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    The news displayed below on this page shall be shone upon the populace. Nothing is too radical, merely everyday news that all Americans (Europeans, etc.) shall be keen to.

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Human's possess immortal souls

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It's Very Unfortunate...

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America's Deceitful Society, False-Flag Terrorism, Financial-Elite's Luciferianism etc.

Creation vs. Evolution, Giants, Atlantis, etc.

Faith and Knowledge to Overcome Chronic Addiction: Master Edition

While serving a realistic and unique program for recovery, the title of "Addiction" is some-what misleading as this book's loaded with modern socio-logy, revised history, and deep Christian theology among other topics. In addition, features a chapter on the torturous/ heroic stories of the Early Christian Martyrs of the Roman Empire; plus 20th century martyrdom. 

      Are they unable to maintain the heightened vibrational state required for honest guides, (Guardian Angels), or is it all simply demonic?

This 28 Sec. Video, Says It All

 Although, his initial comments are true, he's merely pretending to be an ally, as he specializes in dis-info. campaigns, some involved w/the Rockerfeller family.

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         Because of the USA's (and world's) leaders need to implore Divide & Conquer tactics against their citizens (especially within areas like Politics & Race), the TRUTH HAS BEEN CONCEALED FROM THE PEOPLE. Further contributing to these Crime Against Humanity is the Globalist's plan for a 1-World govern. & religion. When people's links to history, heritage, nationalism, etc., are removed -  they're more easily molded into whatever new role has been chosen.  

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