from birth, or even conception.
They created us to infect us with all sorts of germs they create, (or get Man to create), AIDS, Ebola, etc.
They created us to mindlessly worship them or their bloodline evil, idiot kings, queens, presidents, fuhrers, etc.
They created us to have perennial war, and perennial chaos.
They created us feel fear, depression and hopelessness all the time.
They created us to be too stupid or fearful to fight back.
They created us to have the most evil and disgusting among us become top secret society members, or intel agents, or military members; and then to do dastardly deeds against the rest of us.
They created us to brainwash us.
They created us to believe in nonsense – like “God” and “Country” or later “New World Order” or “One World Govt.” All for the purpose of tricking us into killing ourselves.
They created us not to discover limitless energy sources, and other beneficial science and technology.
They created us to have bogus history, bogus politics, bogus economics, bogus science, bogus “Moon Landings” etc., bogus everything.
They created us to nuke ourselves under their hidden orders.
They created us to be their automatons, with horrendous technologies still to come, to be used against us.
They created nearly all of us to be placed in concentration camps and mass murdered.
They created us to be constantly bombarded by nothing but LIES, mendacities, “limited hangouts”, and “legends,”
They created us to get all our information from LIARS – Gov’t liars, clergy liars, journalist liars, internet liars, conspiracy “expert” liars. All to hide their being in charge and trying to escape, with us held hostage.
They created us to ultimately kill every one of us – including their gutless, stupid human helpers – when they would figure a way to escape their Quarantine.
They created us not to be able to find them.
They created us not to kill them, or their interfacers, or their bloodline, figurehead “leaders.”
They created us not to interfere with their grand plan, and eventual escape.
They created us to always have at least one enslaving, mass-murdering, Gestapo-like nation to the world – previously the Roman Empire, Vatican, England, Nazi Germany – now the USA.
They created us not to figure this out.
We did!Now, if we could only get up the courage to eradicate our Cosmic Criminal Creators and their few top human lackeys/interfacers, Mankind would, for the first time, be re-born with the ability to be all that he/she could be.Perhaps it would be like this!Return to Contents

Here's a very cynical response to a blog question from ascensionhelp.com concerning the question, "Why God or the Light Beings

                             created us to be trapped upon

                             the earth which has so much

                             bad on it?" 

which I found quite amusing.

Blue Section:     For the beginner who's yet to discover Mesopotamia in 3,500 B.C. wasn't the beginning of civilizations upon the earth, though it possibly was for humans similar to ourselves. Additionally, for those who continue to believe High School/College textbooks which state the ridiculous claim we evolved from apes.

        The Fallen Angels created the Nephilim through man who turned out to be violent Monsters. Afterwards, we're told the Fallen Angels continued with interbreeding experiments between different species. Scientists remain confused where the dinosaurs originated from and there's much controversy how they  became extinct; despite the volume of the 'asteroid theory being taught'. The problem with this theory which many scientists acknowledge is other species which currently live on earth that they're positive have existed ever since they lived on earth simultaneously with the dinosaurs; therefore, how did they survive the great meteor strike? This was an elimination of species which someone very powerful was able to control who survived and who didn't.
       The conclusion of this examination is that dinosaurs certainly weren't a creation of God. Dinosaurs were a creation of the Fallen Angels; whoever these Fallen Angels truly were.                       Did man live side-by-side with dinosaurs? The answer may surprise you and can be found on Page #10 from the Main Menu.

  For the Atheist

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Ft. The story of Exodus from the Egyptian perspective

 Hermes = Satan, Osiris, Enki

Greek Philosophy

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Tibetans have developed genes allowing them more effortless breathing in high altitudes in the same way Inuit's have to build up layers of fat to battle cold temps. In the U.S.A. the avg. adult male was only 5'3" during the Civil War merely 150 yrs. ago! Therefore, we can certainly imagine evolutions occurring over long periods of time, but we still have apes, some weren't transformed into humans while others have no mutational effects, and humans have souls therefore are products of God.






Spanish Subtitles

How Many U,S, citizens are aware there exist over 300 Pyaramids throughout Central and South America?

Kolbrin Bible 📜 An Egyptian and Celtic Codex :

          The eye that sees earthly things is deceitful, but the eye that sees spiritual things is true. Then, because of the things that happened, [women slept w/the beasts of the forests], the Great Eye that saw Truth was closed and henceforth man walked in falsity.  

* Download Kolbrin Bible below and read an additional article to the lower-right.

We also find in history a reference from Plato about man losing his powers from the 'Eye of Wisdom'.

Notwithstanding, these beliefs to the left, the Atlantean Sub-Root Races up until the end of its' 5th called the Turanian's coexisted, more or less, in harmony with the spiritual realms; or at least the lower spiritual dimensions - imagine that!? However, the Turanian's weren't like the previous sub-races. They were about dominance and warfare. They practiced Black Magic and even utilized it to bring about war upon the other races. Therefore, it's believed and recorded by some that our Mind's-Eye along with other abilities (e.g. levitation) were removed as powers from mankind.

"The knowledge bestowed by these beings was presented as the keys to mankind's path to enlightenment. The technological know-how that would eventually allow us to take our seats besides them as gods, but of course, this was all a lie."

More on the Atlanteans:      The most written about historical place believe it, or not, is Atlantis, Subsequently, a great multitude of these writings are either fictional novels with no relation to the true Atlantis or non-fictional literature with authors who themselves think Atlantis is most-likely no more than a mythical legend. Many of the authors fail to realize Atlantis was a global civilizations and will write about discovering the Atlantean City when archeological evidence is unearth in perhaps Australia, the Caribbean, Portugal, or even Antarctica. Thus, its age and size being the cause of strange animal species found in places like Madagascar and Australia. Species on the islands are extremely old. As landscapes shifted and Atlantean lands became isolated we fins ourselves on the dawn of the 6th Sub Race of the 5th Root Race living with Atlantean animals that have very minimally evolved from their Atlantean ancestors; yet mainstream science and zoology can't seem to figure it out. 
Lemurians:      The 3rd-Root Race called the Lemurians, living on the grand Isle of Lemuria which spanned the Pacific Ocean were an amazingly interesting people. These were our human ancestors yes, but they were huge; even taller than the Atlanteans. Not only that, but that had only one single eye in relation to the mythical Cyclops of Greek lore. This eye was not in the front of the head just below the forehead as one might assume, yet located about the top towards the backside. Now called the 3rd-Eye, this was indeed the 1st eye we ever had and it was as the physical seeing eye on the Lemurians along with all its other gifts. Do you desire more proof of this wild claim? Not to mention, proof we're related to these being if it does turn out to be true? …> A Baby's Skull. That's the answer. Over time the Lemurian eye sank into the head as the two main seeing eyes were manifest and we currently know where the 3rd-eye rests. Therefore, a long time has past, but not all is perfectly evolved. A baby's skull continues to remain open in the area of our former single eye and our children's skulls now remain soft in this area log after the rest has hardened as it struggles to catch-up as our 3rd-eye's ability have been removed without proper training. Furthermore, without requiring this eye to physically see our 3D world, which it can do from within the skull anyhow, all other features can also be done inside it's new nicely protected home so this location serves it fine.

          When we here of the Black Magic actions of the 5th Sub Race the Toltaurians and mankind losing his third eye abilities, causing him all sight of the spiritual world around him; this comes as no surprise whence you analyze the history.  Mankind commonly received new Formuli, alike that which created a vacuum to elevated blocks (or swift them into place); this was a gift given to a Root Race, but throughout history the formuli were ultimately and then habitually abuse. 3rd-Eye connected to the Cyclops? ...read under Lemurians below.

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Evolution  of  Mankind

           It's sad what the American Military did in Iraq stealing the precious artifacts from the Bagdad Museum and forever concealing them from the public. In the mid-19th century a city from the Old Testament named Nineveh was discovered within Iraq. This jump started a surge of archeology which uncovered the Anunnaki Tablets because Nineveh was always though to be a myth; now many began believing all the old stories from sources such as the Old Testament.

            This lead to the next horrifically disgusting act committed by the U.S. and Israel. It just so happens that Nineveh sits in what now is Mosul, Iraq and God forbid we allow Christians to occupy such precious territory. The next we know, ISIS is operating with American money and weaponry, raping the women of Mosul on the altars of Christian Churches and tying up women to watch their sons slowly die over 1-3 days from crucifixion as they blatantly mock the Christ. Germany used to obey international laws in time of warfare. Has the USA or Israel ever not violated a treaty which they signed and agreed too? The discovery of Nimrod's tomb was also announced in Iraq the very year prior to the American invasion. Why can't we just be told the truth and why is there so much concealment with the origins of mankind?

Whether the Fallen Angels is Myth or Not: There are scientists who presuppose humans would've grown taller in the Pre-Flood Era Due to Oxygen Levels & Other Conditions on Earth.

Atlantis & Babylon: Both became havens for nothing but Demons


New Discoveries:  1. A fossilized leaf found within a Bosnian Pyramid dates 29,000 years ago.

                                               2. An early human civilization living side by side with Neanderthals in Chekoslovakia dates 30,000 years ago!

                                               3. Pyramids in Egypt,  S. America, Bosnia,  Australia, Iran, India - all exhauast a beam of energy from their northern tip.

Evolution  vs.  Creation

India and its Aryan beginnings (Indo-European) the commencement of modern man, thereafter, the collapse of Atlantis.