🕓⁴₅🚷       "Truth's Only Meant for Those Who Seek After It

As human-beings our lives have nothing to do with being successful within this society we live amongst. Materialism and self-accomplishment may actually be detrimental to us in the afterlife. If you don't believe we're soul's temporarily placed within human bodies, I suggest you view Page 5 Metaphysics to begin your research and learn that you know nothing about how your own body operates or its purpose and destination. 

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The Illusion of death's based on man's limited senses. Out-of-Body Soul Experiences,

Ft. non-New Age  Prayer/ Meditation and Impetuous Life-Changing documentaries. 

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It's Very Unfortunate...

This 28 Sec. Video,  

                 Says It All

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Because of the USA's (and world's) leaders need to implore Divide & Conquer tactics against their citizens (especially within areas like Politics & Race), the TRUTH HAS BEEN TAKEN AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE. Also contributing to this Crime Against Humanity is the Globalist's plan for a 1-World govern. & religion. When people's links to history, heritage, nationalism, etc., are removed  they're more easily molded into what new is chosen.  

Analyze America's *Deceitful Society, Divide-and-Conquer Techniques, Fake Politics,  False-Flag Terrorism icl. School-Shootings, Lone Guneman Myths , Distorted History, the Financial-Elite's Occultism/Luciferianism and Pedophilia, a Boycott on Hollywood, NASA's lies, etcetera.

Analyze Creation vs. Evolution, Giants, Atlantis, and other Lost/Hidden Ancient history.

Faith and Knowledge to Overcome Chronic Addiction: Master Edition

While serving a realistic and unique program for recovery, the title of "Addiction" is some-what misleading as this book's loaded with modern socio-logy, revised history, and deep Christian theology among other topics. In addition, features a chapter on the torturous/ heroic stories of the Early Christian Martyrs of the Roman Empire; plus 20th century martyrdom. 

Does there remain a need for the Christian religion in the 21st century? Perhaps not; nonetheless, page 7 will display the reasons for a strong need of faith in Christ.

  Seeking short Educational Videos ?  Visit: Shaun Prario's new You Tube page.

Ft. 7 Hr. Documentary on Ancient Knowledge

Aliens or merely Spirits without physical bodies? Perhaps, there's nothing at all. Have you ever considered Are 51 to be a deliberate conspiracy designed by the government?

Mystical-and-Gnostic Christianity

and Consciousness

                                ⭐                         As owners of a soul, we're being prevented from living out our destiny   _            

Our unconscious mind's while attending school, learn merely imitation. (of what we're told). We memorize a word or phrase, its definition, and repeat it on the next test. The classes and teachers use the same words for every class year after year.     

                                  💀 Remember, when the blind lead the blind, they both fall head-first into the abyss 💀 


           If a young student paints in class…. the teacher tells him/her what to paint. It's a huge giving of lifeless norms. After a student graduates college, they can go become an office clerk somewhere. Humans weren't designed for this. The third-eye's connection with external waves of energy's proof we possess a spiritual soul and eternal life. Our performance at school and most jobs is a mere verbalization of memory. Why would we desire to repeat something we already did or heard someone else already say? Memory and remembrance belong to the past, therefore, are already dead. Henceforth, this behavior cannot bestow liberation upon us. Behavior of: study/investigate,/analyze - is acceptable. An Immediate understanding's okay, but typically aren't performed until another tells you what to think.

                                 Only by experiencing death, will a man truly comprehend life and understand who he truly is.

          Many elements mentioned within these videos featuring 'Consciousness'  are theories. Science attempts referring too a few ideas as facts, likewise, it confirms the truth which nothing in science is fact. Deeper intellect gained through spiritually is the true understanding of Consciousness or Higher-Consciousness.

        So, what is consciousness? What's our purpose? Humans who don't think, force pleasures from false logic. Many live their entire lives without realizing they never once felt true pleasure, or true purpose in their entire lives.

We don't need to force the opening of our Pineal Gland in order to utilize its intuitiveness. A healthy Mind's-Eye will awaken our ability to effortlessly see outside the box (see Homepage - Alike Christ article). An individual with a healthy Pineal is more likely to understand and believe in many aspects of metaphysics.

⚔   Visit the Big Pharmaceuticals Page ft. Fluoride & Vaccines 

              1940-50's - they used fluoride sodium, because this is what they first learned by visiting the Nazi concentration camps. Now, it's made worse by using a fluoride mineral. These chemicals added to our drinking water are toxic waste, but why get rid of it, switch the label, sell a bi-product? Most, gets imported from 3rd-world countries, a left-over result from industrial hazardous waste; very expensive for them to dispose. In Florida it's toxic waste from  phosphate fertilizer mines. Basically, used is the industrial waste product Hydro-Fluorisic Acid. This fluoride has previously been dumped in rivers causing climate destruction and the killing of fish and all other life!

        This is clearly a totalitarian approach to governing,

                                                 "we'll put fluoride in the water, and your gonna drink it." 🚱

No spiritual person (lest we consider Luciferianism or Judaism) would ever make the decision to pour (toxic waste) fluoride (otherwise sold as Rat Poisoning) into our drinking water. The high population of Christians inside America wouldn't choose this route, so just who is running this country?

Nevertheless, your existence could perchance evaporate one day by cause of a direct energy weapon vaporizing you right inside the borders of America. (e.g. Napa Valley wild fires). We cannot allow such a minimal group of disturbed people (who basically hate us) to control lock stock and barrel, including all satellites in orbit, all natural resources, and our worlds most advanced military weaponry.

             We're already precariously contiguous to this existing as reality, though they are continuing to face some opposition. Actually, the opposition could be incredibly strong if awoken.

            Even still, do you beseech  this current bearing of false-witness to the human race encompassing  insuppressible power and unity with technology to one day 'go to war with the universe, with the God's of the Spiritual World or another subsistence equally dramatic?

                                                                                                                                                                                      Includes a report of new  mineral deposits in the pineal gland. The calcite microcrystals would have piezoelectric properties with excitability in the frequency range of mobile communication.

Personal Philosopher of Queen Elizabeth 

📚    Book   (& articles)   Library   📜

Mystical Theology

                     We're beginning to understand how Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days. Well, of 'course He could, but He was teaching us, as well. When we connect with the invisible electromagnetic waves which are everywhere, and everything in nature gives-off, we become more spiritual than material. Radio waves, micro waves and the man-made signals are crossing our path constantly all-day; just because humans cannot see them, we're well-aware of their presence. it's the Oneness of the universe that we're interested in here.

                  As our Pineal releases DMT and it fuels the body we have not much need for food. Our DNA is manufactured through these unseen waves of energy. Although, it continues to be taught that our cells reproduce and operate of proteins, scientists have known this to be false for some time. The human body's cells communicate through light/photon waves. Many people enjoy sun-gazing during dawn or dusk to receive its benefits. Don't simply assume anyone who stares at the sun is a moron. (of 'course I said at dawn/dusk). When we stare at the sun for a few seconds and close our eyes we may see round usually blue/teal spots on the inside of our eyelids, but don't be afraid. People perform this action and then relax with their eyelids closed; soaking in the energy; by receiving these color light photons into the body. As we fast, our cells multiply and grow strong. The more processed food we eat, the more our sells must focus on cleaning out those toxins and not improving the body. Therefore, are we more spiritual than once thought? Could we gain more energy from electric/lights waves than food? The debate is out....

             One thing's for sure, Jesus is the most powerful force available in the spiritual realm. Therefore, we can always rely on His protection through prayer and the simple mentioning of His name. The 2nd most powerful being's the Archangel Michael, the angel of strength, courage, protection, and he's the Blue Ray of Light similar to the throat chakra. How do we call him..."Archangel Michael, please enter my spiritual atmosphere to share love and grant me protection." Or simply say Archangel Michael please protect me and keep me safe. You may want to picture his blue cloak wrapped around you. You can call him out loud or simply call him in your head.

Expand your brains ability by utilizing your surroundings and the electromagnetic field which contains incalcuable levels of wisdom.

 Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy exploring the fundamental questions, including the nature of concepts like being, existence, and reality.[1] It has two branches – cosmology and ontology. Traditional metaphysics seeks to answer, in a "suitably abstract and fully general manner", the questions:    

                                                                                              --   Wikipedia

Beware of the New Age (Aquarius) Movement ran by the Luciferians. On behalf of the individual abiding as a middle-class American or lower-class, perhaps a wealthy traditionalist/Christian; your life may be good. In contrast, yes, in a sense you're enslaved, but you'll still be presented with opportunity comparable to new technology and be alerted of new advancements in outer-space and other sciences. (maybe, not always the truth).

from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

                     Aristotle's Metaphysics
First published Sun Oct 8, 2000; substantive revision Wed Jun 15, 2016
           The first major work in the history of philosophy to bear the title “Metaphysics” was the treatise by Aristotle that we have come to know by that name. But Aristotle himself did not use that title or even describe his field of study as ‘metaphysics’; the name was evidently coined by the first century C.E. editor who assembled the treatise we know as Aristotle’s Metaphysics out of various smaller selections of Aristotle’s works.

          The title ‘metaphysics’—literally, ‘after the Physics’—very likely indicated the place the topics discussed therein were intended to occupy in the philosophical curriculum. They were to be studied after the treatises dealing with nature (ta phusika). In this entry, we discuss the ideas that are developed in Aristotle’s treatise.            
1. The Subject Matter of Aristotle’s Metaphysics
2. The Categories
3. The Role of Substance in the Study of Being Qua Being
4. The Fundamental Principles: Axioms
5. What is Substance?                                                                     
6. Substance, Matter, and Subject                                           To Read the 14 Topics click on the icon below
7. Substance and Essence
8. Substances as Hylomorphic Compounds
9. Substance and Definition
10. Substances and Universals
11. Substance as Cause of Being                                                       each topic described in roughly 5-6 paragraphs
12. Actuality and Potentiality
13. Unity Reconsidered
14. Glossary of Aristotelian Terminology
Academic Tools
Other Internet ResourcesRelated Entries

Ahead of his time, Meikle's writings derive over a stretch of 7 years which he spent aboard a Royal Navy

                                             Ship. He felt surrounded by Godless men and wrote much about meditation.

Guidance to Achieve a Proper Mind to Develop a Successful  Meditation Practice 

- Stay conscious of the your surroundings, and more importantly, be aware of the thoughts 

   running through your mind without being judgemental about them.

- You already are enlightened. The goal is to realize and awaken to that fact. You are divinity

    pretending to be something other than divinity.

- Make special note of the various odors you smell, the noises you hear, and objects you see.
Approach other everyday situations in the same way. Doing this often brings you closer to pure consciousness.

-Sit quietly and let your thoughts and judgments arise and

   dissipate by themselves. Remain in the here and now. Become calm and clear

- Practice meditation, which you can do anywhere, at any time by simply steadying the mind

   on an object (any object) of concentration in the present moment.


                          .... If I'm ok with everything, that I can't suffer, it doesn't exist, just except,

                               allow, something's already allowing it or wouldn't exist

Alchemy Realm Publications

Kolbrin Bible 📜 An Egyptian and Celtic Codex :

          The eye that sees earthly things is deceitful, but the eye that sees spiritual things is true. Then, because of the things that happened, [women slept w/the beasts of the forests], the Great Eye that saw Truth was closed and henceforth man walked in falsity.                         Download Kolbrin Bible on Pg. 6

Also Related: Page 9 Library

Samadhi II

It's Not What You Think

     In order for one to allow the soul to emerge past the Ego, one must quiet the mind which's familiar with the constant chaos of chatter from within the mind and/or out in the abode of the world. When thoughts arrive you must learn to allow them to simply roll away without applying further thought into them. Giving in to the silence or the music that soothes the soul grants the Higher sense of self the opportunity to reveal itself.

Indicators compiled by Melinda Leslie, edited by Mark Williams

Biomedical Chromatography research March 2013


*Newcomers seeking Consciousness must be educated & forewarned of dangers - 10 Helpful Internet Articles (below)  that provide assistance 

        Remember, we're created to be unique and will not all have the same symptoms or success.

             If you're unsure of an issues,

      remember that balance is always key. 

from: chakras.info.

Highly Esteemed book on Yoga and Chakra Opening. Suitable for beginners to the highly advanced.

     Someone might be able to see a fairy or perchance a demon,  whilst other's won't see these same beings. We all possess the same 2 eyes and we all see the same images on behalf of these eyes. Whether we can see something determines our level of perception which's affected by how physical something must be to manifest. It's true that many people indeed see aliens. Howbeit, they aren't aliens as most would perceive, but most are inter-dimensional beings.

From the infamous Greek Philosopher: Verse 67: But abstain from meat, which will prevent you from the purifying and the deliverance of your soul; 68. Carefully distinguish between things, and examine all things well. 69. Leaving yourself to always be guided and directed by the understanding that comes from above, allowing it to control your destiny. 70. And when you have eventually divested yourself of your mortal body, you will arrive at the most pure Æther, 71. And you shall be a God—immortal, incorruptible—and Death shall have no more dominion over you.

Samadhi I
Maya, The Illusion of Self

Posssibly via our 3rd-Eye or Pineal Gland   (Masonic/Illuminati Hidden knowledge of the All-Seeing Eye)  other realms and beings exist. Hereupon, we perceive the possession of a soul/spirit and eternal-life, but how do we utilize this impressive which has been concealed from our knowledge for so long?

By virtue of what can it be consummated safely? Moreover,

can it be accomplished while an immersed members of

modern society?       

Prodigious  Documentaries

To receive a 5 GB HD 1080p download (too much memory for site) of the new movie Samadhi II, contact me  (Shaun Prario)  through the Main Menu and simply ask!

                ⚡    Warning of this new Age of Aquarius   ☠  ⚡                          **For documentaries view Pg.7 * Christianity Section 1  

A transformation into the Practices of the Mystery Religions where many unprepared Americans are being deceived. There does exist a secret universal energy field and human ability to tap into this field, but it's not done by solely focusing on opening your third-eye within a few weeks by virtue of applying binaural beat w/meditation....that will kill you, more or less. Read more instructions below. Furthermore, even if you were to attempt a safe way at this Spiritualism, opening yourself up to demons always places them in control even though initially everyone feels and is told (even by the demons) they're in control.

   Christian 'Medieval' Mystics like St. John of the Cross, wrote about forgetting all prior programming your mind received, all concepts must be doubted; in order to reach divine union with God. Many Christian Gnostics focus more on Astral Travel than a permanent 3rd-Eye Awakening. It'll prove more challenging to obtain divine union when choosing the path of a Christian Mystic compared to using binaural beats with meditation that focusses on the 6th Chakra. The Christian Gnostic will continue to maintain beliefs, particular the belief in a soul along with God's given spirit opposed to Hindu/Buddhist's who believe we're all the same being/consciousness which can be difficult to ascertain. Sure, we can all tap into the universal consciousness, but that alone doesn't mean we don't have individual souls. The easterner's have less trouble with demons because they're not taught about a heaven and a hell, but does this mean they don't exist? Many Q's will forever remain. Here's some help on your quest below.

Jesus Christ taught   "...whoever wants to save his life will lose it,

                                           but whoever loses his life for me will find it." 

        from the Book of Matthew, Chapter 16 Verse 25

       How many relatives do you have who lived amid numerous decades whilst believing lies as false-truths & missing-out on their own true existence which they knew not of?

Interesting Deep Thought Documentaries


Haven't Christians always known there's an afterlife?

Scientist Morons

Plant Consciousness :  A man formerly hooked-up a lie detector machine to a plant which produced startling results which he says forever changed his life! Through the plant, an accurate test could be administered on a person on the other side of the room with nothing physical connecting the person to the plant or lie-detector machine.

             As the Iron Age ends, an age of division among mankind, warfare, and destruction; the new Age of Aquarius is the beginning of  the Bronze Age (then Silver and Gold which's complete consciousness and almost magical powers instilled in humanity) harmony with a raise of consciousness across the globe. Although, the wicked Cabal (the leaders of the New World Order) have taken great measure to enslave mankind and take away our ability to apply our heightened consciousness to achieve great harmony and love; the planetary shift through our new position in the Milky Way will be too powerful a destiny to prevent.

         In the Iron Age (Age of Pisces) Jesus Christ had arrived to deliver mankind hope. For those who desired to follow His teachings, they were taught if they lived out proper lives in this age of wickedness there remained hope and eternal lives in the heavenly dimension after their time on earth had ceased; a time full of nonstop war, division, and hatred. Even in an age like so, Christ arrived to deliver those who chose a blissful ending.

       To the Left: The diagram displays our Sun moving closer to Sirius which is one cause of raising consciousness. Yes, our own sun, our closest and life giving star, is a double-star; though still untaught by NASA.

                   Are you from God or are you from Satan?  Many Mediums have had spirits involved within their lives, sometimes for many years, which they viewed as Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels, Dead Relatives, or something else; only to have these spirits eventually manifest evil into their lives. Otherwise, they may have learned how to ask the spirits through the name of our Lord to reveal their true identity, and what they got was a huge surprise as the spirits not only became demons but immediately brought harm upon them. 

    If you choose to get deeply involved by sharing dialect with Spirit Guides, Channeling, etcetera; you'll become more enlightened with a larger 3rd-Eye and thus, a greater target for unclean spirits. Therefore, when choosing deep involvement you must also be prepared to put a lot of work into your craft; defending yourself properly. Ask for highly developed spirits only to proceed in your daily life.

                                             Learn more below under "Testing Spirits in the New Testament"

Testing Spirits in the New Testament

   John 1:4

1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God; for many false prophets have gone out into the world. 2 By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, 3 and every spirit that does not confess Jesus[a] is not from God. And this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming; and now it is already in the world. 4 Little children, you are from God, and have conquered them; for the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. 5 They are from the world; therefore what they say is from the world, and the world listens to them. 6 We are from God. Whoever knows God listens to us, and whoever is not from God does not listen to us. From this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.

The average person has no idea how serious it is what the Cabal has done to human beings.  {Cabal: the financial-elite who look down on the commoner as if he/she was no more than an animal who they utilize to make them profits; we're biological androids designed to make them more money and more power}  THEY HAVE MADE US INTO SOULESS BEINGS replicating the animals which they view us as.

The Tavistock Institute is a major power who controls school text books with the soul intention of satanic mind control brought upon our children. Many Tax-Exempt foundations are leaders in, education they claim, but sociology control by their desired influence is the primary goal - Carnegie Foundation for Teaching, Rockefeller Foundation, etcetera.

These institutes and many other linked to members of the Bilderberger's Atlantic Council, Tri-Lateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations (which operates out of the heart of Washington D.C. and Henry Ford warned his fellow Americans just over 100 years ago that the Illuminati was spreading from Europe to the U.S.A. and the C.F.R. was the name they were using as a cover), the European Union, N.A.T.O. and many others have all worked collectively towards one goal of enslavement, but they've also contributed to making humans believe the have no soul!


Keeping in context with the influential and non-mainstream documentaries to the right which would never be aired on American television, this site's designed to bring attention to all concerning their existence of a soul. On the contrary, Redeeming Truth doesn't promote the New Age Religion Movement or any other Satanic behavior or witchcraft, though some clairvoyant people may use elements to protect themselves from evil spirits which could be considered in some circles unjustifiably as witchcraft. If someone decides to make all attempts towards awakening their 3rd-Eye, it must be acknowledged that only selected people retain the ability to properly handle this situation indefinitely. Furthermore, training, dedication, and a lifestyle with the correct surroundings are all required to maintain an awakened 3rd-Eye in a positive light.






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              All the groups have viciously attacked Christianity, a peaceful and loving religion which hurts nobody. Most Americans still don't know that Jesus and Christianity is correct as far as - we all have a soul and after death our soul will travel to heaven. The high percentage of American children in Middle School and/or High School have no idea they're endowed with a soul and would regard someone as crazy if they attempt explaining to them that they do indeed possess a soul.

             The goal's to keep us distracted by all these external elements of life; most of which are completely meaningless. This way we have no time allowed to look and discover what lies within our beings.

e.g.  If your a Christian who claims to be seeking heaven though it's really just something you desire after death and you say to me, "of course I'm busy with external elements of life, my kids arrived home from school an hour ago and right now my youngest boy has a soccer game we must hurry up and drive to." Then my answer to you would be, "sorry, but your son's soccer game is pointless and meaningless in life."

  More Redeeming Truth {Downloadable} Videos -  The Warning Testimonies

If you're someone who already, or is on a determined path, to manifest the Spiritual Realms into your life with OBE's and more; you should be trained and listen to qualified people such as below to help guide you on your journey.

17 Films Available to View and/or Download











Our 3rd-Eye is our center of vision, insight, and the limitless World of Light.


the Mind's Eye



                          Utilizing Crystals In Your Spiritual Epic                                           
1. Crystals are typically implored in positive methods. (and w/good intention).
2. Sleeping with the 7 Chakra crystals under your body while you sleep WILL most-likely have you waking-up more energetic.    
3. Crystals may be used to balance your needs and wants while connecting you to the universal energy field.       
4. Blessing crystals with prayers, placing them in sunlight, cleaning them, or placing them in brown rice are some methods to energize your crystals for greater results.
5. Some believe crystals will prevent familiar spirits from entering your home or personal space, but for some people, seemingly the opposite is true.
6. Yes, crystals have recently been gaining popularity and can serve as beneficial spiritual artifacts; unfortunately, their popularity's on the rise because we've entered a phase of the Satanic New World Order's plan to attract this New-Age religion of Spirituality into people's lives in preparation for the future return of Babylon.  (The Mother of Harlots).
7. Alike everything in the New-Age, eventually it may manifests as demonic.
8. In the Book of Acts, chapter 19, its telling us to burn all books and trinkets pertaining to these practices. (We probably should listen after testing the waters➖ this includes tossing-out all of our crystals.).
Enlarge your Soul within
In Esoteric teachings a Continuity of Consciousness is when consciousness is gained even while in the sleeping dream-state. This can be considered an important step on the way to expanding one's soul within. Many know this event as Lucid Dreaming. Prior to achieving this ability, one should always right down whatever they can remember about their dreams as soon as waking in the hope of learning to awakening their soul, and for drawing parallels to the Higher worlds and the Physical world.

Beware, Demons are real and seek a body rather than a low-level spiritual existence. Even when inside the human body, they may begin building their own body. These pictures of Teratomas (Monster Tumors) removed from people's bodies feature eyes, teeth, hair, and more!

The fact that humans have genuine free will can only be explained if we have an immaterial soul                                      ➖  Jonathan Morrow

Visit the addition Video Library: ft. Astral Projection/Travel

                                                     The Pineal Gland & DMT

                                                     And More on Metaphysics / Consciousness

In 1931 Max Planck (1858-1947) became the Father of Quantum Mechanics. At the time, Planck was arguably one of the best few scientists in the world and when he was asked what he learned in a rare interview he said, "consciousness creates material, not the other way around like my think." 

From the book, Kingdom of Satan Exposed ➖
        Man -which is the generic name for the human race, referring to both male and female sexes- is basically a spirit with a soul living in a body. The three distinct personality of man can be classified as follows: (I)' Man the Spirit-The Spirit is divided into three levels thus: #Intuition: I Samuel 3:8; #Communion: John 4:23-24; #Conscience: Romans 2:15. (II) Man the Soul: The soul is subdivided into the following components namely: #Mind: I Corinthians 14: 14-16; #Emotions: John 12: 16; #Memory: John 12:16; #Intellect: I Corinthians 2:6-8 #Will: Matthew 7:21 John 6:35-40 #Imagination: Jude 10. (III) Man the Body: The Body comprises of six components namely: #Vision: #Hearing: #Taste: #Touch: #Smell: #Sex: 

Enjoy a and-written guide on How to Astral Travel!