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As human-beings our lives have nothing to do with being successful within this society we live amongst. Materialism and self-accomplishment may actually be detrimental to us in the afterlife. If you don't believe we're soul's temporarily placed within human bodies, I suggest you view Page 5 Metaphysics to begin your research and learn that you know nothing about how your own body operates or its purpose and destination. 

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Because of the USA's (and world's) leaders need to implore Divide & Conquer tactics against their citizens (especially within areas like Politics & Race), the TRUTH HAS BEEN TAKEN AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE. Also contributing to this Crime Against Humanity is the Globalist's plan for a 1-World govern. & religion. When people's links to history, heritage, nationalism, etc., are removed  they're more easily molded into what new is chosen.  

Analyze America's *Deceitful Society, Divide-and-Conquer Techniques, Fake Politics,  False-Flag Terrorism icl. School-Shootings, Lone Guneman Myths , Distorted History, the Financial-Elite's Occultism/Luciferianism and Pedophilia, a Boycott on Hollywood, NASA's lies, etcetera.

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Does there remain a need for the Christian religion in the 21st century? Perhaps not; nonetheless, page 7 will display the reasons for a strong need of faith in Christ.

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Ft. 7 Hr. Documentary on Ancient Knowledge

Aliens or merely Spirits without physical bodies? Perhaps, there's nothing at all. Have you ever considered Are 51 to be a deliberate conspiracy designed by the government?

Mystical-and-Gnostic Christianity

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          This condensed writing's a direct response to 'Philosophy of the Information-Age'. Correspondingly, one must harbor perception of the attack on our way of life, by those responsible for media-propaganda and false-flag terrorism.                          

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Snowden Releases Gov. Sectrets, but How Many Busy Americans Actually Read Them ?

The Snowden files expose the Five Eyes Agreement which's been in affect since WWII.

All 5 English speaking nations - Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Britain, and the U.S; share all information acquired from their citizens. Therefore, with all the spying the Homeland Security Department has done on the United States citizens since 9/11 is filed and share with the other governments. (and vice-versa).                      

*Currently, the Australian gov. is receiving your conversations at home                                                                                                           

The Snowden files also expose - the evil of the Tri-Lateral Commission and Atlantic Council.

                                                         - plans for a London Terrorist Attack, prior to the event taking-place!                                                          - exposes Al'Bagdadi (ISIS Leader) as a Mossad Agent w/long beard! 

           *with a name like Bagdadi, people should know it's invented by Mossad or the C.I.A. 

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Almost 5 X's as many people died from illegal drug-overdoses, than by firearms last year  

 2 X's as many died from prescription drugs (however taken)

 3 X's as many people were murdered by other means (murder rates are out of control) 

 The Council of Foreign Relations members & other non-member Intern. Bankers/Corporations desire us to not own guns; in fear of revolt vs. their

  ever-increasing Totalitarian State. Nonetheless, it's perfectly fine to flood our communities with hardcore drugs or to purposely cause us illness by

  way of vaccines, (loaded with mercury, etc.), fluoride, and poisons in our food; plus so many citizens are now requiring innumerable prescription

   medications, because they benefit financially. (greedy rich becoming richer).  

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        Since 1993 firearm homicides have dropped 39%        

             Non-fatal firearm incidents are done 69%  

          Worldwide deaths from warfare are 1/12 compared to 50's

               With millions of accusations against govern. media (abc, nbc, fox, cnn, cspan) since 2000 (dual-citizenship laws) it's now LAW-FUL to use MISINFORMATION CAMPAIGNS vs PUBLIC.

           Proposed by M. Thornberry (R-Texas) & A. Smith (D- Wash) in 2013.

           Passed in the House to nullify the Smith-Mundt Act (1948) is a new NDAA Law which explicitly forbids information and psychological operations aimed at influencing U.S. public opinion. The vote came ONLY 2 days after a federal judge ruled that an indefinite detention provision in the annual defense bill was unconstitutional.

                       -With 22 Sharia Law No-Go Zones (actually reported on Fox News) e.g. Dearborn MI (751 in Europe) and P.O.W. camps (not prisons) being constructed in multiple states, they need to remove our guns (scared of revolution) to complete their goals. (those of which truly enslave us, for we've seen nothing yet.

     Don't Watch the False Propaganda to

       Believe It's an Unsafe Time to Live

       1)  “When the IMF and the World Bank force a country to cut wages, lay off workers, produce for export instead of their own people, and sell off public property to cronies for less than its value, that's called "economic reform”
        2) “The first thing you notice, coming to Israel from the Arab world, is that you have left the most courteous region of the globe and entered the rudest. The difference is so profound that you're left wondering when the mutation in Semitic blood occurred."
                                      -   Tony Horwitz (truth be told, modern Jews have NO Semitic blood as they originate from the lands of Russia)

“Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidise it”

                                                                                                                            -   Ronald Reagan

“As a general rule...people ask for advice only in order not to follow it; or if they do follow it, in order to have someone to blame for giving it.”
                                                                                                                             ― Alexandre Dumas

“There's nothing wrong with giving up all your principles for a suitable financial reward. It is indeed the basis of our society.”
                                                                                                                             ― Manny Rayner

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The News

Dearborn, MI constitutes Sharia Law, so don't allow your wife or daughter to walk through this town without a head-veil or she'll rightfully be gang-raped by Muslims.

 Were You Told the Europeans Welcomed these Immigrants?

         Yes, Some Sell-Out Politicians Receiving Huge Bribes from the E.U. Agreed; No Different than Congressmen Accepting Bribes Inside America.

                       These Muslims have now officially joined the E.U. in finishing the goal of removing European national sovereignty except for Poland, and soon to eliminate European Nationalities., altogether

   Their are now  7 5 1  Sharia Law Territories  spread through the remaining countries with  governing power granted to the Muslims, not with over nation's own laws.

                  Germany has been subjected to heavy brain-washing since WWII. More recently, forced vaccinations have contributed to their lowered fertility; a problematic issue never experienced prior in their history. Isn't Germany over-populated anyhow? (80 million in that small an area) Nonetheless, this has been utilized as the latest excuse for needing Arab/African Muslim immigration.

                        Perhaps if they had more land for farming they wouldn't rely so heavily on food-imports (food chemically injected to cause health issues such as lower fertility rates, or other issues resulted in big pharmaceutical companies earning  millions upon millions of dollars. Let's not forget it was this reliance on food imports which the Zionist's simply withheld in WWI through the 1920's resulting in hundred-of-thousands of unnecessary German deaths.              

April 1, 2018          Trump Whitehouse Won't Even Pretend to be Addressing the Opiate Crisis; not with Such High-Level Opposition Possessing Control Over the Presidency Itself. Trump Will Do What He's Told. -S.P. (F&K) redeemingtruth,com

3/21 Old News Revisited   With such a large amount of paid mercenaries (contractors hired by U.S.) inside Afghanistan, the smuggling of heroin is made almost effortless. Private contractor's planes and boats aren't subjected to inspection while arriving back in the Americas comparable to U.S. military vessels. Obama's obsession with drone missle inside Pakistan was seemingly to open-up drug routes.

3/22/18  Drug overdose deaths in the United States continue to increase in 2016.                                           

             The majority of drug overdose deaths (66%) involve an opioid.

             2016 - the number of overdose deaths involving opioids (including prescription opioids and heroin) was 5 X's higher than in 1999.

             From 2000 to 2016, more than 600,000 people died from drug overdoses.

             On average, 115 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose.                             - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

If we allowed the Taliban to remain in power and continue destroying

all the opium crops throughout Afghanistan,

25,000  lives would've been saved in the United States alone!


We have U.S. Presidents, Ex-Presidents,

Secretary of States, etc. getting rich off these deaths!

Within this same vicinity, there appears to now be at least 7 towns which are now basically exclusively Muslim towns operating Sharia Law inside the United States. If they see an American and choose to call the local police, the police will remove the American citizen from their towns.

 4/7/18     Our Capitalist system makes rich those invested with greed, pride,

  lust, etcetera. So many of the financial-elite are occultists, members of the

 CFR, moreover members of the Illuminati/Freemasonry. So, just what is 33

 degree Freemasonry all about?  from Redeeming Truth  Libraries

  Learn Faith, Knowledge & Truth of the Masons/Illuminati

    at:     verity.webstarts.com                    (reconstructed 4/9/18)

4/10 Syria has Natural Gas Lines needed to remove Russia from owning a monopoly on European energy- why is this primary reason not mentioned? The other 2 areas needed to attack Russia are Afghanistan (British attempted this twice to possess ability to attack Russia's soft under-belly) and Ukraine which American mercenaries recently secured for a new Jewish gov. Besides, Syria's been a war of bankers, corporation, and crooked politicians who own shares in the military 'defense' companies. 

The Many Pages of the Redeeming Truth Library 

Don't forget to educate yourself & others on the Real Drug Trade (Pg #2) and corruption of the financial elite. (Pg #4) Furthermore, extend your knowledge with the Big Pharmaceutical Co. and motives behind keeping us sick & fluoride poisoning on the vital (Pg #3)

5/4/18   In chapter 6 of his 1995 book Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terrorists, Benjamin Netanyahu stated,

        Iran was 3-5 yrs away from acquiring nuclear weapons. Well, 23 yrs later they still don't have them. It only took the U.S. a few yrs to produce these weapons back in the 1940's, so what's taking these countries so long; possibly, it's all lies to instigate another 'rich mans' war.

5/3/18   Veterans Today Slams Alex Jones


   Netanyahu cannot be trusted on anything serious. He is a liar, a crook, and a psychopath who ought to be placed in padded cells. If Netanyahu says it is raining outside, make sure you stick your head out and check it yourself. But Alex Jones finds it congenial to perpetuate what the mad man in Tel Aviv has been saying. Jones, whether he likes it or not, is protecting Netanyahu’s derriere.

   Alex Jones, as many of his former employees have testified, is not an honest reporter. He is an actor, a showman, and a money grabber. He sometimes prefaces his remarks with a sprinkle of truth here and there, but when it comes to dissecting the Israeli regime, Alex Jones is right in line with Tel Aviv and the Neocons in America. He has even gone on record saying that Iran has already gotten nukes! Alex Jones has enough evidence on his hand now to change his essentially Zionist position. But since the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, Jones prefers to live a luxurious life, extracting every penny out of the pockets of his devoted followers, and delivering nothing but half-truths, colossal hoaxes, and sometimes categorical lies.  

                  6/12/18    - In defense of Jones: Recently, Alex has accused Israel of unjustified missle strikes

                               against Iran because President Trump was searching for peaceful solutions. -S.P.

⚜   Older   News   Worth   Keeping   Posted   Below   ⚜

Don't postulate this 'era' isn't a favorable time to live, because its the greatest time ever to be living. This epoch presents us with the most opportunity. Yes, it's certainly true occultists have predomination over the top positions throughout America and Europe. Nonetheless, it's a really big world and you merely need mindfulness considering their lies. We can all maximize our human potential once we realize it has nothing to do with money or materialism, and we learn our own  capabilities-S.P.

Please voice your opinion, make requests for this site, and help others on the blog.  Any picture marked with ⚔ means it's found within the book -Faith and Knowledge to Overcome Chronic Addiction, Master Edition.

Bush Sr. & Jr. both swore in as President on the Freemason's Bible used by George Washington. Obviously, as members of Skull & Bones they belong as Masonic members. John Kerry's another Skull & Bones member. Bush Sr. was head of the C.I.A. & accused by J. Edgar Hoover & JFK Jr. of  orchestrating the J.F.K. assassination. Now Bush Jr. brings us to Afghanistan because the Taliban was destroying all the opium crop, though currently the world suffers from an explosion in heroin trafficking.

      Americans should realize their politicians are all frauds but even worse is the information network on our televisions. The Clinton's, Obama's, Trump's, etc. are no different than the Bush's. Imagine how different things would be if the candidates were exposed or a new candidate was advertised as a Christian all citizens should vote for; who wouldn't sell-out? Only candidates who ally themselves with the  information network have any shot of success and it been this way for quite some time.

Visit Pg #2

The International Drug-Trade

June 1, 2018     The BMJ (British Medical Journal) recently described the horror on the ground:
“Since 2014 Israel has further tightened the passage of essential medicines and equipment into Gaza  and of the entry of doctors and experts from abroad who offer technical expertise not available locally. Gazan hospitals have been depleted of antibiotics, anaesthetic agents, painkillers, other essential drugs, disposables, and fuel to run surgical theatres. Patients die while waiting for permission to go for specialist treatment outside Gaza. All elective surgery has been cancelled since last January 2018, and 3 hospitals have closed because of medication, equipment and fuel shortages. Medical personnel have been working on reduced salaries. Gazan health professionals find it almost impossible to get Israeli permission to travel abroad to further their training.The regular episodic military assaults on Gaza and the current targeting of unarmed demonstrators are part of a pattern of periodically induced emergencies arising from Israeli policy. The cumulative effects of the impact on healthcare provision for the general population have been documented in multiple reports by NGOs, UN agencies and the WHO..This appears to be a strategy for the de-development of health and social services impinging on all the population of Gaza.
         “The current systematic use of excessive force towards unarmed civilians, including children and journalists, is provoking a further crisis for the people of Gaza. Since 30 March 2018, snipers firing

military grade ammunition have caused crippling wounds to unarmed demonstrators. As of 23 April 5511 Palestinians, including at least 454 children, have been injured by Israeli forces, including  1,739 from live ammunition according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza. As of April 27, the death toll has reached 48 and additional hundreds wounded.”
The UK claims its aid is already providing Gazans with access to clean water and improving sanitation facilities to help stop the spread of deadly disease. So what? It does nothing to end Israel’s blockade, the day-to-day, hour-to-hour misery of economic strangulation and the helplessness of imprisonment within that tiny, overcrowded coastal strip.
Mr Burt and his Foreign Office colleagues are a large part of the problem. We’ve heard Burt many time before spouting appeasement, giving away money and urging lopsided negotiations rather than enforcing UN resolutions and international law and imposing sanctions. Seven years ago, as the new minister in charge of Middle East affairs, he was handing the Palestinian Authority’s prime minister Salam Fayyad and his boss, president Mahmoud Abbas, £17 million for their sterling work. The official reason for such largesse with our hard-earned tax money was the dynamic duo’s progress towards creating an independent, viable Palestinian state “living in peace with a secure Israel”.Their only real achievement, however, was having turned the Occupied Territories into a police state of the most sinister kind on behalf of their Israeli puppetmasters. The gift was also a sweetener to get the Palestinian leaders back to the negotiation table. “It is critical that both sides find a way to return to talks,” said Burt. “The current impasse is of great concern and I urge all parties to take immediate steps to secure a lasting peace… We firmly believe that this should see a Palestinian state based on 1967 borders and with East Jerusalem as its capital. This is the solution which offers the best prospect of a just and sustainable peace.”That was 2011. Where’s the peace?"

Poland is Furious With Trump’s Signing Of Holocaust Law
   12 May 2018 Posted by Corey Barnett

                                                    "How much $ do they need? Take, Take.... why don't they give? Not to mention, the Jews of Poland were some of the poorest people in Europe, they lived in the 'called' Ghettos." S.P.

        Poland Believes It Is Unfairly Targeted. The White House announced on May 9 that United States President Donald J. Trump issued an executive order requiring restitution for all Holocaust victims. He signed the “Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today Act” or JUST. The law instructs the State Department on how to have oversight of the return of assets which were seized by the Nazi-occupied nations at the time of the Holocaust. 

        This news was not received kindly by the Polish Government. Polish nationalists protested in front of the US Embassy alleging that the American Government is now interfering in Polish internal affairs. It is to be noted Poland continues to be the only country that still does not have a legal restitution process.

        Jacek Czaputowicz, the Polish Foreign Minister, told the media the new law efficiently puts Jewish claimants over non-Jewish ones. He alleged the American law would divide Polish society. The JUST instructs the Department of State to review international reports on human rights. It must determine if a country is acting in compliance with international agreements reached in the Terezin Declaration on Holocaust Era Assets and Related Issues. Because of Poland’s lack of national laws, this would mean the State Department would increase pressure toward the country to return any wrongfully transferred or seized property.

            The definition of property, in this case, include religious or communal property. It also includes equitable compensation to the rightful owner. This could mean either public property or private property. The Polish government may be asked to return property the government owns or work with private citizens in returning any identified assets that are flagged as wrongly taken during the Holocaust.     A total of 46 countries approved the Terezin Declaration. Jan Fischer, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic announced it officially during a closing ceremony held on June 30, 2009. All participating nations highlighted the importance of providing due restitution for both individual and communal immovable property. This could be seen as a reaction to Poland passing a law that bans any public speech that accuses Poland of blame for the Holocaust.

June 13, 1028       Health Impact News   

by John P. Thomas

        "For several years now, I have been noticing scientific references to how human fertility is being threatened. I wasn’t sure what to make of these warnings, because it seems that couples are still producing offspring and the schools are still full of children.
Recently, I read several statistics that made me pause and examine whether the threat is real.
                   The U.S. fertility rate fell to another record low in 2012, with 63.0 births per 1,000 women ages 15 to 44 years old, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s down slightly from the previous low of 63.2 in 2011. It marked the fifth year in a row the U.S. birth rate has declined, and the lowest rate on record since the government started tracking the fertility rate in 1909. [1]For five years now, America’s teen birth rate has plummeted at an unprecedented rate, falling faster and faster. Between 2007 and 2013, the number of babies born to teens annually fell by 38.4 percent, according to research firm Demographic Intelligence. This drop occurred in tandem with steep declines in the abortion rate. [2]A few years ago, statistics from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put the number of women having difficulty conceiving at approximately 10 percent—roughly 1 in 10. Now, using results from this newest survey [reported in 2013], that number appears to be closer to 16 percent—1 in every 6 couples. [3

                  Do these statistics alarm you? Are we watching the leading edge of a slowly moving tidal wave of infertility about to sweep over the world, or is this just a little statistical blip that will reverse itself next year? I wasn’t sure what is really happening with human fertility until I took a hard look at the data and the science. I now believe that there is strong reason to be concerned about the emerging trend."

                                                                                 - GMO foods are one proven cause for this infertility and I'd certainly stay clear of any vaccines. After all, just look what recently occurred in Germany.  -S.P. 

Allan Bloom, who actually authored a book titled, "The Closing of the Mind" stated:

     "There is one thing a Professor can be absolutely certain of: almost every student in America believes, or says that he believes, that truth is relative."

    He goes on to claim that, "relativism to necessary to openness and this is the virtue, the only virtue which all primary education for the past 50 years has dedicated itself to inculcating."

__"various claims to truth and various ways of life and various kinds of human-beings is the great insight of our time."

People alike Bloom (a piece of shit) must be challenged. 

                          Cocaine supplies and heroin seizures have hit a record high, a new report finds. Supplies of cocaine in 2016 and opium from 2016 to 2017 hit their highest ever recorded levels, according to the 2018 World Drug report released by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) on Tuesday.


Coast Guard personel stand aboard the USS Boutwell while officials unload bails of cocaine caught at sea while on deployment on April 16, 2015 at Naval Base San Diego in San Diego, California. Officials from the United States and Canada seized over 28,000 pounds of cocaine while on patrol in the Eastern Pacific which resulted in a record seizure.(Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images) 

                             What is their belief system? The Anannu gods/visitors wore

                            horns on their heads. Are they referring to Enki as our creator?

Page # 7 Christianity

Join the Less Than 1% Who Comprehend

    the Truth of the World Around Them

        Alike all the other made-famous actors/ actresses in Hollywood, this one-time struggling Comedian⚡Actor had  to meet with a High-Ranking Jewish associate of Hollywood.     - Lady Gaga, who considers them a beloved ally simply refers to them by the name Evil.

                 Here, Jim Carey sold his soul to the devil and his barrage of box office hits began; earning him untold millions of dollars.

                 After finally breaking-down >with many years of fortune and fame credited than many other actors who simply break-down sooner, e.g. Katy Perry, Brittany Spears, etcetera< Jim has commenced a quest to learn the meaning of life; his and the world's existence. 

              After meditating for 1 year he opened is Mind's-Eye, so o speak, and was absolutely astonished by the rest of existence the average human's mind, eyes, and ears don't manifest; nor did he realize tis truth his entire life as he was 54 years of age at this moment in time.

    Nevertheless, Carey soon began experiencing a morbid depression as he now thinks there's no meaning to our life, but not merely our time spent in this physical human body, thereby our total existence seems invalid, useless, meaningless - truly non-existent. Jim is viewing everything in the Oneness experienced through a spiritual enlightening or 3r-Eye awakening.  Henceforth, what's the problematic concern with tis man and his beliefs?
    He's viewing everything through Buddhist and Hindu teachings/beliefs. HE ALREADY SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL allowing the overall oneness the only aspect of the spiritual realm to apprehend. The higher dimensions and the acterlife are a complicated yet amazing plae where we become part of all of God';s creataion. A oneness of bliss and love comes over us yet our soul travela with the spirit (at least in the lower realms: 4th,5th, and 6th dimensions)
   Carey's attempting a variableness of techniques, methods, and belief systems to save his life without having a soul. It's absolutely unbelievable that the ONLY WAY and the most WELL KNOWN OBVIOUS METHOD of gaining salvation through God he won't touch; not for one second. We watch this man losing his mind, whether he admits it or not he's desperate for help, he's surrounded by Jewish associates,  and BY FAR THE EASIEST, MOST EFFORTLESS, and most loving manner to implore is the asking for help from Jesus Christ; a man (and God) who'll love Jim Carey 10X's more than any member of Hollywood, Hinduism or Buddhism.....BUT CAREY NEVER ATTEMPTS THE LOVE OF CHRISTIANITY!!!

Memorable Quotes Concerning Our Shadow Government


New to Site:  For information on NASA's and the New World Order's "Project Blue Beam" to solidify the NWO, Eliminate Christianity, Begin the Rapture and Unleash the Antichrist, and implore a Fake Alien Invasion -- VISIT PAGE 11  (E.T.'s/Aliens)

From Metaphysics (Pg #5), to Mysticism (Pg #9), or true Christianity (Pg #7), perhaps the range between the physical and spiritual worlds isn't as far as we've been falsely lead to believe. 


As the C.I.A. and N.S.A. battle for power over each other, we suffer from the C.I.A. releasing scams which also drive a wedge between the U.S. and Russia as Trump's time had arrived and he was too friendly with Putin, a man fighting against the N.W.O. Read the article to the right from tomatobubble.com

Google & Facebook - 2 sides of the same evil coin

All FB pictures are being shared with our government to utilize as face recognition software; thus, Black Boxes which implore the Face Recognition Software have already began 'popping-up' in Manhattan, NY. 

Google continues its influence and dominance over the internet as it attempts eliminating private sights for people to receive real news and info. DON"T USE GOOGLE!!



Truth is Truth ➖ It's Not Up For Debate


     The Big Bang Theory wasn't invented by scientists. It was invented by a "Jesuit" trained Priest named George Lemaitre.

REDEEMINGTRUTH.COM  allows the common person to acquire the truth of the world around them, because unfortunately, one of the greatest crimes against humanity has been the erasing of our history and the continual deception regarding many  factors of our society.

   Topics Available for Acquiring TRUTH

- Hegelian Dialect (False-Flag Terrorism)
      - including School Shootings

           (Particularly, Sandy Hook)

- Occultism in politics, etc.
      - Pedophilia in Politics

            (headed by British/Jewish Americans) 

      - Child Sacrifice
- NASA and its LIES
      - which lead to Flat Earth belief 

    (But don't be so quick to laugh until hearing their proof

    and side of the argument, you may switch your own beliefs.)

- The Lone Shooter Myth
- Erasing of European Nationalities
      - incl. government sponsored mass-rapings
- Obama returns Slavery into American law
- Direct Energy Weapons
- The Real North Korea
- Boycott Hollywood
- Truth Concerning Slavery in the U.S.A.

      (A Majority of White Slaves, Particularly Irish)

     All Topics Above on Page #4

One thing we do know, the US military industrial complex is stirring things up wherever it can to justify big defense budgets, and we hear no one in Congress, or in the media offering another direction, toward deescalation, as they know the Trump gang have no interest in that at all.

The long discussed chaos theory of world power, which the Israels claim to be the master of is on our doorstep, and I see no relief in sight… Jim W. Dean ]



     US President Donald Trump wants to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin when the two leaders visit Paris on November 11 for World War I commemorations, according to American National Security Adviser John Bolton.




by the author S. Prario discussing the plans of the New World Order.

And don't miss this 2011 writing, as he explains what occurred on Sept. 11th in the year 2001 of our Lord.

Additional Literature from Prario:

How It All Began, Saving Lives

☠   Though Redeeming Truth has Sociological News which at times can be Disheartening , don't spend your time releasing criticism and building anger within your being; for what you reap you'll also sow. Therefore, you either focus on the Home Page recovery and assisting others who require help, utilize Pages 5-9 to your advantage and share the information procured with others, or implore Pages 2-4 to merely educate yourself, cause a needed awakening within; then you move-on to Pages 5-9 or you can choose to utilize the disturbing knowledge in Pages 2-5 to force improvements into our society.

Pittsburgh Shooting: Evidence of yet more False Flag Fakery Surfaces

Being this shooting occurred at a Synagogue (Tree of Life Synagogue) is really all the evidence needed o determine it another False-Flag.

However, why do the Police keep referring to the shooter as an ACTOR?


                     Police Audio Transcript



      If roughly a 1/2 million people have died from opiod overdose since 2001 with the rates at 5X's they were previously to 2001, then I suppose we can chalk up about 400,000 deaths from overdose by cause of opiates directly to the invasion of Afghanistan.

    The 3,000 Americans who died in the Twin Towers and airplanes is yet a small portion of the true tragedy of this story.

Remember, the man above on the pages header said, "Make Believe Science?" A Free-mason from London's lodge once commented on some of these numbers being establish-ed by the other member; typically, they're connected to Kabbalistic sacred umerals.

  More on

      Page # 4


                  Chemtrails Are Now Undeniable

  32 states now have legislation for weather modification. In 2012, China boasted they kept weather good to last through the opening ceremonies of the Olympics which they hosted.

George Bush and John Kerry are just a few of the corrupt members of the Skull & Bones organization depicted by this logo. (left). Learn how this group got its start in Opiate trafficking from India into China on Page #2 from the Main Menu.

   *Notice - 322

On 3/22 2016 a Terrorist Attack occurred in Brussels Belgium

On 3/22 2017 another attack occurred in London, England

On 3/23 2018 (they must've had some one-day delay)  a Guneman (supposedly affiliated with Islamic Terrorism) went on a shooting spree in France, killing a police officer among the victims.

3 Hr Documentary

       from: ageofdeceit.com

New Recommendations for Truth Seeker's Below
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                                                                                  Ft. Time-Travel  _ Filmed '89                                                                                                                                                        Masonic History

6. Apollo 11 Hoax                                         7. Pyramids in the USA, Lost History                                8-10.  (9 ft. National Parks)   Why Does the U.S. Government Undoubtedly Conceal Child Kidnappings; Even Withholding National Records? 

Are any of the featured documentaries fictional? 

Featuring: The Return of Sodom and Gomorrah

     This title displays the intense brainwashing

of our youth and the targeting, plus making

rich, of those mostly affected.