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Snowden Releases Gov. Sectrets, but How Many Busy Americans Actually Read Them ?

The Snowden files expose the Five Eyes Agreement which's been in affect since WWII.

All 5 English speaking nations - Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Britain, and the U.S; share all information acquired from their citizens. Therefore, with all the spying the Homeland Security Department has done on the United States citizens since 9/11 is filed and share with the other governments. (and vice-versa).                      

*Currently, the Australian gov. is receiving your conversations at home                                                                                                           

The Snowden files also expose - the evil of the Tri-Lateral Commission and Atlantic Council.

                                                         - plans for a London Terrorist Attack, prior to the event taking-place!                                                          - exposes Al'Bagdadi (ISIS Leader) as a Mossad Agent w/long beard! 

           *with a name like Bagdadi, people should know it's invented by Mossad or the C.I.A. 

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MSM Media Bombarded us with Killings by Way of Firearms including staged mass-shootings 2017, However....

5 X's as many people died from illegal drug-overdoses 

2 X's as many died from prescription drugs (taken reg. & abused)

3 X's as many people were murdered by other means

Since 1993 firearm homicides have dropped 39%

Non-fatal firearm incidents are done 69%

"Never trust a gov. that won't trust its citizens with guns." - Ben Franklin

   This book is highly-recommended to be used via Print Book. Entirely

   numbered and labeled in similar fashion to the Bible.  Features many

   important verses, quotes, 70 New Testament scriptures and cross-

   references. Nevertheless, the Epub & PDF Files are available.

        Since 1993 firearm homicides have dropped 39%        

             Non-fatal firearm incidents are done 69%  

          Worldwide deaths from warfare are 1/12 compared to 50's

               With millions of accusations against govern. media (abc, nbc, fox, cnn, cspan) since 2000 (dual-citizenship laws) it's now LAW-FUL to use MISINFORMATION CAMPAIGNS vs PUBLIC.

           Proposed by M. Thornberry (R-Texas) & A. Smith (D- Wash) in 2013.

           Passed in the House to nullify the Smith-Mundt Act (1948) is a new NDAA Law which explicitly forbids information and psychological operations aimed at influencing U.S. public opinion. The vote came ONLY 2 days after a federal judge ruled that an indefinite detention provision in the annual defense bill was unconstitutional.

                       -With 22 Sharia Law No-Go Zones (actually reported on Fox News) e.g. Dearborn MI (751 in Europe) and P.O.W. camps (not prisons) being constructed in multiple states, they need to remove our guns (scared of revolution) to complete their goals. (those of which truly enslave us, for we've seen nothing yet.

  Book Covers Such Topics As Seen  In Video

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   w/Cross Referencing  (A Huge Book)

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The Weekly News

Dearborn, MI constitutes Sharia Law:

     Therefore, don't allow your wife or daughter to walk through this town without a head-veil or she'll 'rightfully' be gang-raped by Muslims.

 Were You Told the Europeans Welcomed these Immigrants?

         Yes, Some Sell-Out Politicians Receiving Huge Bribes from the E.U. Agreed; No Different than Congressmen Accepting Bribes Inside America.

           These Muslims have now officially joined the E.U. in finishing the goal of removing European national sovereignty except for Poland, and soon to eliminate European Nationalities., altogether

         Their are now  7 5 1  Sharia Law Territories  spread through the remaining countries with  governing power granted to the Muslims, not with over nation's own laws.

                  Germany has been subjected to heavy brain-washing since WWII. More recently, forced vaccinations have contributed to their lowered fertility; a problematic issue never experienced prior in their history. Isn't Germany over-populated anyhow? (80 million in that small an area) Nonetheless, this has been utilized as the latest excuse for needing Arab/African Muslim immigration.

                        Perhaps if they had more land for farming they wouldn't rely so heavily on food-imports (food chemically injected to cause health issues such as lower fertility rates, or other issues resulted in big pharmaceutical companies earning  millions upon millions of dollars. Let's not forget it was this reliance on food imports which the Zionist's simply withheld in WWI through the 1920's resulting in hundred-of-thousands of unnecessary German deaths.              

3/21 Old News Revisited   With such a large amount of paid mercenaries (contractors hired by U.S.) inside Afghanistan, the smuggling of heroin is made almost effortless. Private contractor's planes and boats aren't subjected to inspection while arriving back in the Americas comparable to U.S. military vessels. Obama's obsession with drone missle inside Pakistan was seemingly to open-up drug routes.

3/22/18  Drug overdose deaths in the United States continue to increase in 2016.                                           

             The majority of drug overdose deaths (66%) involve an opioid.

             2016 - the number of overdose deaths involving opioids (including prescription opioids and heroin) was 5 X's higher than in 1999.

             From 2000 to 2016, more than 600,000 people died from drug overdoses.

             On average, 115 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose.                             - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

         If we allowed the Taliban to remain in power and continue destroying all the opium crops throughout Afghanistan,

25,000  lives would've been saved in the United States alone!


        We have U.S. Presidents, Ex-Presidents, Secretary of States, etc. getting rich off these deaths!

            Within this same vicinity, there appears to now be at least 7 towns which are now basically exclusively Muslim towns operating Sharia Law inside the United States. If they see an American and choose to call the local police, the police will remove the American citizen from their towns.


Syria has Natural Gas Lines needed to remove Russia from owning a monopoly on European energy- why is this primary reason not mentioned? The other 2 areas needed to attack Russia are Afghanistan (British attempted this twice to possess ability to attack Russia's soft under-belly) and Ukraine which American mercenaries recently secured for a new Jewish gov. Besides, Syria's been a war of bankers, corporation, and crooked politicians who own shares in the military 'defense' companies. 


    In chapter 6 of his 1995 book Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terrorists, Benjamin Netanyahu stated,

        "Iran was 3-5 yrs away from

        acquiring nuclear weapons."

        Well, 23 yrs later they still don't have them. It only took the U.S. a few yrs to produce these weapons back in the 1940's, so what's taking these countries so long; possibly, it's all lies to instigate another 'rich mans' war.


                Veterans Today Slams Alex Jones

   Netanyahu cannot be trusted on anything serious. He is a liar, a crook, and a psychopath who ought to be placed in padded cells. If Netanyahu says it is raining outside, make sure you stick your head out and check it yourself. But Alex Jones finds it congenial to perpetuate what the mad man in Tel Aviv has been saying. Jones, whether he likes it or not, is protecting Netanyahu’s derriere.

   Alex Jones, as many of his former employees have testified, is not an honest reporter. He is an actor, a showman, and a money grabber. He sometimes prefaces his remarks with a sprinkle of truth here and there, but when it comes to dissecting the Israeli regime, Alex Jones is right in line with Tel Aviv and the Neocons in America. He has even gone on record saying that Iran has already gotten nukes! Alex Jones has enough evidence on his hand now to change his essentially Zionist position. But since the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, Jones prefers to live a luxurious life, extracting every penny out of the pockets of his devoted followers, and delivering nothing but half-truths, colossal hoaxes, and sometimes categorical lies.  

6/12/18 In defense of Jones: Recently, Alex has accused Israel of unjustified missile strikes against Iran because President Trump was searching for peaceful solutions. -S.P.

2018 Archive: Important Dated News Reports Files Saved

     Bush Sr. & Jr. both swore in as President on the Freemason's Bible used by George Washington. Obviously, as members of Skull & Bones they belong in the Masonic brotherhood.

     Bush Sr. was head of the C.I.A. & accused by J. Edgar Hoover & JFK Jr. of  orchestrating the J.F.K. assassination. Now Bush Jr. brings us to Afghanistan because the Taliban was destroying all the opium crop, though currently the world suffers from an explosion in heroin trafficking.

June 1, 2018     The B.M.J. (British Medical Journal) recently described the horror on the ground:

       "Since 2014 Israel has further tightened the passage of essential medicines and equipment into Gaza and of the entry of doctors and experts from abroad who offer technical expertise not available locally. Gazan hospitals have been depleted of antibiotics, anaesthetic agents, painkillers, other essential drugs, disposables, and fuel to run surgical theatres. Patients die while waiting for permission to go for specialist treatment outside Gaza. All elective surgery has been cancelled since last January 2018, and 3 hospitals have closed because of medication, equipment and fuel shortages. Medical personnel have been working on reduced salaries. Gazan health professionals find it almost impossible to get Israeli permission to travel abroad to further their training.The regular episodic military assaults on Gaza and the current targeting of unarmed demonstrators are part of a pattern of periodically induced emergencies arising from Israeli policy. The cumulative effects of the impact on healthcare provision for the general population have been documented in multiple reports by NGOs, UN agencies and the WHO..This appears to be a strategy for the de-development of health and social services impinging on all the population of Gaza.
                “The current systematic use of excessive force towards unarmed civilians, including children and journalists, is provoking a further crisis for the people of Gaza. Since 30 March 2018, snipers firing military grade ammunition have caused crippling wounds to unarmed demonstrators. As of 23 April 5511 Palestinians, including at least 454 children, have been injured by Israeli forces, including  1,739 from live ammunition according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza. As of April 27, the death toll has reached 48 and additional hundreds wounded.”
             The UK claims its aid is already providing Gazans with access to clean water and improving sanitation facilities to help stop the spread of deadly disease. So what? It does nothing to end Israel’s blockade, the day-to-day, hour-to-hour misery of economic strangulation and the helplessness of imprisonment within that tiny, overcrowded coastal strip.
Mr Burt and his Foreign Office colleagues are a large part of the problem. We’ve heard Burt many time before spouting appeasement, giving away money and urging lopsided negotiations rather than enforcing UN resolutions and international law and imposing sanctions. Seven years ago, as the new minister in charge of Middle East affairs, he was handing the Palestinian Authority’s prime minister Salam Fayyad and his boss, president Mahmoud Abbas, £17 million for their sterling work. The official reason for such largesse with our hard-earned tax money was the dynamic duo’s progress towards creating an independent, viable Palestinian state “living in peace with a secure Israel”.Their only real achievement, however, was having turned the Occupied Territories into a police state of the most sinister kind on behalf of their Israeli puppetmasters. The gift was also a sweetener to get the Palestinian leaders back to the negotiation table. “It is critical that both sides find a way to return to talks,” said Burt. “The current impasse is of great concern and I urge all parties to take immediate steps to secure a lasting peace… We firmly believe that this should see a Palestinian state based on 1967 borders and with East Jerusalem as its capital. This is the solution which offers the best prospect of a just and sustainable peace.”That was 2011. Where’s the peace?"

Poland is Furious With Trump’s Signing Of Holocaust Law
   12 May 2018 Posted by Corey Barnett

   "How much $ do they need? Take, Take.... why don't they give? Not to mention, the Jews of Poland were some of the poorest people in Europe, they lived in the 'called' Ghettos." ➖  S.P.

        Poland Believes It Is Unfairly Targeted. The White House announced on May 9 that United States President Donald J. Trump issued an executive order requiring restitution for all Holocaust victims. He signed the “Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today Act” or JUST. The law instructs the State Department on how to have oversight of the return of assets which were seized by the Nazi-occupied nations at the time of the Holocaust. 

        This news was not received kindly by the Polish Government. Polish nationalists protested in front of the US Embassy alleging that the American Government is now interfering in Polish internal affairs. It is to be noted Poland continues to be the only country that still does not have a legal restitution process.

        Jacek Czaputowicz, the Polish Foreign Minister, told the media the new law efficiently puts Jewish claimants over non-Jewish ones. He alleged the American law would divide Polish society. The JUST instructs the Department of State to review international reports on human rights. It must determine if a country is acting in compliance with international agreements reached in the Terezin Declaration on Holocaust Era Assets and Related Issues. Because of Poland’s lack of national laws, this would mean the State Department would increase pressure toward the country to return any wrongfully transferred or seized property.

            The definition of property, in this case, include religious or communal property. It also includes equitable compensation to the rightful owner. This could mean either public property or private property. The Polish government may be asked to return property the government owns or work with private citizens in returning any identified assets that are flagged as wrongly taken during the Holocaust.     A total of 46 countries approved the Terezin Declaration. Jan Fischer, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic announced it officially during a closing ceremony held on June 30, 2009. All participating nations highlighted the importance of providing due restitution for both individual and communal immovable property. This could be seen as a reaction to Poland passing a law that bans any public speech that accuses Poland of blame for the Holocaust.

June 13, 1028       Health Impact News:  Lowered Fertility    by John P. Thomas

        "For several years now, I have been noticing scientific references to how human fertility is being threatened. I wasn’t sure what to make of these warnings, because it seems that couples are still producing offspring and the schools are still full of children.
Recently, I read several statistics that made me pause and examine whether the threat is real.
                   The U.S. fertility rate fell to another record low in 2012, with 63.0 births per 1,000 women ages 15 to 44 years old, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s down slightly from the previous low of 63.2 in 2011. It marked the fifth year in a row the U.S. birth rate has declined, and the lowest rate on record since the government started tracking the fertility rate in 1909. [1]For five years now, America’s teen birth rate has plummeted at an unprecedented rate, falling faster and faster. Between 2007 and 2013, the number of babies born to teens annually fell by 38.4 percent, according to research firm Demographic Intelligence. This drop occurred in tandem with steep declines in the abortion rate. [2]A few years ago, statistics from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put the number of women having difficulty conceiving at approximately 10 percent—roughly 1 in 10. Now, using results from this newest survey [reported in 2013], that number appears to be closer to 16 percent—1 in every 6 couples. [3

                  Do these statistics alarm you? Are we watching the leading edge of a slowly moving tidal wave of infertility about to sweep over the world, or is this just a little statistical blip that will reverse itself next year? I wasn’t sure what is really happening with human fertility until I took a hard look at the data and the science. I now believe that there is strong reason to be concerned about the emerging trend."

  - GMO foods are one proven cause for this infertility and I'd certainly stay clear of any vaccines; just look what recently occurred in Germany.  -S.P. 

Allan Bloom, who actually authored a book titled, 

"The Closing of the Mind", stated:

    "There is one thing a Professor can be absolutely certain of: almost every student in America believes, or says that he believes, that truth is relative."

    He goes on to claim that, "relativism to necessary to openness and this is the virtue, the only virtue which all primary education for the past 50 years has dedicated itself to inculcating."

  _"various claims to truth and various ways of life and various kinds of human-beings is the great insight of our time."    

         People like Bloom (a piece must be challenged

        Alike all the other made-famous actors/ actresses in Hollywood, this one-time struggling Comedian⚡Actor had  to meet with a High-Ranking Jewish associate of Hollywood.     - Lady Gaga, who considers them a beloved ally simply refers to them by the name Evil.

                 Here, Jim Carey sold his soul to the devil and his barrage of box office hits began; earning him untold millions of dollars.

                 After finally breaking-down >with many years of fortune and fame credited than many other actors who simply break-down sooner, e.g. Katy Perry, Brittany Spears, etcetera< Jim has commenced a quest to learn the meaning of life; his and the world's existence. 

              After meditating for 1 year he opened is Mind's-Eye, so o speak, and was absolutely astonished by the rest of existence the average human's mind, eyes, and ears don't manifest; nor did he realize tis truth his entire life as he was 54 years of age at this moment in time.

          Nevertheless, Carey soon began experiencing a morbid depression as he now thinks there's no meaning to our life, but not merely our time spent in this physical human body, thereby our total existence seems invalid, useless, meaningless - truly non-existent. Jim is viewing everything in the Oneness experienced through a spiritual enlightening or 3r-Eye awakening.  Henceforth, what's the problematic concern with tis man and his beliefs?

           He's viewing everything through Buddhist and Hindu teachings/beliefs. HE ALREADY SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL allowing the overall oneness the only aspect of the spiritual realm to apprehend. The higher dimensions and the acterlife are a complicated yet amazing plae where we become part of all of God';s creation. A oneness of bliss and love comes over us yet our soul travels with the spirit (at least in the lower realms: 4th,5th, and 6th dimensions.

             Carey's attempting a variableness of techniques, methods, and belief systems to save his life without having a soul. It's absolutely unbelievable that the ONLY WAY and the most WELL KNOWN OBVIOUS METHOD of gaining salvation through God he won't touch; not for one second. We watch this man losing his mind, whether he admits it or not he's desperate for help, he's surrounded by Jewish associates,  and BY FAR THE EASIEST, MOST EFFORTLESS, and most loving manner to implore is the asking for help from Jesus Christ; a man (and God) who'll love Jim Carey 10X's more than any member of Hollywood, Hinduism or Buddhism.....BUT CAREY NEVER ATTEMPTS THE LOVE OF CHRISTIANITY!!!


       As the C.I.A. and N.S.A. battle for power over each other, we suffer from the C.I.A. releasing scams which also drive a wedge between the U.S. and Russia as Trump's time had arrived and he was too friendly with Putin, a man fighting against the N.W.O. Read the article to the right from tomatobubble.com

Google & Facebook - 2 sides of the same evil coin

         All FB pictures are being shared with our government to utilize as face recognition software; thus, Black Boxes which implore the Face Recognition Software have already began 'popping-up' in Manhattan, NY. 

Google continues its influence and dominance over the internet as it attempts eliminating private sights for people to receive real news and info. DON"T USE GOOGLE!!



Truth is Truth, It's Not Up For Debate

redeemingtruth.com: allows the common person to acquire the truth of the world around them, because unfortunately, one of the greatest crimes against humanity has been the erasing of our history and the continual deception regarding many  factors of our society.

How It All Began, Saving Lives

Pittsburgh Shooting:

Evidence of yet additional

False Flag Fakery Surfaces

Being this shooting occurred at a Synagogue (Tree of Life Synagogue) is really all the evidence needed o determine it another False-Flag.

However, why do the Police keep referring to the shooter as an ACTOR, within the Police Transcript?


 The Untold Story of Afghanistan

  and Over-Doses Within the U.S.A.

    If roughly a 1/2 million people have died from opioid overdose since 2001 with the rates at 5X's they were previously to 2001, then I suppose we can chalk up about 400,000 deaths from overdose by cause of opiates directly to the invasion of Afghanistan. The 3,000 Americans who died in the Twin

      Towers and airplanes is yet a small portion of the true tragedy of this story.

Whether true or not, a

Freemason once claimed:

Some of the Astronomical numbers taught by NASA weren't the result of mathematical science, but merely established by the members of a London

Lodge through ritualistic numbers. Still not convince, well, visit Pg. 2 for more on NASA, Star Trails, etc.



  Chemtrails Are Now Undeniable

      32 states now retain legislation for weather modification.

         In 2012, China boasted they kept weather good to last through the opening ceremonies of the Olympics which they hosted.

        George Bush and John Kerry are just a few of the corrupt members of the Skull & Bones organization depicted by this logo. (left). Learn how this group got its start in Opiate trafficking from India into China whence England required an American ally due to the Chinese King vehemently opposing their opium imports.

 Why Does the U.S. Govern. Undoubtedly Conceal Child Kidnappings; Even Withholding National Records?   

         Mattis Out, the Man Who Stopped Trump from Nuking Syria
"Eat shit and die Trump! (figuratively)" the real Mattis message, according to White House insiders
December 20, 2018 By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor (veterantoday.com) VT News

         I was never a big fan of Mattis. I wanted him to do more to stop Trump. Mattis was assistant to Gw Todd (VT Editor) when she was at the National Security Council. Gw says he is OK. I have to accept that. Of what we do know, Mattis remained steadfast when Trump came out against Syria, buying the Fox News line about gas attacks. This was a humiliation not just for the US but for Mattis who knew quite well that it was all bullshit. Mattis also knew Russia and Syria could shoot down our missiles. Mattis also knew that between Trump’s arrogance and tantrums and Israel’s insanity, Russia would eventually have enough. This is how Syria got both the S300 and “Iron Dome Killer” Iskadar M system and the green light to use it.

As for why Mattis quit or was fired, we know this from meetings held in Damascus today between Russian officials and the Damascus government:
    • Russia fully supports Syria in retaking 100% of the territory North and East of the Euphrates River.
    • Russia has identified Bolton as the architect of a new plan to push Turkey into a confrontation with Russia. Trump offered Erdogan delivery of F35 fighters starting in 3 weeks and bought off Erdogan with  

    the US withdrawal. Erdogan is now talking about backout out of the S400 or buying both, the Patriot and S400, a total waste.

    • Reports today from Russian forces inside Syria tell of American transport aircraft taking off from America’s illegal airbases inside Syria, the drawdown of personnel began today.


          Erdogan is the key to all of it, with Bolton (now Trump’s handler for Israel) up to his usual neocon tricks. All the while, Bolton, working for Israel, is planning for the right time to overthrow Erdogan, overthrow or assassinate. In the interim, the US is probably going to thread in PMCs (Private Military Contractors.) Problem is, ISIS and al Qaeda are, of course, PMCs as well.
As for Trump’s motivation, I think putting Trump into the picture is a mistake. I don’t think he makes policy nor was he able to get rid of Mattis, which all of this might well be about. Bolton wanted Mattis out and, as Israel’s goon in DC, is dedicated to the longterm takedown of both the US and Russia on behalf of Zionism. If only I were just imagining this. From the rarefied life he has lived, kissing ass and bending over year after year, ugly inside and out, watching his “betters” suffer at the hands of brutal Israel rule will satisfy some dark corner where his soul might have once dwelt. If one watches the markets, they are down down down to where Obama was, and remember, this was an Obama paying off national debt while Trump is running a trillion plus a year in deficits….   and so it goes…

Police Transcript

12/25/2018  Xmas Day

2016:  A recreation of Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph was unveiled in New York on Monday, almost a year after Islamic State militants destroyed the original structure. The 1,800-year-old Roman arch was blown up by the extremist group last October, but a team of archeologists at Oxford University’s Institute for Digital archeology  (IDA) set about recreating it, in an act of resistance to Isis’s rampant acts of cultural destruction in Iraq and Syria. Standing at two-thirds the scale of the original, the arch is made of Egyptian marble and was built using 3D printing technology, based on photographs of the original arch. Isis (named after the Masonic Goddess, though sold to the commoners as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) captured the city from government forces in May 2015, and progressively damaged its Roman-era ruins, staging mass executions in the ancient amphitheater.

            Though Manhattan was chosen for the monuments original location, it caused an avalanche of controversy and the project was derailed. Therefore, London became the home for the satanic monument. "Our leaders" even chose Baltaine Day for the unveiling of the arch, as this holiday is dedicated to Child Sacrifice; a requirement of Baal worship. This gross ceremony was attended by powerful government and industry leaders, mostly supplied from the E.U. (European Union).

            Thereafter, Baal's Arch (which [the original] stood as the entrance to the Temple of Baal) made it's way to N.Y.C. and was erected in front of the U.N. and Mayor's office; a few blocks away from Ground Zero. The media changed its tone calling the monument The Palmyra Arch, as the original was located in Palmyra, Syria. The Mayor of N.Y.C. followed the orders of his Luciferian leaders by delivering a speech which detailed Baal's Arch as a representation of freedom. But, freedom from what? Baal represents freedom from God, and the Mayor certainly meant this when he spoke of freedom.

A replica of Palmyra's Arch of Triumph in London

      Unfortunately, it's primarily only followers of Christ who realize this deception which has now existed for thousands of years and continues to be placed upon our modern populace. It's further disappointing that most Christians aren't paying attention to this, and simply having no idea what's occurring around them as they're too involved with their busy work and family lives. Our younger generation becomes more and more exposed to harmful seducing spirits. The most utilized seducing spirit, another representation of Satan and the primary example of Satan, is the Baphomet. (Goatman). This gross symbolism is commonly displayed as a head in a pentagram and the most applied logo of Satan by the satanists/luciferians around the world. Henceforth, where have our leaders implored the Baphomet in public for all to see?.....

2015:  The Satanic Temple unveiled a 9-foot (2.7 m) tall bronze sculpture depicting Baphomet, in Detroit, Michigan. The group attempted to have the statue installed alongside the Ten

              Commandments Monument in Oklahoma. The one-ton sculpture shows Baphomet, with a human body and a goat's head, with a little boy and a girl; however, this gross example

              displaying its additional dedication to pedophilia was a bit too much for O.K. Nonetheless, a Baphomet statue would soon arrive on the State House lawn in Arkansas!

2017:  A 35mi. underground railway named the Goddard Tunnel in Switzerland was opened with a strange and grand ceremony. This event was accompanied by power government and industry

              leaders from around the world; particularly, from the E.U. (European Union). There was people dressed in demonic costumes dancing and suspended from cables. At the head of these

              individuals was the Baphomet; a man dressed as the Goat-Man. (man w/goat-head).  In front of the Baphomet, a representation of Satan, was other people performing sex acts, apparently

              enjoyed by our leaders.

               Pastor Carl C. was a former investigator for the police and has now been bringing this blatant and public luciferian worship by the financial-elite to the public's attention via the internet,

               but of 'course he's been labeled a conspiracy theorist and this term first coined by the C.I.A. in 1967 continues to hide the truth from many's eyes.

  Jeremiah 32:35 ➖ “And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire unto Molech;

                                              which I commanded them not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     For More Info. visit Pg. 2 Sophistical Society


The god Baál is a demonic representation of Satan. Found throughout the Old Testament, the Hebrew people sinned on multiple occasions. Presently, we're witnessing yet another returned to Baal worship.


       Family Attorney Blows the Whistle on State Child Protective Services Agencies

Bill Hahn | JBS    Wednesday, July 11, 2007
               Practicing family attorney Gregory Hession confirms child protective service agencies engage in abusive, deliberate and dirty tricks motivated by federal funding. Every year thousands of families are forcibly separated from their children based on unsubstantiated or outright false allegations of child abuse. Gregory Hession, a practicing constitutional and family law attorney in Mass., says that for these families, the nightmare has only begun.
            Children in child protective services (CPS) have been abused, wounded, brain washed, drugged, adopted out and some have even died. Hession has represented hundreds of these families and has dedicated himself to exposing CPS abuses and reuniting loving, deserving families. He documents CPS abuses in the July 23, 2007, issue of The New American magazine.
READ MORE: Family Attorney Blows the Whistle on State Child Protective Services Agencies (PrisonPlanet.com)  


Secret Societies & Child Abuse incl. Pedophilia Is Out of Control!


       There is an enormous amount of evidence to categorically prove to the genuine seeker of truth and justice, that the Secret Societies who run Intelligence Networks are sexually abusing, and murdering children all around the world.

Shock study: 12% of kids sexually abused in government custody

Child Protective Services are Pedophiles, Killers and Abusers? ...says Alex Jones of Infowars.com

 Paul Watson additionally appeared on Infowars to claim the 'financial-elite' of this country indeed engage in absurdly high levels of child abuse including pedophilia.


In the US each year 400,000 children are reported missing;

In the UK 98,000 children are reported missing.

Many Sources Supplied for a Full Investigation

Our Leaders, the Financial-Elite Are (almost all) Pedophiles

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  These people are obsessed with Pedophilia, no remorse or forgiveness,shall be given without repentance and even then... that's left in god's hands only.

Human Sacrifice

Jeremiah 32:35, “And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire unto Molech; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.”

Truth is stranger than fiction! Human sacrifice has been around since the beginning of mankind. As we learn from our text verse, child sacrifice occurred in the Old Testament. It is shocking to grasp the truth that God's people actually succumbed to such a heathen practice. Under the right circumstances, anyone is capable of anything. A society that will tolerate and practice the abortion of 57,000,000 children (as we have in America), are capable of any evil. And in fact, abortion is a form of human sacrifice, sacrificing precious lives on the altar of self and personal convenience!

The picture to the right is Moloch. Notice that the man placing a baby into the hands of Moloch, with a fire blazing under the arms of the alter. Notice the people worshipping the large idol. This is wickedness. Idolatry and human sacrifice are often synonymous. The occult and satanism are synonymous. Both groups worship the Devil in one form or another. Satan is often worship by occultists in the form of “Lucifer,” the angel of light (2nd Corinthians 1:13-15). Wiccan witches worship Lucifer. Satanists worship the Devil (although some gullibly claim that Satan is only an ideal to them). Both groups hate Jesus Christ and Biblical Christianity. Lucifer was an archangel in Heaven before he rebelled against God. Michael and Gabriel are also archangels, who didn't follow Lucifer. Luciferians don't like to call Lucifer “the Devil” or “Satan,” because of the evil connotations. Freemasons recognize him as “Baphomet.”

The following disturbing photo on the next page is of the Cremation Of Care ceremony at Bohemian Grove in California. You can hear a brief clip of the actual ceremony here... CREEPY!!! Alex Jones of Infowars.com snuck in with a camera in the year 2,000 and recorded the event, which sent chills throughout the world as truth-seekers discovered the shocking truth—Our nation's top leaders are Satan worshippers!!! The photo below is from Alex's camera...

ABOVE: Bohemian Grove, a secret society of elite devil worshippers and homosexuals who meet every July just north of San Francisco. President Richard Nixon said it was “the most faggy God damned thing you could ever imagine.” Former attendees included such men as Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr., Henry Kissinger, Walter Cronkite, Alan Greenspan, Jimmy Carter and Colin Powell, to name just a few.
At the Bohemian Grove, the world's top leaders meet every summer just north of San FranSICKO, for an orgy of sexual depravity and debauchery. The meeting features an occult ceremony invoking the god of Bohemia, where a 40-foot owl is worshipped, and a human being is sacrificed in effigy. Many people question if the sacrifice is a real human being. We simply do not know. Actual witches gather outside the gates of the club during its festivities, holding séances and performing witchcraft rituals. Please watch the excellent 2:02 hour eye-opening video by Alex Jones titled, “DARK SECRETS: INSIDE BOHEMIAN GROVE.” Folks, this is not television, we're talking about real life events here! Our government's leaders and the highest ranking whose who of every industry and profession meet together each year at Bohemian Grove to worship Moloch (Baal). They invoke the spirit of Satan!
Hollywood is saturated with satanism and the occult. I'm surprised that there is not more information online, considering the massive depth of satanism in our American culture. Human sacrifice is commonplace in the United States and Europe. Every year 50,000 children disappear without a trace in the United States. Shockingly, many of those children are lost by Child Protection Services (CPS). Please watch this disheartening video of Senator Nancy Schafer courageously exposing CPS kidnapping of children for cash incentives, and a massive epidemic of child sexual abuse within the CPS system. Mrs. Schafer and her husband were brutally murdered in 2010 for exposing the child molesting ring operating through the CPS system in the United States.
WARNING: In 2006, a disturbing movie was produced starring Nicolas Cage titled, “THE WICKER MAN” This is one of the creepiest films ever made! The frightening thing is that everything in the movie is a 100% accurate portrayal of witchcraft, Baphomet, yin-yang, the phallic symbol (obelisk), goddess worship, the occult and satanism. The female dominated occult group torture Nicolas Cage, breaking both of his legs with a sledge hammer. They then put a bee's helmet over his head and fill it full of several hundred stinging bees, which sting his eyes swollen and blind him. The torture continues and he is injected with adrenaline by the head witch to prevent him from fainting. He is dragged and locked inside a giant Wickerman, which is then set ablaze by his own biological daughter. Nicolas Cage is sacrificed to the goddess, burned alive while screaming and begging for mercy. The cold-hearted crowd laughs and cheers as an innocent man burns to death, and then the film ends. Creepy!

I've done much personal research into the occult, witchcraft and satanism. As a Christian, that makes the subject much more interesting. It also makes it much easier for me to understand such things, because I have a good understanding of the Word of God in the King James Bible. No one can truly understand the New World Order apart from a basic understanding of the Holy Scriptures. The first place to start is with 2nd Corinthians 4:4, which identifies our enemy as, “Satan, the god of this world.” Satan is behind all the major wars in this world. Satan is responsible for the evils of Hollywood. Satan is the owner of Sin City Las Vegas. Satan is the owner of every dirty liquor establishment. Satan is a lying, thieving, murdering, hater! The Devil is a nefarious (extremely wicked) spirit, who never sleeps.
It shouldn't be surprising that human sacrifice exists, when every year in the U.S. people murder over one million human lives in the womb. The public relations folks at Bohemian Grove assure the concerned public that no human lives are lost during their Cremation Of Care ritual each July at the club. Yet, we still wonder, because of the lying nature of all politicians and our federal government. Mr. Obama has now topped 1,000 lies since accepting the Office of U.S. President several years ago in 2009. It has been a nightmare for our country!
However, the following human sacrifices are 100% real. Children are deliberately kidnapped, murdered and sacrificed to Satan. Truth is stranger than fiction. This is the world today! END
“Hostile” movie reflects elite murder parties
INFOWARS.COM - Ralph Rieckermann, the former bassist for The Scorpions, admits he has attended elite snuff parties where people are murdered for the entertainment of the wealthy guests who pay up to $100,000 to attend.
Former Scorpions Bassist Claims He Attended Elite Snuff Parties
VIGILANT CITIZEN | September 23, 2015
The former rock star Ralph Rieckermann candidly explains on camera how he attended parties where guests paid big bucks to see people get killed.

If regular people knew what the occult elite did behind closed doors, they would be horrified, terrified and completely baffled by the fact that they hold most of the world’s wealth and power. While there is a massive concerted effort to keep these truths out of the public space, sometimes some of that disgusting, stinking truth leaks out in unexpected places.

In a TMZ segment from 2012 with the former bassist of the rock band Scorpions, Ralph Riekermann admits he attended snuff parties, where guest paid over $100K to watch a live murder. ...

SOURCE: http://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/former-scorpions-bassist-claims-he-attended-elite-snuff-parties-video
The rock and roll band, “The Scorpions,” are as satanic and pedophile as can be. On the front cover of their “Virgin Killer” album, a 12-year-old girl is displayed naked. The occult perverts who designed the album cover use an Illuminati pyramid, with the point of the capstone in her vagina. It is too promiscuous and unholy for me to show you. She is 99% naked and the photo is highly provocative. The band members of The Scorpions and everyone involved in producing such wickedness ought to be rotting behind bars in prison!!! God will burn them in Hell fire unless they repent and get saved! Time is running out!
It does not surprise me that a heathen heavy-metal rock band that promotes child indecency, would also attend secret society snuff parties. Rieckermann says much worse things happened at the parties, which he refused to talk about publicly. I do not condemn anyone, for I am a big sinner just like anybody else. The truth is that God's Word condemns all humanity. That's why Jesus Christ didn't come to condemn anyone, because “he that believeth not is condemned already” (John 3:18b). Jesus warned, “except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish” (Luke 13:5b). HE THAT BELIEVETH IS NOT CONDEMNED!!! (a precious salvation MP3 sermon by Dr. Jack Hyles, 1926-2001).
On his personal website, in the biography (“Bio”) section, Ralph Rieckermann asks the viewer what is the most important thing for any human being? His worldly answer is to live in the moment. But the Holy Bible has a very different answer...
Ecclesiastes 12:13-14, “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.”
Human sacrifices 'on the rise in Uganda' as witch doctors admit to rituals
Witch doctors in Uganda have admitted their part in human sacrifice amid concerns that the practice is spreading in the African country.
THE TELEGRAPH | January 2010
One man said he had clients who had captured children and taken their blood and body parts to his shrine, while another confessed to killing at least 70 people including his own son.
The latter has now given up the ritual and is campaigning to stamp it out, according to BBC News.
The African country's government claimed human sacrifice was on the increase.
According to officials trying to tackle it, the crime is directly linked to rising levels of development and prosperity - and an increasing belief that witchcraft can help people get rich quickly.
During its investigation, to be broadcast on Thursday on Radio 4 and Newsnight, the BBC team witnessed anti-sacrifice campaigners torching the shrine of a witch-doctor in northern Uganda, who agreed to give up the practice.
He said clients came to him in search of wealth.
"They go and capture other people's children. They bring the heart and the blood directly here to take to the spirits," he said.
"They bring them in small tins and they place these objects under the tree from which the voices of the spirits are coming."
The witch doctor, who said he was paid 500,000 Ugandan shillings (around £160) for a consultation, denied any direct involvement in murder or incitement to murder, saying his spirits spoke directly to clients.
Moses Binoga, the assistant police commissioner who is head of the Ugandan anti-human sacrifice and trafficking task force, said there were 26 murders thought to be part of ritual sacrifice last year compared with three cases in 2007.
"We also have about 120 children and adults reported missing whose fate we have not traced," he added. "From the experience of those whom we recovered, we cannot rule out that they may be victims of human sacrifice."
Crossing Continents - Uganda: Battling the Witch-Doctors will be broadcast on Radio 4 at 11am on Thursday.
Newsnight - Uganda: Battling the Witch-Doctors will be screened on BBC2 at 10.30pm
SOURCE: Human sacrifices 'on the rise in Uganda' as witch doctors admit to rituals - Telegraph
Horror of Kenya's 'Witch' Lynchings

Child sacrifice and ritual murders rise in Uganda as famine looms
Surge in deaths and kidnaps among poor linked to witch-doctors and organ trafficking
When James Katana returned from a church service to his village in the Bugiri district of eastern Uganda he was told that his three-year old son had been taken away by strangers.
"We were looking for my child for hours, but we couldn't find him," he said. "Someone rang me and told me my son was dead and had been left in the forest. I ran there and saw him lying in a pool of blood. His genitals had been cut off, but he was still alive." A witch-doctor is now in police custody, accused of the abduction and attempted murder of the boy.
Despite the mutilation and terror the child experienced, police say he was one of the lucky ones. Uganda has been shocked by a surge in ritualistic murders and human sacrifice, with police struggling to respond and public hysteria mounting at each gruesome discovery.
In 2008 more than 300 cases of murder and disappearances linked to ritual ceremonies were reported to the police with 18 cases making it to the courts. There were also several high-profile arrests of parents and relatives accused of selling children for human sacrifice.
In January this year the Ugandan government appointed a special police taskforce on human sacrifice and announced that 2,000 officers were to receive specialist training in tackling child trafficking with the support of the US government. Since the taskforce was set up there have been 15 more murders linked to human sacrifice with another 200 disappearances, mainly of children and young adults, under investigation.
"This year we have had more occurrences of people attempting to sell their children to witch-doctors as part of ritual ceremonies to guarantee wealth and prosperity," said Moses Binoga, acting commissioner of the anti-human sacrifice and trafficking taskforce.
Both police and NGOs are attributing the surge to a new wave of commercial witch-doctors using mass media to market their services and demand large sums of money to sacrifice humans and animals for people who believe blood will bring great prosperity.
"Cases of child sacrifice have always existed, mainly in the Ugandan central region, but there is a new strain of traditional healers in Uganda and their geographical spread is mainly attributed to increased unemployment and poverty," said Elena Lomeli. She is a volunteer with the British charity VSO who is supporting ANPPCAN Uganda, a child abuse NGO, in its work with victims in the capital Kampala. "My experience working with victims suggests that the abusers are greedy people who want to get rich quick. In rural areas, people can sacrifice their own child. In urban areas, educated and rich people will look for somebody else's."
Looming food shortages and famine hitting Uganda's poorest in the north and east are also feeding the demand for sacrificial rituals. "These are not poor people paying for these rituals, they are the wealthy elite taking advantage of the desperate poor," said Binoga. "In January a 21-year-old woman was jailed for 16 months for kidnapping a child and trying to sell him to a witch-doctor for a large sum. These cases are on the increase."
Ugandan police are increasingly linking the sudden increase in cases to organ trafficking. The anti-human trafficking taskforce said many of the bodies found in the past few months were missing organs such as kidneys, hearts and livers, a detail not consistent with many traditional ritualistic practices.
In May a report released by the US State Department said Uganda had become an international hub for human trafficking and highlighted the increased trade of children in the east of the country for their body parts . "We are investigating the possibility that some of these murders are the work of an international organ trafficking ring who are making these murders look like human sacrifice," said Binoga. END | READ MORE
Actor Elijah Wood Says: Hollywood Full Of 'Organized' Child Sex Abuse (We've known it all along!)
Elijah Wood Speaks Out on Child Abuse in Hollywood:
'There Are a Lot of Vipers in This Industry'
Elijah Wood Speaks Out on Child Abuse in Hollywood

BY ADAM CARLSON | 05/22/2016
Elijah Wood's long career in Hollywood, beginning when he was just 8, taught him that there "are a lot of vipers" in the industry, he told the Sunday Times in a new interview. READ MORE
* * * * * * *
Elijah Wood: Hollywood Full of ‘Organized’ Child Sex Abuse
by DANIEL NUSSBAUM | May 22, 2016

Actor Elijah Wood claims that Hollywood’s entertainment industry is rife with sexual abuse of young boys and girls — and that senior figures within it have been protecting pedophiles for decades.
In an interview with the Sunday Times, the Lord of the Rings star — who began acting in Hollywood at age nine — claimed that “organized” sexual abuse of children has taken place in the entertainment industry and compared the situation to that of notorious British pedophile Jimmy Savile.
The Franklin Child Sex Ring Implicating the Bush Whitehouse

ABOVE: Remember, Bohemian Grove is a notoriously homosexual gathering, including Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr.! Before he passed away, patriot Bob Chapman repeatedly told Alex Jones listeners that Reagan was known as “Rainbow Ronnie” in southern California, where Chapman lived for 35 years. These men were not what they appeared to be, to deceive the simple. Furthermore, Skull & Bones (of which George Bush Sr. is a member, is also notorious for its homosexual rites. New members purportedly commit homosexual acts, lay naked in a coffin, and are said to be “born again” into the order).

Sex Abuse and the Elite
Boy's Town Sexual Abuse
TV Executives Exploit Underaged Teen Girls
DynCorp Disgrace (child exploitation by the elite)
5,200 Pentagon Employees Download Porn!
U.S. News
Pentagon said lax on child porn probe
Published: January 5, 2011 at 10:35 AM
WASHINGTON, Jan. 5 (UPI) — A U.S. senator says the Pentagon should have paid more attention to employees downloading child pornography on their work and home computers.

Senator Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, told The Boston Globe he was informed that Pentagon investigators failed to check all the names on a list of 5,200 employees suspected of viewing child pornography.

He said 1,700 names on the list were not reviewed, the Globe reported Wednesday.

"These cases were not considered a priority by the Defense Department in the first place, and they should have been," Grassley said.

They stem from an expansive investigation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement known as Project Flicker.

Downloading child pornography is a federal crime punishable by prison sentences of five to 20 years.

Members of Congress and other officials say employees with high-level security classifications are vulnerable to blackmail if they access such materials.

The Defense Department's inspector general has told Grassley the department is working to correct problems with the investigation.
SOURCE: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2011/01/05/Pentagon-said-lax-on-child-porn-probe/UPI-38061294241751/

Aleister Crowley is Revered Amongst Rock Singers and the Industry!
Aleister Crowley (1875-1947)— Initiated to the Highest Level of Freemasonry and high priest of the Golden Dawn, said: “A white male child of perfect innocence and intelligence makes the most suitable victim.”
Infamous Satanist, Pedophile, bisexual and drug-addict, Aleister Crowley, is revered by Rock singers and bands. Ozzy Osbourne produced a tribute song in 1980 called Mr. Crowley, honoring Aleister Crowley. Crowley and the founder of Wicca Witchcraft, Gerald Gardner, were close personal friends. The Beatles also praised and admired Aleister Crowley. Jimmy Page , Guitarist of Led Zeppelin, bought A. Crowley's castle after he died

1st Kings 21:20, “And Ahab said to Elijah, Hast thou found me, O mine enemy? And he answered, I have found thee: because thou hast sold thyself to work evil in the sight of the LORD.”

CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT'S PEDOPHILE RINGS AT GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL 2003  Aleister Crowley — Initiated to the highest levels of Freemasonry and high priest of the Golden Dawn, said:

                                                                                                                                                             “A white male child of perfect innocence and intelligence makes the most suitable victim.”
In the US each year 400,000 children are reported missing;
In the UK 98,000 children are reported missing.

The Rock band, Hypocrisy, sings: Pleasures of Molestation, while Nirvana sang: Incesticide!

The Album cover for the  band, KORN, who have sold over 35,000,000 albums worldwide (16,000,000 in the United States), displays  how evil this world has become! Notice the shadow of the child hanging! Americans have bought 16,000,000 albums from this sicko Rock band!!!

Satanists are Still Abducting, Raping & Killing Children
Opium Brides (heroine & 7-year old girls taken in Afghanistan for pedophile global elite)
Family Attorney Blows the Whistle on State Child Protective Services Agencies - PrisonPlanet.com
Bill Hahn | JBS
Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Practicing family attorney Gregory Hession confirms child protective service agencies engage in abusive, deliberate and dirty tricks motivated by federal funding. Every year thousands of families are forcibly separated from their children based on unsubstantiated or outright false allegations of child abuse. Gregory Hession, a practicing constitutional and family law attorney in Mass., says that for these families, the nightmare has only begun.
Children in child protective services (CPS) have been abused, wounded, brain washed, drugged, adopted out and some have even died. Hession has represented hundreds of these families and has dedicated himself to exposing CPS abuses and reuniting loving, deserving families. He documents CPS abuses in the July 23, 2007, issue of The New American magazine. ...
Sources: PAN'S LABYRINTH | THE HELLFIRE CLUB | Ritualized Child Abuse | Sex Abuse And The Elite

Special News Report: Important/Urgent

                   1st Genetically Engineered Baby

        Speaking at a genetics conference in Hong Kong earlier today, embattled Chinese scientist He Jiankui said he was “proud” to have created the world’s first genetically edited babies, despite receiving near-universal condemnation from his peers. Speaking publicly today for the first time, the scientist offered new details about his unauthorized, clandestine project including news of another woman who is pregnant with an edited embryo.

          On Monday, an Associated Press report of the world’s first gene-edited babies—twin girls nicknamed Lula and Nana—rocked the scientific community, and not in a good way. Chinese scientist He Jiankui admitted to using the CRISPR/cas9 gene-editing tool to modify human embryos, in hopes of making them resistant to HIV. He said the girls, who were born earlier this month, are “normal and healthy,” but critics say it’s still too early to judge. While outside scientists have yet to confirm that He truly did genetically edit human embryos, if the claims are true, the experiment represents a major breach of research ethics.

          He’s achievement, if it can be called that, was widely condemned by scientists and ethics community, who railed off a litany of concerns. CRISPR, for instance, has been used to modify human embryos before, but much is still unknown about this pioneering biotechnology and how it might affect the long-term health of genetically edited humans. In the U.S., for example, scientists are allowed modify the DNA of embryos for research, but edited embryos can’t be implanted in a mother’s womb and must be destroyed. The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine says human gene-editing is a good idea in principle—it’s just way too early to start making genetically modified babies. It could be years, decades, or even an entire generation before all the risks are known.

Research the human hybridization needed and going to occur in the Last Days. Christ informed us it would be the same as it was before the Great Flood (of Noah)

29 Pg.


          Has this trend occurred by coincident, or is lowered birth-rates resulting by orchestrated by design?

        German citizens were told Germany needed massive immigration, because their fertility had plummeted!

               "If anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to stumble, it will be better for him to have
                     a millstone fastened around neck and tossed into the sea"           Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ

This statement, particularly forced in Europe but now with liberals in America volunteering this agenda, is for all the school systems, teachers, and parents who are currently teaching children in 'elementary schools' to identify themselves as homosexual and bisexual; an agenda taught by Satan to end the procreation of his hated mankind.


        Why don't the powerful Occultist's, the Freemasons and others who control our nation want Christians running for high level office?

        None of our Senators and Congressmen our Christians anymore ... Because none of their  Black Magic control spells will work on someone protected by the Blood of Christ.

                                                                                                                                                                                        - S. P.

For More Info. Visit Pg. 4  (+ Pgs. 2, 6 & 6.4)

"The Individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it to exist. The American mind has simply not come to the realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst"- Former FBI Director J Edgar Hoover

         Masonic Vatican

 The 280yr. Infiltration Attack

➖ Freemasons, 1917

"Satan must rule in the Vatican.

      The Pope will be his slave."

     Trump’s Rothschild Bribe: Deutsche Bank Weighed

             Extending Trump Loans on Default Risk


      Go-To Lender Deutsche Bank had been Trump’s go-to lender for decades__  __Although the German lender’s investment bank had severed ties with Trump during the financial crisis, after he defaulted on a loan and then sued the bank, its wealth management unit continued to extend him credit. 


      But, as the New York Times first reported, Deutsche Bank had already turned down a request for a loan from the Trump Organization for work on a Scottish golf course in early 2016, during the campaign, in part because of concern that it might have to collect from a sitting presidentread more at Bloomberg

   Henceforth, pay attention to apprehend what occurs because Trump's further into the pockets of the House of Rothschild.


      I traveled back in time through the Spiritual World and perceived the Giza Pyramids when they retained their smooth shiny white covering. Additionally, I saw their Dog-Headed God Anubis...he is real!

        The Egyptians studied the afterlife through Soul (astral) Travel.Now I comprehend the fact of which they truly saw the being known as Anubis, and why they believed he was a god of those lands.

           Astral Time-Travel

 I Saw Anubis the Egyptian 'God'

Click to watch/download video

 The Staggering Truth: Newcomer's yet to study Page 2 Sophistical Society & Page 4 Consciousness, Cannot Perceive

         The 'Continual Movie' aired on television via News Networks and other programs which depict everyday normal life and the status of our govt.  and its leading men and women is so far from the way things truly are, most citizens would never be able to make such an enormous jump with their mindset and understanding to allow apprehension of the real description of our ruling-class and the course of events truly occurring.

           In the alternative news, books, and articles we hear much concerning the Illuminati bloodlines, but the word Illuminati and this category of conspiracy which this name falls-under stretches the imagination of most Americans to its max. Nevertheless, the true nature of these bloodlines is far more sinister and nonhuman than most heavy 'conspiracy theorists can even handle. Yes, these people are Satanists. Yes, they're heavily involved in the trafficking and abuse of children; primarily engaging in pedophilia and child sacrifice ceremonies. Though, when truth seekers hear they beseech the blood of pre-puberty children to steal the child's life-force, no further assessment occurs into this statement to uncover what such a claim implies. 

           These individuals are not merely Luciferian's but Satan's actual militia. Seemingly consisting of human bodies, what these people actually consist of, are vessels for demonic entities; similar to the method of our own bodies, Biblically referred to as the Temple of God, are vessels for God's Spirit and the Human soul. Whence studying Metaphysics (Library Page 3 off top menu) we perceive the knowledge of how to feed Satan's demons through fear and the celebration of mocking God's perfect invention; the human. The financial-elite ruling-class consistently maintains the populace in states of fear which works very well to control the population. Pedophilia places a child in obvious fear and another method of feeding these demons, which in turn delivers them divine power is the sacrificial blood of infants and young children.

Image result for Satan horns politicians

Image result for Satan horns politicians

Page #2

Sophistical Society

       Brigitte Gabriel delivers a speech on America's failure to educate its children on TRUE history; particularly concerning our European heritage and its over one-thousands of attacks and slavery at the hands of Islam. It's true, that recent terrorist attacks and the so-called War on Terror were manufactured by a ruling-class of bankers and Freemasons primarily, who remain our foremost concern and evil in this world. Unfortunately, our world is full of people who love violence and hate anyone different from themselves. Therefore, Islam is a major concern as well, as we bear-witness to what it's brought upon Europe.

To view a map depicting the Crusades vs. the Islamic attacks on Europe & N. Africa visit: www.verity.webstarts.hiddenhistory.html


Other Recommended You Tube Titles:

Ridiculous Number of Children Missing in Oregon

People Who Disappeared in National Parks Bizarre True Story

The Chaotic Truth that Muslims Are Causing in Sweden in Europe

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Addiction Recovery

      When viewing Masonic, Zionist and Marxist writings; these groups have long believed the most effective method of controlling a population is through fear. Keep them in fear of something, lately, its Terrorist Attacks. In the 50's, school children were forced into Nuclear Warfare Drills, and made to crawl under their desks, as if this tactic would protect from nuclear attack!

Page #1.2B

The Real International Illegal Drug-Trade

Page #3 | Science & Medicine

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Page #5.2 More

Hidden History

-On 3/22/2016 a Terrorist Attack occurred

        in Brussels Belgium

-On 3/22/2017 another attack occurred in

        London, England

-On 3/23 2018 (they must've had some one-day delay)

        A Gunman (supposed affiliation w/Islamic Terrorism)

        went on a shooting spree in France, killing a

        police officer among the victims.

Page #5 Human Origins

Occultism Taking-Over America  also view older post on 12/25/18


 1)   In Gulfstream Park, Hallandale Beach FL. a 110ft. Pegasus Statue has been erected; an obvious sign of pagan worship.

2)    In Tennessee, an exact replica of the Greek Parthenon has been constructed featuring inside a huge Athena Goddess statue holding the pagan figure Nike in right hand. (Yes, Nike is a pagan name).

3)  Also in Memphis, built in the 1990's as a former basketball arena is an enormous pyramid which is further being brought into the public spotlight as a newly renovated shopping plaza

                                                                             - These are a mere few examples, for more info. visit Pg. #2


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LEFT: Truth concerning Hollywood. Yes, the CIA & Illuminati are in control. but who controls them?

The Human Heart, a Proven 2nd Brain

        The ancient Egyptians among many other cultures taught human intelligence was stored in our hearts. At one time in my life this teaching wasn't affable, actually, I laughed at this theory. This behavior has recently come to bring my attention to the many false claims I’ve been taught and thought I knew as facts over the years. Lately, many have cultivated the electromagnetic waves which surround us, that combine everything, and can deliver us information. The Pineal-Gland [or 3rd Eye] has been the primary focus of psychic people’s ability to receive translatable signals, but let’s not forget the heart. It’s our heart which controls our electricity input and output as with every pump it delivers electricity throughout the Nervous System. Wherefore, why wouldn’t the heart also receive electromagnetic waves? The answer is, it does.
         There’s good reason within the Christian religion and teachings of Christ, so much emphasis is placed upon the heart; for this is the method of receiving divine guidance from the Christ.

Young Girl Murdered
         I once heard a story of a ten-year-old murdered girl , when upon her death, her heart was removed to be utilized in a transplant, saving the life of another young girl in need of a strong heart. The former girl’s murdered was never solved until a revelation by the latter. The eight-year-old girl who received the new heart was able

to then solve the murder mystery that puzzled the authorities. She had reoccurring nightmares of many detailed aspects of the murder. Seemingly, this dead girl lived on inside a different body and retained the knowledge of her death. Perhaps, the girl who received the transplant never felt any different; never felt as if someone was living inside her. Yet, she maintained the information which was apparently contained inside the human heart. Otherwise, we could theorize the brain may not have stored away intelligence but was somehow connected back to the murdered girl through electromagnetic waves signals which it was somehow (perchance, divinely) attracted to.

Gay Male, No Longer
        In another case of a heart transplant, we have a gay man; no doubt about it, this was his lifestyle. Nevertheless, after receiving a new heart this man considered himself cured from homosexuality. This man’s brain or any other organ surely couldn’t produce the noticability of the human heart.

        The Ancient Egyptians knew the heart was a storehouse of memory and intelligence thousands of years prior to my own discovering. As a Western culture, we shall be reminded this know=how was also present in the days of Jesus and early Christianity.

                                                                Other transplantee's have it feels they're sharing their body with someone else.

 NASA's use of Augmented Virtual Reality to Fake the ISS footage, a technical breakdown by Mike Helmick.

Israel Declares Itself Attacked by Palestine In Yet Another Obvious False Flag!

       Tel Aviv was hit by another rocket yesterday and Bibi declared it to be Palestinians in order to justify sending 2 military brigades into the Gaza strip. Some are calling this the most obvious false-flag in recent history! This false-flag occurs with elections just around the corner, though elections mean nothing in Israel. The nation is the furthest thing from a democratic country.

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False-Flag Terrorism

Fake Science by Austin Ruse

         If you listen to any political argument, you're eventually bound to hear something like: "The science is settled on this." Or: "Just look at the statistics!" Or: "There have been studies that say..."

You'd think we were living in the golden age of science and reason. But the truth is far more sinister, says Austin Ruse. We're actually living in the age of the low information voter, easily mislead by all-too-convincing false statistics and studies. In Fact-Shaming, Ruse debunks so-called "facts" used to advance political causes one after the other, revealing how poorly they stand up to actual science.

Recommended Literature

 Visit the Theology Book Library of Jesus Christ:  Pg. # 6..3 and read literature commencing with the 1st century heading into the 2nd with men like Clement, Polycarp, and Iraneus; some of the earliest Christians to be martyred. Or read the Epistles from St. Ignatius of Antioch or from the writings of Justin Martyr.

     Move forward a few centuries to St. Augustine of Hippo's writings, then St. Thomas Aquinas to Dominick Marsiglio who was slightly more political. Perhaps, move-on to the numerous writings of St. Ignatius of Loyola or something even newer  with St. John of Avila.

      Within this library, one can also find a  letter from Jesus to King Agbar, an article depicting Demons and their locations within the Bible, the Holy Bible ft. Hebrew & Greek text side-by-side or the book titled the Life of Benedict by Gregory the Great St. john of Avila.

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Kingdom of God (Mystical Union)

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        Representing the Forbidden Fruit as the Orgasm released during sexual intercourse - this gnostic version of the Garden of Eden may be heretical in its overall nature, nonetheless, it delivers a firm understanding on the commencing beliefs of Immaculate Conception (possibly inspiring the Virgin Birth; or truth instead of) and the comprehension of the practice of abstinence and how sex once weakened our connection to God.

        Those familiar with Consciousness on library Pg. #4 will already possess apprehension on sexual energy being utilized to raise our kundalini energy as it's commonly called.

May 25th 2019                                                                                  More Details below on Page in the News Section.

Russia Benefits from Iran Conspiracy

April 22th, 2019

Notre Dame Cathedral, the representation of Catholicism in France, rages in massive fire!

   Former Chief Architect says, "Ancient Oak Doesn't Burn Like That!"

               Was this truly an accident?   

4/15/19 updated 4/21/19

Notre Dame Cathedral, the 11th Catholic Church destroyed in France Since Feb.

(1)    Former Notre Dame Chief Architect Benjamin Mouton, who oversaw the Cathedral's restoration in 2013 and was an Inspector of Monuments for France, has stated, "ancient oak doesn't burn like that."

(2)   Prior to this, possible construction accident, 10 Catholic Churches throughout France have been desecrated. Multiple churches have been set on fire! One church even had a crucifix with the Christ vandalized. As we review Pg. # 2 Sophistical Society and learn almost no big events like this are done by accident, similar to the lone-gunman myth, it becomes onerous to believe with the influx of Muslim immigration and Israeli dominance that this iconic cathedral's fire which destroyed its infamous spires, was actually set on fire by accident.

Brits Pass Law to Criminalize Independent Terror War Zone Reporting
By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor - veteranstoday.com
April 13, 2019

UK starts implementing controversial legislation on terror zone presence  …from Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: We have seen this coming for a long time, all part of the “total surveillance” thing. The presumption of innocence, which was never a worldwide right, is on its way out even in the US, with Britain apparently ahead of us.

Will our courts protect us from this political mafia scourge? Don’t hold your breath. The control over who gets approved for judicial slots has gone mainstream. The idea the judges should be independent, the Deep State folks view that is just damn silly, an Alice in Wonderland concept.

With most of corporate media long in the bag, if not all as many would say, the bullseye is now on what is left of independent journalism. It the big media houses want to avoid expensive litigation with governments, the small independents have way less ability to resist the obvious intimidation.

Catch below how “viewing terrorist-related material online could be prosecuted”. Imagine that. Journalists could be targeted for doing background research, something which is a never ending task for real journalists.

These border guard guys are under pressure now to “flip” journalists, meaning that if they want to roam around with no problems, they must become agents of the government, supplying them information.

This makes all journalists in a terror war zone kidnapping targets of Jihadiis to catch and torture into admitting that they were Intel agency spies. Those who are really independent have no one to call upon for help when captured, which sends a message to all the remaining “independents”.



Southern California, Another False-Flag Shooting?

     Occurring 20 miles north of San Diego was supposedly another shooting event. As my local News10 reports, "on the last day of Passover"_ "6 months to the day of the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting."

(1)    Well, when visit the news archives below, we learn that the Pittsburgh shooting was clearly a false-flag. Perhaps, if less Americans watched cable and even more got their news from https://redeemingtruth.com, then certain groups wouldn't be able to continue publishing fake news reports.   - S.P.





Kolbrin Bible


A deadly Legacy was originally nothing more than bought & paid for by Lord Rothschild tin attempt to eliminate Christianity.


              Swedish Artist 's Jail Term was Extended After He Committed a so-called

               ‘Hate Crime’  for simply Saying  Muslim Migrants Have Not Integrated

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Locked up for telling the truth

Paul Joseph Watson
April 27, 2019

            A Swedish artist’s jail term was extended after he committed the “hate crime” of saying that Muslim migrants do not integrate and that rape culture is a massive problem in Middle Eastern cultures.

          Street artist and provocateur Dan Park was originally jailed for three months after he tweeted that, “Rape culture is fundamental and OK among MENA [Middle East and North African] people”.

           Park was also imprisoned for “race hatred” because he referred to Muslim migrants as “blattar”. According to Wiktionary, ‘blattar’ means, “A person living in a Northern European country who is typically of Middle Eastern or North African descent. A wannabe gangster or immigrant who is not well integrated.”

            An appeals court in Malmo ruled against the previous district court ruling, which found him innocent of two of the seven charges, increasing Park’s prison sentence from three to four months.

          In other words, it’s now a hate crime in Sweden to tell the truth – that there are massive problems with integration amongst Muslim migrants. Also, given that the Middle East literally has something called “the rape game” (taharrush gamea), Park is being oppressed for being honest. Swedish citizens are routinely fined and imprisoned for criticizing Islam or Muslims

        Last year, we highlighted how a 70-year-old woman was interrogated by police and later convicted for an anti-Muslim Facebook post in which she expressed fear that Islam was taking over the country.

                                        More Info. on the invasion & genocide of Europe including horrific videos: Pg. # 2 Sophistical Society, Section: C.2  (scroll-down 50%)


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In the News: Another Obvious False-Flag!

        As the story goes: four oil-tankers were sabotaged in Fujairah today and this attack carries along with it the capacity to launch a new war of a magnanimous scale. Seemingly, this so-called attack was more cleverly done than the typical U.S./Israeli false-flag with no blood or oil being spilled. Additionally, the tankers involved were Saudi. It would require close cooperation with the ship owners to pull-off four sabotages nicely in order that produce no casualties but huge propaganda value. Is that why they are Saudi, UAE and Norwegian ships?

Believe me, it’s not by chance these ships just happened to be Norwegian, Saudi, and United Arab Emirates; none of which owns more than one percent of the world’s oil tanker fleet. Therefore, the odds that these four tankers were sabotaged are so outrageous that it simply wouldn’t occur. I assume Iran doesn’t desire to commence warfare with itself but I know of 3 other oil producing nations who strongly desire war with Iran; primarily Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. Whereupon, if you support this war with Iran, than prepare yourself for huge spikes in the prices of oil because that’s what it all about!

By the way, according to Forbes, “satellite imagery of the area, which is regularly examined by TankerTrackers.com, revealed no fires and no evidence of explosions.”

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           " The U.N. is not a Friend of Democracy _of Freedom, _Not Even the United States"

        It was amazing to hear President Donald Trump challenge the corrupt United Nations. On the contrary, he then focused on the U.N.'s mistreatment of Israel which is a compete joke. Every nation continually disagrees with Israel and her actions, but because of Israel's protection in the U.N. (basically from the U.S.A.) Israel is allowed to have massive concentration camps and commonly faults on treaties. Besides, the U.N. was formed by the Rothschild family, as was the state of Israel. Israel and the United States own the U.N. and neither cares what other countries thinks of their ideas and/or actions.

       What I'm concerned about is the now split within the U.N as a handful of nations including the U.S. and Israel have formed their own congregation inside the U.N. They're separating themselves from other nations and this would only be done if they've decided they're no longer giving heed to those other nations complaints/disagreements. Likewise, this path of preparation displays a future strategy to implement plans they already know other nations will denounce. Furthermore, the world control is being consolidated into the hands of less people; a move necessary on their quest to solidify their so-called New World Order.

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Lone Wolf or Terrorist?

"In recent years, references to such attacks have become inescapable. But this lazy term obscures the real nature of the threat against us"   But is this true? S.P.

by Jason Burke  an article taken from The Guardian with my response afterwards

              "At around 8pm on Sunday 29 January, a young man walked into a mosque in the Sainte-Foy neighbourhood of Quebec City and opened fire on worshippers with a 9mm handgun. The imam had just finished leading the congregation in prayer when the intruder started shooting at them. He killed six and injured 19 more. The dead included an IT specialist employed by the city council, a grocer, and a science professor.

              The suspect, Alexandre Bissonnette, a 27-year-old student, has been charged with six counts of murder, though not terrorism. Within hours of the attack, Ralph Goodale, the Canadian minister for public safety, described the killer as “a lone wolf”. His statement was rapidly picked up by the world’s media.

              Goodale’s statement came as no surprise. In early 2017, well into the second decade of the most intense wave of international terrorism since the 1970s, the lone wolf has, for many observers, come to represent the most urgent security threat faced by the west. The term, which describes an individual actor who strikes alone and is not affiliated with any larger group, is now widely used by politicians, journalists, security officials and the general public. It is used for Islamic militant attackers and, as the shooting in Quebec shows, for killers with other ideological motivations. Within hours of the news breaking of an attack on pedestrians and a policeman in central London last week, it was used to describe the 52-year-old British convert responsible. Yet few beyond the esoteric world of terrorism analysis appear to give this almost ubiquitous term much thought.

Terrorism has changed dramatically in recent years. Attacks by groups with defined chains of command have become rarer, as the prevalence of terrorist networks, autonomous cells, and, in rare cases, individuals, has grown. This evolution has prompted a search for a new vocabulary, as it should. The label that seems to have been decided on is “lone wolves”. They are, we have been repeatedly told, “Terror enemy No 1”.

Yet using the term as liberally as we do is a mistake. Labels frame the way we see the world, and thus influence attitudes and eventually policies. Using the wrong words to describe problems that we need to understand distorts public perceptions, as well as the decisions taken by our leaders. Lazy talk of “lone wolves” obscures the real nature of the threat against us, and makes us all less safe."

        My foremost problematic concern is the facts that lone-wolves are inspired by terrorism or by larger groups anyhow. Besides, this article which I came across above with displayed with a photograph of Timothy McVeigh, among others, and McVeigh wasn't a lone-wolf-shooter as claimed; neither are many others. As I'm sure you remember, McVeigh was arrested and labelled sometimes as a solo-perpetrator and by others a domestic terrorist who was responsible for the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995 which killed 168 people while injuring another 680. on the contrary, while our government and media have announced McVeigh to be the one-and-only person responsible, similar to the recent wave of school-shootings (and other attacks) this is simply not the TRUTH.  Timothy McVeigh was a victim of Illuminati-style Mind Control and just happened to spend 6 months living on a U.S. military base leading up to the attack. Furthermore, the fertilizer bomb could never have eliminated half the government building in Oklahoma as it did, bombs were reported denoting throughout the building inside (a fact hidden by the MSM), and dozens of F.B.I. agents immediately rushed throughout the building confiscating all security tapes; among other reasons which imply it was a false-flag event. Many of the recent so-called Terrorist Attacks, if not every single one of them , have also been staged events. (visit pg. 2.2).

      Anyhow, false-slag acts of terrorism are designed to implement new laws and remove our freedoms. Therefore, by complaining about the labeling of lone-wolf acts, Jason Burke above is simply stating he desires them to be labelled acts of terrorism which is even worse for our citizens! I'd rather support the lone-wolf myth but really it should be stated they acted in response to the recent wave of false-flag attacks staged by factions of government, because by calling these lone-wolves, our government merely has another agenda; such as the removal of the Right to Bear Arms.

      Yes, if they were true lone-wolf attacks, which they aren't , it would be proper to say they're inspired by larger groups and/or acts of terrorism - but only if the Terrorism was genuine, but we already apprehend it's clearly the expression of Hegelian Dialect. Therefore, we cannot win. The only honest and proper thing to do would be expose the higher elements of false flag terrorism, which would also eliminate the desire to commit violent acts in public by any potential 'real'  lone-wolves. S.P.

- Sacrificial Occult Ceremonies, may be the answer

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and 20th Century Truth

Section 1: Articles ft. Angels & Demons

Section 2; Many videos/documentaries warning Christians & non-believers of societies corruption and the need for Christ.

Section 3: Many free Christian movies & documentaries

Section 4: Theology, World Christian News, pictures, etc.

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More Christian Movies

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Christian Theology Library

On Pg. 6 & 6.2  find documentaries/movies never aired on cable networks owned by the haters of the Christ.

Instead, they air mega-churches w/false masonic Pastors masquerading as true followers to deceive the nation.

7 Churches of Revel.


                          Government Attacks Will Only Get Worse...


    How much distress and protest have the Direct Energy Weapons utilized in California and disguised by the media as Forest Fires, truly caused?

                                                   more info. at: https://hiddenhistory.webstarts.com/ca_wildfires.html

    How much upheaval abrupted over the historic Notre Dame Cathedral fire? (perchance, more in France we're not aware of).  How many people even know it was a designed act of terrorism, not by 'Islamic Terrorists' but rich members of government and secret societies?

   Causing an act like the Notre Dame Cathedral is merely a test to figure-out the level of attacks and the response by the populace which these financial-elite in the ruling class can commit against the people. It's a test, and we're failing miserably, simply allowing them to get away with it! Prepare for more blatant and deadly attacks!


                   Dick's Sporting Goods Sued for not selling a rifle to a 20 yr. old


          In the wake of the Florida High School shooting being pinned on a 19yr. old kid, Dick's Sporting Goods announced their age limit policy to purchase a firearm being 18 yrs. old, was now raised to 21 yrs. old. They stated this would deter shootings like what occurred at the Florida High school, but they're already facing a law suit field by a 20 yr. old man.

      The Field & Stream store is a sister-affiliate of Dick Sporting Goods so they were involved in raising the age limit to buy a gun. Therefore, when 20 yr. old Tyler Watson arrived at their store located in Medford, Oregon and attempted purchasing a .22 caliber rifle, he was denied. However, Watson has now filed an Age Discrimination lawsuit for violating ORS 659A.403.

      Perhaps, Tyler Watson has made a good point. Raising the drinking age to 21 has never stopped teenagers from drinking or prevented drunk driving accidents, some of which cause fatalities, committed by under-age drinkers.


                          America Can be so Ignorant, Anything for Israel, It"s Getting Sickening

                          President Trump Declares the Attack -  Iranian Limpet Mines,

                          but, the Japanese Tanker Owner Says His Crew Saw A Missile Hit the Ship  


       A Japanese tanker gets a hole blown in it off the Iranian coast while at the exact same time, the Japanese PM is in Tehran, meeting the Iranian leaders. Trump says Iran did it with limpet mines, the Japanese head of the company that owns the tanker says the crew saw a projectile hit the ship, so does anyone believe Trump?

                                                            "It’s pretty easy to tell when Trump is lying – his lips move",                                                                                                                      says Ian  Greenhalgh,  Assistant Managing Editor for VT

It's unbelievable the way these men play with missiles like they're mere toys.  - S.P.

Breaking News:

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The Headline from Veterans Today reads:

9/11 Truth Teller Mohamed Morsi Martyred by Crypto-Jew al-Sisi
By Kevin Barrett - June 17, 2019

   Barrett goes on to mention the ruthless 6 year imprisonment torture and poisoning of Egyptian former (real) President Mohamed Morsi who was famous for speaking-out about the truth of 9/11.

  "Either way, the man was martyred. And the monster who did it, al-Sisi, is grinning and gloating and raising a toast with his master Bibi Netanyahu.  The Israeli newspaper Haaretz accused truth-tellers of spreading “hate and paranoia.”


  In September 2013 I published an exposé of who al-Sisi really is. Its original title was: “Al-Sisi’s a Jew, Egypt Is Israeli-Occupied Territory.” After complaints from the ADL, the headline was changed…barely. But the content was not._

       _That the Zionists are trying to steal the entire Muslim East “from the Nile to the Euphrates” as a springboard to total global domination, in service to their God-given delusion, is hardly front page news. But some of the details are, shall we say, “sensitive.” If the Egyptian people knew who al-Sisi really is, they would, as George W. Bush suggested in similar context, chase him down the street and lynch him."

      All throughout history certain people will spend their entire lives pretending to be someone else, of different ethnicity or religion, just to falsely obtain power; it's truly disgusting. I'm sure, similar to what's occurring in America, a high percentage of Egyptian national revenue is being handed directly over to the state of Israel and her supporters - S.P.